Kevin Annett for the Nobel Peace Prize!

Heaven help us when a disaffected minister who seeks the ruination of a country and professes communist ideology gets awarded a Nobel Peace Prize… It’s ironic that Chomsky himself stated that anyone can get nominated these days…. does Annett fancy himself better than Chomsky? Better question yet… does the public?

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10 thoughts on “Kevin Annett for the Nobel Peace Prize!

  1. I must have missed something. Who nominated him? Himself? To Whom? Is there ANYTHING in writing or any proof of any kind that didn’t come from one of his own sites/groups/alternate personalities and is he on his ‘pretend plane’ and a ‘super-secret Nobel Prize award that took place in an imaginary country and later to have another cam-corder home movie of kevvie sitting on an ugly, cheap couch and blabbing on until you want to stick a screwdriver in your own ear (or someone’s ass) just to never have to hear his insane droning rambling stories of his own greatness ever again. When kevvie wins that prize (NO, kev, NOT the one you got from the Cracker-jack box, not the chicken bones from your buried lunch on the grounds of a closed-down residential school and most Definitely NOT one you made up or typed up or had someone else make up for you). PS…were the prize parameters this year based on biggest fraud, craziest stories, most crimes committed under false pretenses, call to violence and other criminal actions by citizens to persecute them for their religions, phony courts, phony titles (several), dissolving countries and crazy, fraudulent rambling blogs and ‘blog radio’s’ to make people believe he’s travelling about the world and all these amazing events are taking place. They are just all happening in another country (unnamed, or invisible) with no other people, witnesses or single tiny piece of evidence other than his homemade videos. Most grade 5 students have more understanding and are more on the ball with technology than his pathetic and amateurish attempts to seem like he is so much more than he really is (or ever was or will be). To take from those who need you the most, to steal from those who can’t afford to lose anymore, to give false hope to those who’ve had so much disappointment and to promise justice to those victims who couldn’t begin to heal without it, to threaten those who tell the truth or choose not to worship this false idol – all these are the cowardly and bullying acts of a man I look forward to taking down. I’ll take some time out to do a little research over the next couple of weeks to ensure there aren’t any mistakes and nothing gets missed. It’s time he took some responsibility and understood the concept of consequences for his actions. I am pretty sure we could even add several people who would enjoy having a hand in stopping this evil false profit and media-whoremongering (I love that world, I just never met a big enough douchebag to use it on b4, thanks, pigeon). We’ll think of it like overdue Spring Cleaning – just taking out the trash. Now THAT is a title I can feel comfortable conferring on our small pigeon. Trash.Time to take it out. Spend a little time perusing the CCC as well, it would be quite the eye-opener to see just how many violations he’s actually criminally committed – and how many provinces and countries could be added to the list. I hate giving him even a minute of my time but you are correct – this man is a serious danger and Must be stopped before he gets someone killed, which I truly believe is the outcome he’s really hoping for. I prefer to write my own endings. 🙂


  2. WOW! Its all I can say right now…she summed up Kevin Annett like we all have, but with more gusto and truth in it. These are the exact reason I came out against Annett, but with deeper conviction, was due to his abuses, lies, and frauds he has heaped upon my First Nations Elders, brothers, and sisters in Canada. Thankfully I learned who Kevin Annett is, and what he is about before I supported him. He tried unsuccessfully to use me to infiltrate the Native Americans cause for justice regarding the Indian Mission Boarding Schools system that committed genocide, physical, mental, and sexual abuses. I can say that Kevin Annett is a narcissist, megalomaniac, and a pathological liar. He has not interest in the pain and suffering of others, he only uses it for his own personal gain financially, and for his own personal notoriety and attention. This man is a cesspool of mental and emotional disorders. He lies, commits fraud, and is a con artist who needs to held accountable for his crimes.


  3. His dad has been trying for years to get him nominated. Finally they just started using this as if it has any value at all. It is all hype and BS which is his normal style.


    1. We all knew there is no validity to the claim. Even Noam Chomski says he does not know Kevin Annett, nor does he recall ever making any recommendation for him. Yet, Annett goes right on claiming this, and now that he is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Kevin Annett and his merry band of misfits would not know the truth, nor hear it if Jesus himself were speaking before them.


  4. Yeah I remember talking to his dad abut the Noam quote. I don’t think they ever spoke to him. I just think they all have no problem with bullshitting their way into whatever they need and want.


    1. Yes, I agree. Kevin Annett will lie about any connections or use people’s names in an effort to lend credibility to himself. He tried using me for nearly 3 years that way. I finally had to come out publicly and challenge him on the thing he was claiming, and that I was not his supporter. Despite my doing this, he still listed me on his hiddenfromhistory website as a legal advisor to his ITCCS fake court! This man has absolutely no ethics at all.


      1. That is very true. I remember seeing that. I never knew just how bad he was about it because he keeps his connections so hidden where they don’t cross over too much. It really takes a couple of years of watching things like this happen to get the full picture. When you see how somethng began and then read the letters he puts out you realize there is something really off track about his willingness to lie. It is mind blowing to see how far he has taken it in the past year and a half. It is like he had a mental break and there is no limit. I am waiting for him to declare himself God.

        Because I produced his show I got to do preinterviews with people, even you, and in time realized their stories don’t match. At first, he said that people were ” out to get him”. Then as more and more people turned on him I realized it was him screwing them over. Very sad.


  5. I was ever so surprised after the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, that she wasn’t languishing in jail because Kevin Annett issued an arrest warrant for her Majesty. A Common Law arrest warrant issued by an artificial Tribunal by the all-important Kevin has been ignored??? Oh my, if it weren’t for sarcasm, I would have little to say. Heather, Nell, kbearchief and Deborah: sorry that I couldn’t leave it alone and hope you can forgive me for my outburst. I cannot believe that he can still find people that will listen to him.


    1. Ironic as well that he was in Dublin when the PM was in town…further proof that no one but Kevin believes in the grand delusions he creates….he’s now doing interviews with his aggolytes…”who is the great and powerful Kevin Annett”…. Oh brother…I’m surprised he didn’t take credit for having something to do with the Egyptian uprising…the pressure cooker bombers…and the Calgary Floods…only he takes himself so seriously….


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