Smithsonian Bones: The Prequel *updated – again!*

50,000 dead childrenI remember as a kid, when the last Star Wars movie (The Return of The Jedi) came out, George Lucas declared that it was to be the last Star Wars movie he would make.  Then after much growing up and having my own children he released Episode 1 which was called something I’d never heard before: A prequel.  Jedi was supposed to be good-bye for good… so now I thought “what the hell is a prequel?”.  Seems that a story (even if you come in at the middle of it) isn’t as good unless you can explain ‘how it all began’.  Most fans seemed thrilled at the idea of three new movies that would give some back-story to what had been the best part of my childhood.  I wasn’t so sure, because most of what had made Star Wars so wonderful, whimsical and exciting was that it was new and that the animation techniques (though painstaking and time consuming) where what made it so real and endearing to me.   I had to accept that in the 90’s any Star Wars movie was going to be done with computer graphics – CGI – that somehow took the believability out of it.  It just wouldn’t be the same.

On the other hand, I could see why George Lucas wanted to make another trilogy…. I mean, Star Wars was such a successful movie that he could bank on anything with that name bringing in the big bucks….For the fans it took the guesswork out of what led up to the original series.

This brings me to why I am writing another article after, I too.. said goodbye.

In the past week, Kevin Annett has released a ‘special report’.. a kind of reworked prequel to the events before, during and after the dig for human remains at Brantford, Ontario (the Mush-Hole).  This report, which attempts to answer all those questions people like myself and Greg Renouf have had about the claims made by Kevin Annett in the past.

The claims made in this report have prompted me to ‘come out of retirement’ so-to speak and to raise some questions regarding the finding of bones and the examination of those bones.

Now, many of my detractors, including Kevin himself as well as Marcia Lane and Russ Leitica have argued that the issue of whether or not the bones were found to be animal or human, and what lies Kevin told about Smithsonian, is not the point.  What matter’s is that those responsible for the crimes must be punished.  However, without the physical evidence there is nothing to prove that a crime occurred and Kevin knows this which is why he often confuses that issue.  In the ‘report’ he states:

This report is a recapitulation of what was discovered at the Mohawk school, and reminds the world that forensic evidence has now substantiated that the Crown of England, the Vatican and the Canadian government and churches are responsible for the death of more than 50,000 children across Canada.

The key words for me were: FORENSIC EVIDENCE

If we follow through with the logic of the above statement by Kevin, then the existence of ‘forensic evidence’ is enough to prove that a crime was committed.  That forensic evidence should demonstrate foul play was involved and should also be used to identify the victim in some fashion to further establish a case against a suspect.

But there is no forensic evidence and therefore no crime so how can there be an accused person found guilty?  It would never stand a chance in an actual court of law.

So, let me ask some questions regarding the forensic evidence and see how Kevin’s prequel holds up.

Question 1: What happened at the dig site, Kev?

Kevin Annett states that bone fragments, along with buttons and bits of cloth were unearthed from 12 to 24 inches below the surface.  He claims that some of the bone fragments were as large as “four inches in length” and that there were also “several teeth” discovered.  Teeth and four inch long bones are excellent sources of forensic evidence.

Many of the bones were described by Annett as being “cut up” which if examined by a forensic pathologist would add to the suspicion of foul play.

The deepest the dig at “Level Two” was 22 inches which is less than two feet deep.  This suggests that if a body was buried there that the grave was not deep enough to contain the body of a small child for very long.  It is likely that wild scavengers would detect the smell of a decomposing corpse at less than two feet and could easily unearth it.

Also, according to Clynt King who conducted the GPR survey and detected a “massive soil dislocation and disturbance” to the areas east of the Mush-Hole building:

“It appears from the radar that at least ten to fifteen feet of soil has been displaced and covered over the original terrain east and southeast of the school building.  This is definitely a subsurface anomaly, meaning its earth that was dumped there” – Sept 30, 2011

Geronimo Henry further states:

“None of that mound was there when I was in the Mush Hole (from 1944-1953).  It was all flat then.  This has all been piled up, right where I saw them digging one night and burying a small kid.”

It is unclear from the report if where the dig occured was anywhere near the area Geronimo Henry states he saw a child buried.  If it is, then Ten to 15 feet of soil (according to the witness statements above) potentially cover the buried remains of at least one child (perhaps more), and 22 inches of soil would be barely scratching the surface of a much deeper gravesite.

Question 2: What about the remains unearthed?

As mentioned above, bone fragments, teeth (this is a new claim of Annetts), buttons, pieces of clothing and large intact bones were uncovered from one small plot out of 40 on a grid.  The dig was temporarily halted “to allow specialists the chance to analyze and identify the artifacts, and to issue a public statement about what we had unearthed.”

Annett claimed that Smithsonian told him the bone fragments were too small to have the DNA analyzed, yet we clearly hear and see Kevin displaying and describing large bones.  So where are THESE bones that would have been large enough to have a DNA analysis performed?

Question # 3.  What about the so called ‘Experts”?

Kevin Annett claims that three forensic specialists were part of the team:

1. Dr. Don Ortner of Smithsonian institution who was allegedly involved in this project from the beginning.

2. Kris Nahrgang (of Trent University)

3. Greg Olson of the Provincial Coroner’s Office.

Re: Dr. Ortner:

It is important to note that this report is the first time that Kevin Annett has claimed that Dr. Don Ortner of the Smithsonian Institution was involved in the dig at Brantford from the beginning.  This is interesting for several reasons.  First, when Kevin first announced in late August of 2012 that he had sent the bones to Smithsonian, he never mentioned the name of who he had sent them to or when.  Then, after writing the Chief Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Doug Owsley, and publishing his letter, Kevin was alerted by his network that I had written a piece about it and refers to Owsley as ‘the Smithsonian guy’, as if he’s never heard of him before.  He even hastens to add his usual “government agents can’t be trusted” rhetoric just to cover his bases:

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 10:26 AM, Marcia Lane wrote:

Kevin, you need to read this article. I have lost all the info I had on Smithsonian contacts but I believe Mr Owsley sounds familiar. Isn’t he the guy I gave you the contact info for to discuss the bones being shipped to them to look at? Some journalist wrote him a letter about you and the mush hole and he responded.

From: Kevin Annett <>
To: Marcia Lane
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Bones « Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped: Google Alert – Kevin Annett

Can I get a copy of the Smithsonian guy’s letter?

He works for the government, first point. He evaded me for weeks and then said the bones were animal without providing any evidence to support what he said. That contradicted what Olson and Nahrgang told me and the Mohawks to our faces, ie, that they appeared to be human.

So how do people get from that, that I’m “lying”? The mud slingers’ focus on me is an obvious distraction ploy to draw attention from the fact that the Smithsonian guy is fudging the truth. (As the Smithsonian has done in the past when given Indian bones).

This is all proof that these critics are either feds or doing their job for them. But they sure are trying to slam dunk me eh? A good sign. 


Marcia Lane (Kevin’s most loyal supporter and radio show producer) is supposedly the person who gave Kevin the contact information for Dr. Owsley yet neither of them can remember who it was they dealt with… very strange.  Notice too, that Kevin says that it’s Dr. Owsley who stated that he evaded Kevin for weeks then said they were animal bones leading me to believe initially that it was indeed Dr. Owsley who Kevin was dealing with. It is only when Kevin reads my article with Dr. Owsleys letter that he states it was Dr. Ortner he dealt with.  Kevin states this on a radio show in November of 2012 as being the man who examined the bones and sent an e-mail to Kevin, yet Kevin’s own wife states that “we’ve never dealt with Dr. Don Ortner” in a YouTube comment.

Picture 56

In the report Kevin states that 13 bone fragments were ‘mailed’ to Smithsonian for analysis and that he received a phone call reporting that the remains were too small to be analyzed.  Not only does this violate several provincial and federal laws, this contradicts Kevin’s earlier statements that Kris Narghang and Greg Olson looked at a large bone (called a knee socket, despite no such joint existing) that appeared to be anywhere from 90-99% positively human and belonging to a child anywheres from 3-6 years of age.  Similar large bones were displayed to the public as early as October of 2011 as evidenced by various YouTube videos and ‘press-releases’ produced by Kevin.

Here is a correspondence between Kevin and myself in late October of 2012 where Kevin offers to show the e-mails to me and to Doug Owsley (where I push the matter of also providing the Bill of Lading as proof of shipment) which leads Kevin to accuse me of helping the child killers:

On 28-Oct-12, at 11:43 PM, Kevin Annett wrote:


Once again you’re totally misrepresenting me and the situation. I did in fact send the bones to the Smithsonian, to another specialist whose emails I am posting on line this week. So while Dog Owsley is obviously not aware of this since it wasn’t his office that received them, I’d appreciate it if you’d try sticking to the facts and not fabricate these fantasies about me.

I’d be happy to send to both you and Doug the real evidence if you’re interested in the truth.

Kevin Annett

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 5:23 AM, Heather Martin <> wrote:
Dear Kevin,

Yes, please send me the contact information and scanned copies of the permits and waybills proving this and I will look into the matter further… However, I am now unclear because you previously stated “A Bone” was sent to Smithsonian for analysis, and now you state “The Bones”… I’d like you please to clarify which of these statements is true.
Kind regards,
On 29-Oct-12, at 10:40 AM, Kevin Annett wrote:

I’d like you to clarify your purpose in “researching” all this and why you’ve been repeating and circulating provable falsehoods about me, before anything precedes.


On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 7:48 AM, Heather Martin <> wrote:
Ah, so there’s now a caveat with your offer?  Why?  The truth is the truth and I think you should be interested in that.  If you provide me with the proof you claim you have… Contact name, phone number of your contact at Smithsonian, permit to transport bones out of the country, and the waybill (bill of lading) for whatever courier company you used (scanned of course).. I will print an apology… The falsehoods that are provable rely on you to prove them… so, you have my e-mail and I eagerly await your attachments.

Thank you,
From: hiddenfromhistory1 <>
Date: October 29, 2012 1:55:16 PM CDT (CA)
To: Heather Martin <>
Subject: Re: Bones « Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped: Google Alert – Kevin Annett

Look, your overt hostility and suspicion is unfounded, and with all the serious work that needs to be done, Heather, I prefer to work with people who are serious about bringing the kids home and bringing to justice their murderers – which doesn’t appear to be you.

Your concerns, real or otherwise, will be answered in the forums that will post all the evidence. Meanwhile, show me and yourself that you’ll go after the child murderers with the same grit that you’re focusing on me. Otherwise, tah tah.


Kevin again re-iterated his statements regarding Dr. Don Ortner during an interview with Santos Bonacci

Re: Greg Olson.

In performing a Google Search for “Greg Olson” and “Coroner’s Office” I found information that alleges Greg Olson is an employee of the Ontario Provincial Police although I find him listed on the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service website as a Forensic Anthropologist.  Even more intriguing is that there exists a connection between himself and Kris Narghang prior to the dig at Brantford.

My question is if Greg Olson and Kris Nahrgang are such experts in their field, (remember, Greg Olson, is an employee of the Provincial Forensic Pathology Unit for OFPS) why were they not able to positively identify the bones from the Mush-Hole?  Is it because the bones were sent to Vancouver (which is what Kris Narghang alleges in the Investigative report by APTN).  In what capacity (officially or otherwise) was he acting during this dig? And how can he still be employed given his apparent incompetence and lack of following the Cemetaries Act?  How was it that with Olson’s expertise and connections to local resources that  the Smithsonian needed to be involved at all?  Are he and Nahrgang involved in a larger conspiracy?

Re: Kris Nahrgang

How profoundly strange that Kevin Annett failed to do his homework regarding Kris Nahrgang and his affiliation with Archaeological Services Inc.  Kris Nahrgang, it seems, is an official First Nations liason who regularly mediates and negotiates land deals that are part of suspected burial grounds and who is often making statements that all burial grounds belong to all First Nations people rather than to the individual tribes themselves.

I attach an excerpt mentioning Nahrgang and Olson from a document entitled A Conspiracy to Control Archaeological Sites in Ontario :

In closing, I have attached a series of emails directly below that come directly from Kris Nahrgang concerning the excavation of burials on Jet Island in the Trent River at the end of June.  Between Kris Nahrgang’s original mail and his explanation is a small note from his business partner complaining that Gordon Dibb of York North Archaeological Services has forwarded Kris’ original mail to Chris Anderson at the Ontario Ministry of Culture. One might have expected that the Cemeteries Branch or the Ministry of Culture would have stopped this from ever happening. It appears they did nothing. It is also interesting to note that the email was sent to Ron Williamson, Bev Garner , A.Carnevale, Dave Robertson and Andrew Stewart of Archaeological Services Inc (emphasis mine).; Sheryl Smith and Willis Stevens of Parks Canada; Greg Olson of the Ontario Provincial Police; and Sue Jamieson of Trent University. Presumably all of these archaeologists had no problem with this.  There are so many things wrong with what has been done in this case, that it is perhaps unnecessary to comment. I would only suggest that, given his attitude and callous disregard for any concerns of the First Nations regarding the treatment of burials, he is probably the worst candidate that Ron Williamson could have chosen to act as a First Nations liaison. Unfortunately, as the preceding report illustrates, they have had a

good deal of success in convincing developers, planners, municipalities, and government agencies to make use of Kris Nahrgang’s and Ron Williamson’s First Nations consultation protocol. The following speaks volumes regarding the character of these two men and of what we can expect when Archaeological services Inc. is involved in heritage issues.

See the complete document with letter at the above link.

When looking into Archaeological Services Inc. a little deeper it is disturbing to note that a Martin Cooper who has been the Director of Pele Mountain Resources Inc (since 2008) is also a senior archaeologist at ASI.  Pele operates a Uranium and Rare Earth Metals mine at Elliot Lake, Ontario.  (Can you say conflict of interest?)
Mr. Martin S. Cooper is Director of Pele Mountain Resources Inc. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of Toronto. Mr. M. Cooper, who has 30-years of experience in the field of heritage/environmental consulting, is a Partner and Senior Archaeologist at Archaeological Services Inc. He has directed hundreds of precontact, historic aboriginal and historic Euro-Canadian assessments throughout Ontario. Mr. M. Cooper has spent considerable time working and travelling in northern Ontario. An experienced canoeist and guide, he is intimately familiar with the culture, history and ecology of the Canadian Shield. Mr. M. Cooper manages the Corporation’s land holdings and looks after environmental and aboriginal matters.
Is it possible that ASI is into dirty politics and financial plunder of land resources by ‘managing’ First Nations people and ‘scoping out’ the land under the guise of conducting archaeological digs?
Good Question!  Even better question?  What did Kevin know about all of this?
All-in-all, the report, and the research that came from it reveals quite the prequel to Kevin’s Adventures at the Mush-Hole, where we find out that the two archaeologists have a lot more back-story to them than Kevin has divulged to date.  And where Kevin now seeks to revisit the Mush-Hole in an attempt to continue his digging.
In any case I suspect that this report has been an attempt to re-write history and obfuscate the truth.  It just goes to show you that there are some things you can’t do with CGI.
UPDATE: This morning I received a reply to my email to Dr. Owsley asking for clarification on Kevin’s claims that Dr. Ortner was involved with the Brantford dig from the very beginning…
Owsley, Douglas
7:11 AM (5 hours ago)

to Randall, me

Heather, Dr. Ortner had no association with this project. He did not do this type of work, nor was he active in fieldwork. Doug


From: Heather Martin []
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:34 PM
To: Owsley, Douglas

Subject: Fwd: A Special Report from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State – Mass Graves of Children in Canada: The first documented evidence of the burial of children at a former Indian residential school



From: Heather Martin <>

Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 11:06 AM
Subject: Fwd: A Special Report from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State – Mass Graves of Children in Canada: The first documented evidence of the burial of children at a former Indian residential school

Dear Dr. Owsley,

I had written you previously regarding the claims made by Kevin Annett regarding his sending of human remains for examination to Smithsonian Institution.  Your reply at that time was greatly appreciated.  However, Mr. Annett has just now released a ‘report’ outlining the details of the ‘dig’ at Brantford, Ontario’s, Indian Residential School.  I apologise for again bothering you to clarify the facts, but Mr. Annett has stated in this report that Dr. Don Ortner was a participant in this dig from it’s inception (acting as a team member) and was in receipt of 13 bone samples for analysis at SI.

Kevin Annett goes on to say that Dr. Ortner died of a sudden heart attack which contradicts what I have been told about Dr. Ortner being ill for some time prior to his passing.

I have no doubt that Dr. Ortner did not participate with Kevin Annett and his ‘team’ and am writing because I believe Dr. Ortner to be a man of scientific integrity and deserving of  respect who is now being used posthumously to advance Mr. Annett’s agenda and finance his upcoming trip to Europe. (He is selling DVD’s of his ‘evidence’ of Native genocide for $50 to $100).

I have been trying to debunk Mr. Annett’s claims regarding children’s bones and the claim that 50,000 native children were murdered and buried on IRS grounds across Canada.  I have no doubt that Dr. Ortner’s name was picked specifically because he was no longer alive to refute Kevin Annett’s claims.  I suspect that he would deplore Mr. Annett’s flimsy scientific method and worse yet, the soliciting of donations based on a massive collection of lies using Dr. Ortner’s good name.  Even more disturbing is that Mr. Annett is now claiming to have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

I have attached the entire ‘report’ to provide you with the proper context and it is important to note that Mr. Annett has on several occasions stated to me and on radio programs that he has in his posession e-mails from Dr. Ortner claiming the bone fragments were ‘too small to be analyzed’.  He has offered to show these e-mails to anyone who requests them.  I have requested them on several occasions, to no avail.

Again, I deeply apologise for the intrusion, but feel that on the eve of the anniversary of Dr. Ortners passing, there can be no better honor I can bestow upon him than to shed light on the truth.

Thank you again for your help.


Heather Martin

6 thoughts on “Smithsonian Bones: The Prequel *updated – again!*

  1. I didn’t realize it until actually quite recently, but Annett didn’t name names until he wrote his “open letter” to APTN, just days after a broadcast about residential school cemeteries on APTN Investigates. He just happened to remember the name of his Smithsonian expert who had conveniently died in April 2012. Also to clarify from what Frank Miller said, the GPS testing and where the dig actually happened were a few hundred metres from each other. Annett chose the spot on the advice of a psychic he brought with him from British Columbia.


    1. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Dr. Ortners passing.. I remember someone posting this information as a comment on a YouTube video… He thought it was a joke…I recently wrote Dr. Owsley with a copy of Kevins report..I’m wondering if lawyers would get involved…


  2. I found an interesting segment from

    “There is only a requirement by the Ontario Ministry of Culture of 1 artifact being found on a site in order for the site to be registered as an archaeological site. The number of artifacts found on site, would easily register the site as an archaeological site once a site is registered, any alterations done to the site without an archaeological permit, carries a fine of up to $1,000,000.00. The Bear Mound is a registered archaeological site, and has been by the Ontario Ministry of Culture since 2003, not just a rumored archaeological site as suggested by the author of this article. Ground Penetrating Radar was performed by The Archaeologists Inc, in 2008, verifying the existence of 3 large burial pits in the Bear Mound, an independent study done by licensed Archaeologists. Steve Kupferman referred to these scans as “inconclusive” whereas at the meeting Rastia’ta’non:ha stated that Mr. Ronald Williamson, an unlicensed archaeologist for the last 11 years, said that the scans were inconclusive and that THPS and the Confederacy does not agree with his conclusion and that we believe that the scans are conclusive.”

    Sound familiar???? Imagine Mr. Annett being fined a million bucks??? Say it with me Dorothy… there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home!!!!


    1. As I mentioned earlier, let’s figure out every single crime he’s committed. As you yourself have clearly seen, he’s a bully who needs to be stopped. Sorry kevvie, no false reverend collars to save you from your crimes or the rest of the prison population. I haven’t looked forward to drafting legal papers for a long time, but these could remind me why I like working with the law…..Part of that I’m sure is due to the fact that I’ve Never lost a case….oh, kevvie, you should have just been honest, humble and apologetic instead of the embarrassment to the human race you have become. You’re a joke, a character of yourself, a low-budget cartoon. No one worships you, crazies just tend to follow other crazies, and victims are often re-victimized by those they sadly thought they could trust. This puts you almost a pubic hair higher than a pedophile yourself, You who beats up and robs the elderly, sick and infirm as well as attacks women, children, mothers, volunteers, anyone who commits the crime of seeing you are not only naked, but you’ve Never been an Emperor, the closest you will ever come to that is either laundry-jobs in prison or wandering around blind with no clothes on (please God let me go blind b4 I see that, not enough prozac in the world for that trauma). So, in order to not traumatize the world we will be ‘Euphemistically’ unmasking you and showing that you have on no flowing robes or angel’s wings or even the correct outfit for any of your multiple personalities and that it’s just another case of someone painting a turd gold and calling it a treasure – you can actually use that to describe every single situation he has ever been involved in and that would pretty much sum it up. Nobel ‘piece of crap’ award maybe or booby prize. Didn’t they already give that award to the Pope or Santa or someone? Wow, will they be held in another country in an alternate universe like your ‘historic court tribunal’ was? If so, is this one at your house, your dad’s or at one of the 4 or 5 people still mentally ill enough to keep believing your crap? Either way, you can all share a taxi to court. And don’t even THINK about taking credit for the tornado that just occurred or I will ask every human on earth to pray a tree falls on you (and your ugly couch where you sit and tell your ugly lies). Oh yeah, and kevvie, should you get stranded somewhere…..just remember – No one is coming to help you. Even God couldn’t help you now.


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