Kevin Annett and Perpetuation of ‘THE MOB-MENTALITY’

 Hitler Youth on Parade
Young Jewish Women on Parade circa 1940’s

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayanas

In order to better understand what is happening in our society today, we need to look at what sociology has to say about how human beings interact with their world.  In a book I picked up entitled: Social Processes: An Introduction to Sociology (Shibutani, 1986), I was surprised just how much of what is happening with Kevin and his crusades is found within it’s pages.

In the introduction, Shibutani asks pivotal questions about human behavior as it relates to group process.  In particular, why does human behavior defy logic when humans come together in groups better known as ‘the mob’?

Facebook (still evil…) is full of groups.  Most of them are benign, relating to gardening, Justin Bieber, ‘Ugly Cat’, or some sports team.  For the most part groups such as this are fun and offer a place to hang out with other (sometimes distanced geographically) members who share a common interest.  However, other groups are not so fluffy and sweet, and are based on deeply emotional, and often controversial issues.  Groups like 9/11 Truth, We Are Change, InfoWars, Say No To Monsanto are just a few groups that seek to inform the sleeping sheep in the world, but are also groups that people join when they are already angry about an issue and want a place to hang out and be angry in.

According to Shibutani, emotions, like anger, play a key role in social processes like the mob mentality.  This kind of thinking he states is an inability to regulate one’s own capacity to self-regulate thoughts and actions to the point that a person can become an automoton…hypnotized and out of control.

“At times people who find themselves amid others with similar inclinations experience a sense of invincibility.  When everyone appears to be supporting them, nothing can stand in their way. (p.131)”

The concept of the group mindset is that it only takes a few, strongly emotional (or angry) individuals mixed with highly suggestible or curious individuals to create a rioting mob.  For some groups, simply that yearning to fit in means that self-regulation of thoughts and actions get thrown out the window all together in favor of acceptance by the group.  What once was a curious bystander now becomes the guy throwing rocks through store windows.  The person running the show merely needs to feed into that and he can control the whole mob and direct it to where he wants it to go.

Hype and Fearmongering become part of the propaganda that sways the highly suggestible… What’s worse is that once the mob is stirred they can’t be reasoned with.

This is what I see in the supporters of Kevin Annett and the means by which he stirs the mob is indeed with fear and hype.  He creates a vision (his personal vision) that is grotesque, ambiguous in it’s interpretation and determined in it’s outcome.  Statements like the following made by him use clever and fearful language that fits the above criteria.

“Nobody will make us do so, of course. Winners of a war are absolved from accountability, and other nations will never put us on trial, any more they will a child-raping Vatican. Only we can do the unimaginable, and publicly display the corpses, and say who is responsible, and bring those people and institutions to justice.” – Kevin Annett January 2011 on the subject of digging the mass graves of children at Residential Schools in Canada.

It is strong and effective rhetoric to be sure… in fact the use of the statement “publicly display the corpses” is what separates the mindless angry masses from those who are conscious of their thoughts and in control of their actions.  Rational people would find a better choice of words.
Control of the Mob-Mentality is accomplished when someone confronts Kevin about his use of rhetoric and that person asking the question is publicly shamed.
We have seen this with Camilla Novelli, the translator who was helping arrange the trip for Kevin to Italy back in late March of 2010.
When Camilla had asked some questions about Kevin’s wanting to do an ‘Exorcism’ on the Vatican grounds, she was met with a vicious attack under Kevin’s alias Jeremiah Jourdain.  This letter, which was cc’d to other members of the Italian delegation (and supporters of Kevin) accomplished several tasks… It publicly shamed Camilla (who is a very private person.. quiet and unassuming) into leaving the delegation which was exactly what Kevin wanted.  You see, no naysayers allowed in the clubhouse… they cause too much trouble and might convince others to think for themselves and ask questions as well.
Secondly, it sent a message to other members in the group that dissent among the ranks results in public shaming and expulsion from the group.  While I don’t recognize most of the names on the Italian delegation e-mail list, I expect they are well known in their activist circles.  To be shamed by Kevin is to risk losing credibility within any other groups you might be active in.
Lastly, it provided the illusion that Jeremiah Jourdain is somehow an actual person…let alone a person in authority of ITCCS.  You see, Jeremiah Jourdain is actually Kevin Annett and there are people who know Kevin who can testify that he has admitted this fact.
You see, a decent human being (who wasn’t trying to play the social process of Mob Mentality) would have sent a private e-mail to address Camilla’s concerns and if need be send a private e-mail to each of the delegates explaining why Camilla should not be allowed to act as interpreter.  But instead, Kevin uses Jeremiah Jourdain (a 77year old Cree Elder) to publicly shame a woman who simply asked a question.
Now I have learned about another woman, Claire Kaiser, who back in 2010 suspected that Kevin’s real interest in the Residential School issue was that he wanted to dig up the mass graves allegedly located at 28 Residential school grounds across Canada.  She was invited on a blog radio show to discuss her book where Kevin was also a guest.  She became concerned when she learned of Kevin’s statement about “displaying corpses”.   When she asked Kevin the questions she needed answers to, surprise, surprise… the public shaming ensued (also note the ‘plug’ for his book while he does it):
*my comments in red….
Hello, this is Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice, host of the Hidden from History blog radio program, and author of Hidden No Longer – Genocide in Canada. I am speaking to you on January 24, 2011.

Some recent false statements have been attributed to me that I wish to clarify.

One of our listeners, Claire Kaiser, has falsely been claiming over facebook and the internet that I am advocating digging up native childrens’ remains and displaying them to the public. This is an outright lie. What I have said over the air and elsewhere is this:

The remains of children who died or were killed in Indian residential schools need to be brought home and given a dignified, proper burial, and this must be done by the people of their family and indigenous nation. I have worked for years to try to make this happen, and have never intended or tried to disturb the remains of these children. I have documented the places where these children were buried across Canada, and have shared that information with indigenous elders and the victims’ families.

I have never advocated displaying the remains of these children publicly. (AND YET THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID)

We do need an aboriginal holocaust museum where the truth of their murder can be revealed. What is in that museum and how the children are laid to a final rest is entirely in the hands of indigenous people themselves.

I urge Claire Kaiser to stop making these false claims about me and putting such words into my mouth. Her actions are causing needless discord and misunderstanding.

I urge people to see the evidence of my work at . I can be reached at .

This is Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice. Thank you
It is also important to note that at the time Claire voiced her concerns on Facebook many of Kevin’s supporters denied that Kevin would ever disrespect human remains, let alone the bodies of children buried at Residential Schools.  What is always the most interesting about these comments by his supporters is that they always know what he is thinking and how he would or would not behave in any given situation.  You see, he is their god, their Idol…. nobody deserves sainthood more than Kevin Almighty Annett. (tongue-in-cheek)
For example:
Core Luminous
I want to make this REALLY CLEAR – Kevin mentions the issue because it is there – the bodies were buried to hide the truth – HE HAS NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER OF DIGGING UP GRAVES TO MAKE A POINT… he’s a deeply respectful humane being, a man of deep feeling and empathy….

He has made it clear, time and time again, that ANY disturbance of burial sites has to be respectful, purposeful and with absolute oversight by the relatives and communities of the chidlren –


When we have questions, it is right to ask them.

When we don’t have the answers, then it is careless to make them up, to imagine what the other person is thinking. We all do this. Until we learn, and we wait….. sometimes we don’t get the answer within our own time frame …. still, not best practice to imagine what the other is really thinking….
Ironic those last two paragraphs eh??  Apparently you do not have the right to ask Kevin questions… and it’s perfectly acceptable to imagine what Kevin’s thinking so long as it is glorious and rainbow-filled.
What has been the most disturbing about dealing with Kevin’s entourage is that they promote such vile viewpoints to justifiy Kevins equally vile behavior.  Those in his network will rationalize criticism against him in a “so what??? .. or…..”everybody’s doing it!” kind of way…..
Kevin’s supporters philosophy on the disrespect given to alleged human (children’s) remains exhumed at Brantford, Ontario:

Gerry ‘Odonothing’:
“Everybody has Taboos about the dead, and these customs are encountered all over the world, I mean what is so special about that? Surely the most important thing about the dead, who are after all, dead; is that those who died an untimely death or were murdered in many of these cases, are vindicated; If I was one of them personally I wouldn’t mind if my ould bones were put on display somewhere just to remind those who took my life that ‘here I am again reminding you of your crimes’ and I would be grateful to whomever put my wretchid remains on display.”
This coming from a man crusading in Ireland for sexually abused children by Catholic Priests.
…and when asked about Kevin’s inappropriate behavior of waving “the dead bones of children unearthed at Brantford”…
Picture 77 Picture 76
Really?  Tell me that this video isn’t part of that Agenda to stir up the mob… to generate undying loyalty…. and to generate those much needed donations…..
Shibutani comments that experienced publicists…”emphasize favorable information and overlook inconvenient items to that the overall impact is likely to result in the desired definition of the situation… Expedient emotional reactions are encouraged through a careful selection of provocative words” (p. 413).  He considers this the manipulation of symbols for the purposes of propaganda.
Now that Kevin no longer cares about those 50,000 children and if they ever come home, more people are questioning him and some of those who have awoken from their stupor have left the society of Kevin Annett.  In the coming months when Kevin returns to Rome it is my hope that those from the Italian delegation who have had three years to reflect on Camilla…maybe those people too will turn away and choose not to support a man, who is essentially a Mob-ster as well as a con-man.
It is my prayer that those who have read this article can watch the Occupy Toronto video below with a fresh pair of eyes and choose to Opt-out of the social process called the MOB.

15 thoughts on “Kevin Annett and Perpetuation of ‘THE MOB-MENTALITY’

  1. There will always be someone that will lie to make a name for them self, and profit from people who cannot defend them self,Kevin Annett seams to be an evil person and i hope he will be exposed.
    Thank you, Mike.


    1. What Kevin is saying is the truth as a native elder I give my respect to that man we tried to get this story put for a long time ,because ,it was done in amerika the same thing 500 boarding schools and 300 million acres stolen from the people God created there –all u people that don’t like people that tell the truth are like the criminals that done the hiding of this story of a holocaust ,a genocide going on right under everyone’s nose.deny until u die Wa hud de ka one day will ask you why..—kevin is a Warrior to all the 800 nations in north amerika (Turtle Island)right on brother from a vet from the take over of Alcatraz Nov 1969–and keep it up that’s what I say..


      1. I am sorry to hear that an elder has given respect to a white Reverend who has disrespected women like Harriet Nahanee, Jan Longboat, Lydia White Calf, Leona Moses and others in his crusade to make himself famous. I am sorry that you are blinded to his lies about the small and the big things… It is unfortunate that you have given your power away. Kevin has only ever been interested in what serves him best and has forgotten you and those dead children now that he’s discovered the European’s bloodlust for pedophile satanists. He’s got the David Icke crowd to bolster his cause and he doesn’t need the sympathies of those Ally’s to the Natives for those donations any longer. You’ve been discarded Klem on the pile of native activists who once called Kevin friend, whom he labelled ‘black operatives’. You’re no more useful to him now that he’s gone International.


  2. I think people should be aware of the “Group Think” issue. I have followed people in the past and deeply respected them only to watch that respect crumple due to their behavior. It is almost impossible to convince the group that there is an issue once they have decided in their mind who that person is. The addition of the social network adds another level to it. Friendships form and your status within that group are established. So, that makes the bar even higher before you are willing to sacrifice your position within that group by questioning the top people. I still think we live in a class society and people are aware of their value within that group and if they have the right to question the top person. I have experienced this many times since I tend to question top people. I have made sure that my identity is not build on this connection so that I can remain willing to see the truth of a situation. Even then, it still takes more evidence than if I were questioning a stranger before I am willing to risk losing something that I value. I think con-artist are very well aware of this and use those spaces of indecision to hide in. To walk the line daring you to question them. How many times did things not feel right but you say no way in hell was I going to say that out loud?
    Then there are the spotlighter ones as I call them. The ones who seem to be so much fun to be around or seem to be speaking the logic that you have been so thirsty for. They have the balls to say things that you only dared to think. Their bigger than life personalities make you forget that they are just humans. That they are flawed within their own world just like we all are. Yet, in their emails one and one they can flip on you and really be very mean. So mean it becomes verbal abuse. When you say to the group that this happened they turn on you and say that “their person” would NEVER do that. This is when you better know your place within the group prior to taking that first public swing. You better be ready for your network of friends to turn on you and take the verbal abuse to a level that is even greater than the first attack from the Spotlighter. They are going to rip you to sheds to show the top person their loyalty. You have shifted the group class system and now the ones “below you” are going for your position. I really think much of this is primal in nature. You find yourself unfriended, blocked and your email box full of hate mail. It is very much like Stockholm syndrome. The network implodes and a new network emerges with you now on the outside and ranks closed. Your statement was never really heard or given the time to analyze it for it truth. Truth is secondary to group think. That is why I say NEVER follow any one. Just take the information they put out and follow your own path.


    1. Excellent point! This is true of the workplace as well… In Nursing there’s a saying that “Nurses eat their young”. This applies to senior nurses who do not tolerate new graduates well. Nursing culture is that you must “pay your dues’ before you are entitled to voice your opinion. Fortunately as a mature student I am looked at differently… plus I know that by speaking out I am advocating for the patient who is innocent and voiceless in the power struggle that often is affecting their life.


  3. According to Shibutani, emotions, like anger, play a key role in social processes like the mob mentality. This kind of thinking he states is an inability to regulate one’s own capacity to self-regulate thoughts and actions to the point that a person can become an automoton…hypnotized and out of control.
    This statement is too one narrow a view for me. When I picture what really happened it was not like this statement. You can have the perception of being an activist independent of the “normal” thinking of society and yet blindly following this bigger than life activist. You can be very strong willing and believe completely that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with someone as two people with common goals. Which may be completely true in it’s origin. You can in time begin to replace your own logic with their logic because they seem to know so much and seem to get so much attention that you assume they must know things that you don’t know. Therefore, you begin to turn your opinions into theirs over time. It happens so slowly that when you look back you might have forgotten that once you thought differently. This is not done by force or fear but by valuing friendships, your network and the over all mission to the point of getting lost within it’s network. When you are challenged from outside forces you close ranks no matter what the question is because you have now formed a bond that makes you protect your friends etc above the truth. Maybe your mind has begun to dismiss things that should not be dismissed because you want it to be truth no matter the evidence. You may even be so deep into it now that you feel there is no turning back. So, I don’t think fear is a factor except for fear of the loss of the connection. I think loyalty is a bigger factor is us not wanting to hear the truth. You can be a very strong person and still be too forgiving of truths because of the bond that you have. To me, all things should be questioned no matter the outcome. I want the truth above all things. Other people may value other things above the truth. It is a complex thing that depends just as much on their history prior to ever meeting that person. Their own self worth and quality of life outside of the issue. It is not about down playing someone’s intelligence. It is about all of us realizing no matter how intelligent and informed you are, people can still screw you over. People should still be watched and the truth should always be listened to.


  4. “At times people who find themselves amid others with similar inclinations experience a sense of invincibility. When everyone appears to be supporting them, nothing can stand in their way. (p.131)”
    I agree that being within a network gives you the illusion of power. Even posting within a group makes you feel like you are bringing change to the world. It can also leave you caught up in the hype and in the middle of things that you don’t have the skills to handle or that you never intended to happen. When this happens the leader is usually no where to be found. You realize that they are writing letters about your actions and praise when in reality they are not even returning your emails. They never called to see if you were okay and your bail was yours to own and pay for. So, always remember that you never take any risk that you can’t fully handle the repercussion of. These big talking leaders will be no where to be found when you are in trouble. Don’t put yourself at risk defending them when they show zero concern for your protection and quality of life


      1. Kevin is such a hero ,a warrior because he done what we been trying to do for the past 100 years they are killing and what ever they do all this time to our children ,our women, our relatives and we know people like you don’t care but again thank you Mr, Annett that’s how us people God created here on this continent feel’s —you watch more will come out of this thank you..


      2. You couldn’t be more wrong Klem. I do care what has happened… I’ve started a petition to release the documents held by the government that will show the depth and horror that was the Residential School System. I work with people suffering the generational effects of colonialization and know that this is NEVER EVER going to be solved so long as people like Kevin Annett wave dead childrens bones in the air and making statements like “when native people start speaking for themselves, then I won’t have to”…. Don’t you see that you give your power to one man much in the same way as your ancestors gave their power away? Who is he to say what you and your children and grandchildren deserve… OR WANT? Refuse to repeat those patterns and walk your own path… speak your own truth. Don’t let Kevin’s crusade to gain notoriety from your pain and suffering become the legacy you leave your children.


  5. I was very actively a part of the whole issue with Claire. Claire and I were locked in heavy conversations about the bones. I too was stating that Kevin would never touch the bones. That he would never disrespect the bones etc. That he wanted their people to handle that. He only wanted to bring it to light. It got really ugly. Since I was the main carrier of Kevin’s message I started getting some heated comments to me. I started getting very worried that people thought I was doing something to the bones. It was a scary time. I firmly believed in what I was saying at the time and that Claire was worried for not reason.
    Then the videos starting coming out over time that made me go WTF. To me, the way he handled the bones made me sick. Even if they were not bones of the children he was clearly projecting that as true which was so disrespectful on so many levels. That was when things really shifted for me.
    Claire and I are friends now but it took awhile to begin to speak again. It was a full blogtalk war between her show and ours.
    While there was room on all sides for improvement on our behaviors, this was certainly something I will never forget.
    That video just makes me sick even today watching it.


    1. Especially frustrating to hear Kevin’s Dad (Bill) warn Kevin not once, but three times (for clarification) about maintaining the integrity of any archaelogical dig site… that it had to be done with respect and done properly… with Forensic Anthropologists as part of the process… Then Kevin stated that he would NOT be consulting with the tribes OWN Forensics specialists because it would take too long…. Then he took the remains to Vancouver and wouldn’t tell anyone (especially Chris Narghang – the Forensics specialist at the site) where they went… he wouldn’t allow anyone to look at them…. Then he started in with the Smithsonian claim. He promised many people that the e-mail proving that the bones went to Smithsonian (allegedly examined by Dr. Don Ortner). He does this… makes promises to people and never follows through…. People aren’t stupid, nor are most of them gullible…. I hope that includes people like Santos Bonacci who, along with Kevin basically levelled threats of bodily harm against both Greg and I. Kevin told Bonacci that he would give the e-mails to anyone who asked for them…. I’m encouraging anyone and everyone to ask for them… whether you agree with me or not….

      This is why the bones issue is so important…. If he has that e-mail then I am wrong and I will promptly admit I am wrong and rectify the situation. All he has to do is show someone…anyone the e-mail from Smithsonian and I will do that.

      But there is no e-mail… he never sent remains there and he knows that because he can’t prove his claim that it makes him look like the liar he is… so the bone issue is a real problem for him. That’s why he’s moved on to other, and bigger things…. Because he was exposed as the fraud and con-man that he is and he has to find a way, somehow to generate income again….. He can’t do it here in Canada, because too many people know about his screw ups and lies and there’s no one left who wants to send money to him here.

      However, he still has plenty of support abroad which is why he has claimed responsibility for the Popes resignation…. he can talk a good talk and tie into that heightened emotion of the survivors of abuse there and people will loosen their purse strings for him……


  6. Gerry ‘Odonothing and Core Luminous are good people. They are doing their part to bring the truth to their part of the world. That is a good thing. They are activist within their own right and have their own established issues. They only cross over from time to time. They are survivors and fight hard for the rights of other survivors. I think sometimes we all just get a piece of the collectively truth. Even when some have met Kevin in real life they don’t really know what the other emails in his box look like. They really don’t know who he is talking to and what he is saying. We probably all create our version of Kevin in our mind. We place him too high above us and therefore forget that fact that he is just a man. I appreciate the work of these guys and am happy to know them. It is very hard to know what is true in the Facebook activist world.


  7. have said this before, but Kevin Annett is a big practitioner of the big lie principle: “The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, and he explained about how the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so grossly.”

    “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.”

    “It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. — Adolf Hitler.”

    Marxists, which is what Kevin Annett is first and foremost, have used this as a propaganda technique for decades. No matter who, or how many times Kevin Annett is exposed, he reinvents himself with yet another outrageous scam, another BIG LIE, even bolder than the one before it, and people just go right on eating it up, believing whatever outrageous lies he tells them. I think it is just another expose on just how gullible people are, with no gumption or sense to do any research, and just jump on the bandwagon and begin marching to Annett’s B.S. propaganda. They become cult like in their belief that he is bringing justice to victims, holding the church and governments accountable, they even start donating their hard earned money to him…and that my friends is all he is really after anyway. I hate seeing his smug, arrogant face online, because HE KNOWS what a fraud he is, but he also knows HE IS GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!


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