Psychopath or Psyop? It’s hard to tell the difference…

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  1. You are very, very delusional. It is time that this criminal organization aka Vatican and catholic church disappears forever. And now you can block my comment.


  2. Kevin Annett is a dying snake. He is making claims that, in my opinion; are making people realize just how delusional he is. Also, his claims of being recognized in 8 countries – etc; and that his “de jour” citizen officers are prepared to arrest the Pope and imprison him are ludicrous! I also think that you only need to look into his eyes and you will see that he is no longer playing with a full deck. He has that manical look that a megalomaniac – narcissistic – pathological persona has…that of Hitler, in a way, he actually believes what he is preaching. He has lost touch with reality and it is obvious.


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