ITCCS In the NEWS – (It only gets worse from here)

Well, it hasn’t been a very good week for good ol’ ITCCS and Kevin Annett in the alternative media here and abroad…

Some forum comment screen shots seen below show that not everyone at GodLikeProductions and WhatIsReallyHappening are buying Kevin’s story….

Picture 68

Picture 55

…and this post from Italy….

Picture 69

And this from a Catholic News Page last spring:

Catholic Church Faces Disruption and Banishment as Irish Cardinal Set to Resign (?)

Saturday, May 5, 2012
An ad-hoc umbrella of malcontents and bigots (given the name of one organization is called ‘Anti Catholic Church Activists Worldwide’ – I think the terms are appropriate) demand that the Church license all priests as public servants, return all the ‘wealth generated from the abuse of children’, etc. etc. etc…

The Ten Point statement was issued by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, an umbrella organization of over fifty organizations in the United States, Canada, Ireland, England and Australia.

“Pope Benedict and his Bishops have until midnight on September 15 to start complying with these measures” said ITCCS Secretary Kevin Annett today. “After that, we will begin actions to halt the normal operation of the Roman Catholic Church around the world, and we will seek indictments against Pope Benedict and other Vatican officials for crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.”

The ACCAW, ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State – an official sounding title for an organization with no authority or power to judge anything let alone the RC Church) and other groups have staged high profile occupations of Catholic churches during their regular services, and plan to escalate these actions into “a permanent campaign of non-violent disruption and civil disobedience aimed at the Roman Catholic Church … until the Church’s reign of terror over children is ended.

Sure, like that’s going to happen. I’m sure that the Church hierarchy is shaking in their boots… NOT!

Add to this the erroneous headline claiming Cardinal Martin is resigning – something that has been denied by the man himself – and you have the complete makings of a farce masquerading as a news story.

Last but not least…..

From Italia Piu Giusta  this week (translation from Google Translate in Red):

It is deflating the news about the impending arrest of Joseph Ratzinger that would have caused his resignation to Pope

Le prime ricerche su ITCCS “Tribunale Internazionale sui Crimini di Stato e Chiesa”, che ha disposto il mandato europeo d’ arresto per Ratzinger, indicano che non ha validità legale; consiste in un gruppo di persone che si è auto attribuito tale autorità di Tribunale sulla base di una personalissima interpretazione della Common Law (base di cui, però, non capiamo il nesso).

Translation: Early research on ITCCS “International Tribunal on Crimes of Church and State”, which ordered the European arrest warrant ‘s arrest for Ratzinger, show that it is legally binding, is a group of people that is self given that authority to Court based on a personal interpretation of the Common Law (the basis of which, however, do not understand the link).

Inoltre, nel comunicato diffuso dall’ITCCS si legge: “il nostro ufficio ha concluso un accordo con i rappresentanti di una non specificata nazione europea e dei suoi giudici”; secondo delle ricerche effettuate, tale nazione europea sarebbe la nazione di Eurostaete, che secondo la pagina olandese di wikipedia, sarebbe una terra appartenente a nessuno, situata al confine fra i Paesi Bassi e la Germania, lunga circa 500 metri e larga sei, nata da un problema burocratico sulle linee di confine.

Translation:    Moreover, in the press release dall’ITCCS reads: “Our office has reached an agreement with representatives of an unspecified European country and its judges”, according the research carried out, the European country would be the nation Eurostaete, which according to the Dutch wikipedia page, it would be a land belonging to no one, situated on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, about 500 meters long and six wide, created by a bureaucratic problem at the borders.

On the Subject of Eurostaete…. I was able to find some images of the 3000 square feet of ‘ditch’ that Kevin has so scrupulously aligned himself with…. Hey, look!  They have a flag!  I wonder if this is where the Brussels office is??  Stay Tuned for More!!!!!

Picture 70

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