Eurostaete and Kanata Alliance… Treason in the making?

The Mystery European Government responsible for working with ITCCS to bring down the Pope is none other than Eurostaete… the 3000 square meter roadway ditch claimed as a sovereign state located between Germany and the Netherlands.  Although I have perused Kevin Annett’s websites and had seen the article naming this ‘state’, the dots did not connect until Kevin’s latest world-wide release.

Back in 2011, Kevin returned to Europe to drum up business after establishing himself as the Interim President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Kanata…(IPPGRK… ’cause Kevin loves his acronyms). During this ‘visit’, Kevin gave a talk at a ‘symposium’ in Aanmelden, called a Whistleblowers Conference.  The goal? To bring about a Tribunal to bring to justice those criminals of Church and State with the help of Kanata and an organization called No Cancer Foundation.

Remember that Kanata was where Jason Bowman and Bill Squire mixed it up with Kevin Annett?  Jason Bowman is the so-called citizen prosecutor who was thrown under the bus when Jason failed to file Kevin’s complaint with the Federal Court of Canada.  Kevin built up the filing of the petition to the court as a historic event, only to later denounce both Bowman and the FCC as incapable of bringing about the kind of justice he had in mind.  Bill Squire, helped Kevin get ‘IN’ with the Mohawk Elders of Six Nations Territory to begin a dig at Brantford in the fall of 2011.

Despite attempts to reach out to Jason Bowman to explain being publically thrown under the bus, and to Bill Squire of the Sovran state of Kanata (I’ll get back to the Sovran movement in a later post) neither have fully addressed what happened between them and Kevin Annett or whether Kevin is still the ‘King of Kanata’.  In an interview on Global F.A.C.T radio, Jason Bowman lauded Kevin Annett and was being coached by Bill Squire in the background, who clapped enthusiastically when he thought the radio show was off air…telling Bowman..”Good Job”.  Kanata, it appeared…was a dead issue for Annett, who seemed to not want anything else to do with it.

However, it appears that Kevin is still using his alliances within the teeny-tiny state of ‘Eurostaete’ to create the illusion that some pretty big forces have brought the Vatican to it’s arthritic knees.  Perhaps Kevin is still hopeful to be President of some sovereign nation… no matter how small.

What interests me most is what Canadian authorities have to say about a man, seeking political alliances to bring down the Queen, the Pope and Stephen Harper.  Would they cry ‘TREASON’ I wonder?  And more importantly will they allow him back into Rome for more shenannigans?

Below is the Eurostaete’s notice of the ‘symposium’ that  Kevin attended….Does it have a familiar ring to it?  I thought so……

(I wonder how many people attended that symposium and how much money he pocketed from the tickets sold?)

The following is from the Eurostate website:

The International Tribunal Truth Euro Staete

Objective of the Truth Tribunal:
Will of individuals or organizations who have committed offenses against humanity sufficient evidence to support this, so of that evidence to the International Criminal Court in The Hague can be sued. The sovereign Euro Staete (Europe) together with the sovereign state Kanata (Canada) like this tasbaar evidence collection to offenders against humanity to justice. What the national law concerned, the community of Euro Staete a lie free pursuing justice.

For the method of the International Tribunal for Truth Euro Staete (IWE) is at this link refers. The Statute is described here and this link is the Rules on request. It is recommended that these first three documents before making evidence to the postal addresses of the Truth Tribunal to send examples of offenses against humanity.

The presentation and the objectives of the International Tribunal Truth Euro Staete is done on the occasion of the symposium on the genocide of the indigenous population in Canada has experienced.  The lectures of reve-income (Rev.) Kevin Annett about as representative of the sovereign Republic of Kanata in North America is also a mutual recognition of the two sovereign states that respect human rights as the highest goal natreven. This symposium will be held on 28 May 2011 in Hotel-Restaurant De Witte Bergen Eemnes.


Eurostaete and Kanata Flags
Eurostaete and Kanata Flags

 Kevin Annett and Canada’s Whistleblower Human rights activist coming to the Netherlands!

Whistleblowers, victims of youth, churches, boarding schools and government failures, freedom fighters and all for the good of humanity go, are hereby invited.

On Saturday, May 28, 2011 Kevin Annett holds lectures on genocide, murders, rapes and robberies committed by the churches and boarding schools in Canada and tells how he as a whistleblower these abuses revealed and now fights.

In highlighting these serious crimes are not elitist the perpetrators punished.  No these criminals (often persons of importance) are protected by all means, also in the Netherlands.  Only whistleblowers who reveal wrongdoing, be ruthlessly dealt with the aim them gag so that criminal practices can continue.  This leaves the misdaders untouchable and the victims are treated as bulky waste.

The phenomenon that only the bearers of bad news hard punishment and criminal practices just keep going, take place worldwide. The question we ask is how we can put an end to it.  Our goal is to stop these abuses and the real misdaders to justice.  This trial is not the most important.  Should we just stop these crimes and help victims, we are already well on the way.

Kevin Annet has over 20 years Whistleblower, genocide, rapes and robberies on the Indians of Canada by the Canadian church committed uncovered, here he is financially ruined him gag.  It is his job as a “minister” of the church, his wife and children lost and he is still in a bad light because the truth which he proclaims in the cover-up should remain. . His struggle is seen in the documentary: Hidden from History . . He has also written a book about these abuses with the title: Hidden no Longer .

Kevin Annett shares on 28 May 2011 his experience with us, so we globally and collectively against these abuses can draw.  In the Netherlands, we can do that by our forces with Canada to join.  Kevin Annett is a founding member of the sovereign state Kanata. Staete Euro and Kanata will also partnerships with each other.

Euro Staete host Kevin Annett invites you all to join his presentations to be present.  To get an idea on how many people can be counted, a login via this email address appreciated.The entrance fee is variable, which half of the group of Kevin Annett is donated, so that he can continue his international fight and we him help. The location is the White Mountains , Eemnes (intersection A1 and A27) starting 13.00. De voertaal is Engels. The official language is English.


Info: RM Brockhus, 035-5268153 of het secretariaat: Hotel zur Ems in Salzbergen (D): 0049-59767112 Info: RM Brockhus, 035-5268153 or Secretariat: Hotel zur Ems in Salzbergen (D): 0049-59767112 and / kevin-annett.htm , victims of youth, churches, boarding schools and government failures, freedom fighters and all for the good of humanity will be invited. Meldt u aan. Subscribe to.

Your name
Postal code and city
Telephone number

To participate in the symposium participants apply for an adjusted rate depending on the category from which you

 Access only for registered persons.

A) For those with evidence of dependence of a food: € -10 (paid on the spot)

B)For individuals with no journalistic or official background: € 10 (with access to the greenhouse)

C)  For journalists with a press pass: € 20 (at admission or proof of payment)

D) For officials as representative of the government: € 200 (on-access or receipt)

E)  For lawyers, judges and justices € 500 (to access or receipt)

F) € 1000 (bij toegang of met betalingsbewijs) For MPs, ministers and state secretaries € 1,000 (to access or receipt)

You can also use the Word document downloading and printing

Centrale administratie van EuroStaete Central administration of Euro Staete
Renoirhof 161 Renoirhof 161
1628 XC Hoorn 1628 XC Horn
Nederland Netherlands

Informatie: Tel.: 035-5268153 Information: Tel.: 035-5268153

Bankrekening RABO te Huizen: van Stichting VOC RABO bank to Houses: Foundation VOC
Vermeldt: aanmelding deelname Eurostaete Symposium, tgv Thesaurie EuroStaete States: registration participation Euro Staete Symposium, due Treasury Euro Staete

6 thoughts on “Eurostaete and Kanata Alliance… Treason in the making?

  1. Hi,

    Any thoughts on those children abused, raped and murdered?

    To knowing turn a blind eye to something that should be stopped leaves me feeling empty.

    Everybody(a balanced cross section of class and gender) from family,friends, to people at work all feel the same. The Queen is not respected nor is government, yet some feel its a necessary evil and we cant do anything. The Vatican, not one person says good or sits on the fence.
    My Grandfather is a vicar for the Queens corp, Talk of the ancient secrets and sacrifice?etc, he cant go there and looks foolish,stupid, weak and scared. He is my lamb now and no Shepard(the shift). I feel sorry and have pity for him and all the other victims over the world, past and present.

    I’m also in a strange position. The state(in which I was born into) does not acknowledge me as a person or human and left me to die in the woods with nothing, just my flesh and god. At first it was hard, but I thank the State so much for setting me free and wonder why more people don’t do the same. Its cheaper and I save money in the black market too. People will always accept TAX/VAT free cash. Euro police state etc is here already for those who except a politic master at the top, then a God and then themselves at the bottom to pick up the pieces.

    How are you dealing with the sick criminals that need to be removed? At the moment I’m supporting ITCCS, unless you can suggest a different solution to deal with very big crime against us all.


    1. Dear livingdream,
      First off, thank you for a respectful and well thought out comment that you posted here… It sure beats the abusive attacks on the person that most people who disagree with me post here.

      To answer your question is to divulge a personal philosophy….

      1. The Queen, Pope, Harper, etc… are ALL figureheads of their various institutions who believe themselves (and lead others to believe), that they hold legitimate power. On the contrary, their power is temporarily afforded by a power bigger and far more secret than them… a power older than mankind itself that will always install and displace those human beings that serve and wear out their purpose for that power. Consider this… How powerful is the Pope now that he’s resigned??? In this hierarchal system your position in life dictates your power. However, if you were to cut the very top of a pyramid off, what are you left with?….A PYRAMID! You see, the hierarchy determines who gets to stay on top and who gets left at the bottom… Now you might say that the Pope is part of that hierarchy and without anyone in the Hierarchy there is no system…. AH!! But the GREED OF MEN always remains! And there is always someone willing to fill that gap and become part of the structure. This is the fundamental problem as I see it…

      2. All human beings… every human being have a fundamental need…. LOVE. When you show someone, especially a perfect stranger, that they are loved…what happens? You change an actual persons life….FOREVER!!!! What’s more is that they may turn around and share that love with someone else…changing that persons life….FOREVER! That is TRUE CREATION!!! But how does Kevin make you feel inside? Does he make you feel loved? Truly loved? Or does he speak to the hurt, pain, guilt and anger inside of you? What can that darkness achieve??? IT CANNOT BRING YOU THE LIGHT!!!!

      3. My path is to help people… right now I am doing that in several ways…one of them is by trying to expose this dark man with dark intentions… the other is to be in the world (and not of it) and to show as much love as I can to people I come in contact with every day. I imagine that if we all could do that…turn our backs on the darkness that is people like Kevin Annett, and focus on helping people, bringing joy to others, being kind, sharing, laughing, talking…… I imagine that the world we wish for would cease to be a theoretical and simply come into being….

      Soft Paths to you…..


      1. Thank you for you reply, Don’t not engage in mundane material activities? this is as I understand it. This would remove all power and any potential ego contaminates. This is how it should be, I agree. I do wonder if this is the start. There are a lots of people asking for money in this internet this show biz. Kevin is just one of many, that I do see.
        One clear positive is, Kevin and others have been an aid for me to open a subject of such magnitude in the work place etc. I believe this is all part of a spectrum, Who knows it could be our work to continue after. If this is pulled off, complacency will kick in straight away I’m sure. I always keep myself in check and try to empathize with the most ‘ill informed’ at work, they are the news watching, paper readers. I try to see the world through there eyes and see Kevin and many more like him as the first steps to walking independently like a child. It can start a theme if you like.
        many thanks,C


  2. Oh my God.

    “Interim President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Kanata”?!?

    I haven’t barfed in years, nor written the word.

    Now I’ve just done both.



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