4 thoughts on “5 Minutes with Greg Zymanski

  1. I am happy to have listened to what Greg had to say about what happened during that interview. However, we actually did a follow up interview to discuss those things that were left out, and to my knowledge that was also never aired. This has led to some feelings among the participants that there is more going on than we will ever know…I mean twice this happened to us? I plan on going on another interview with Greg soon, I believe that he is a sincere man, a journalist in his own right, and an individual who wants to hear the truth about what is happening in our world, including what is currently facing a large segment of the Native American and First Nations communities..the issue of the Indian Mission Boarding Schools in the U.S. and the Residential Schools in Canada who suffered genocide, murder, rape, and torture as children during the era of forced attendance at those institutions. Others may not agree with my choice, but I have never been a follower, and I go by my own instincts and I will again appear on Greg Syzmanski’s radio program to discuss issues that we are dealing with in NDN country, on both sides of the border. Thank you. Wus’Natha ~ Bear Chief.


    1. Those are good instincts Ken… I too am still awaiting the .mp3 of that interview…. I believe I can access it on his site, but would have to sign up for a $10 a month subscription to access it… seeing as you, I and the White Calfs were participants in that interview i am fundamentally opposed to paying for what I consider to be my own property.


  2. I agree and that is one of the questions I need to have answered in the interview, which by the way, I feel free to extend an invitation to any one of you to come on since it is an open interview session. If he objects, I would concerned that he has an agenda and that would not be good for anyone. Let me know your thoughts.


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