Kevin Twists Motives of Idle No More…


Kevin published a new article today in his second attempt to denigrate the motives of the grass-roots movement Idle No More.  Like so many who do not know, or who care to investigate the history of this movement and it’s official stance, it can be made to appear that INM is in league with the ‘infidels’ in the AFN and Parliament Hill.

This cannot be further from the truth.

I humbly ask forgiveness for copying the exact text from Idle No More’s website, but there can be no ambiguity in this matter:

The Founders and many of the organizers of Idle No More from Across Canada have been given word that the Leadership is calling for action in the name of Idle No More.

They have also stated in a press release that they have met with Idle No More representatives that support this call. We would like to state that this is FALSE.

The Chiefs have called for action and anyone who chooses can join with them, however this is not part of the Idle No More movement as the vision of this grassroots movement does not coincide with the visions of the Leadership. While we appreciate the individual support we have received from Chiefs and councelors, we have been given a clear mandate by the grassroots to work outside of the systems of government and that is what we will continue to do. We are not trying to have division amongst this movement! However Chief Nepinak stated, “we are behind the grassroots people”. Please let others know!!!!

I would also like to add, the face of the Idle No More people are you and I. The people who walk turtle island and the people who walk on this earth.

Idle No More began on November 10th, 2012 at Stations 20 West, Saskatoon, SK. The early stages of the movement consisted of 5 rallies before our National Day of Action on December 10th. 

Chief Spence decided she would fast on that day as part of her action to support the Idle No More movement. It is very important this history is known. We are very greatful for Theresa Spences honourable and courageous support, we also need to remember the face of Idle No More is also the grassroots people.

There have been talks of getting leaders to lead, however, we are the leaders!!! Remember that!!!!

This is not what Kevin Annett would have you believe, however.  He paints a convenient image of a people so decimated and ‘absorbed’ by colonialization that they are incapable of thought, incapable of action; immobilized by their dependence on their ‘Masters’.  He states:

a colonized people are no longer a people, but an appendage – that’s the Latin meaning of “colon” – of the bigger Body Politic of the Conquerors.

John Stuart Mills, who believed colonialism was a necessary function of a liberal capitalist society had this to say:

“A core doctrine of liberalism holds that all individuals share a capacity for reason and self-government. The theory of developmental history, however, modifies this universalism with the notion that these capacities only emerge at a certain stage of civilization. For example, according to John Stuart Mill (hereafter Mill), savages do not have the capacity for self-government because of their excessive love of freedom.”

“Mill’s solution to the problem of imperial misgovernment was to eschew parliamentary oversight in favor of a specialized administrative corps. Members of this specialized body would have the training to acquire relevant knowledge of local conditions. Paid by the government, they would not personally benefit from economic exploitation and could fairly arbitrate conflicts between colonists and indigenous people. Mill, however, was not able to explain how to ensure good government where those wielding political power were not accountable to the population.” – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

In fact, NO ONE has been able to explain how to “ensure good government where those wielding political power were not accountable to the population.”  This is the crux of all our problems and where we find ourselves with so many grass-roots movements gaining momentum in the past few years.  It is the back-firing of Mill’s Imperial Solution and Kevin’s denigration of the spirit of Original peoples that finds us looking inwards to discover our ‘real selves’ and outwardly at our institutions.

Rather than inspire the hundreds of people Kevin works with to find their voices and add them to INM, he puts them and the movement down and uses the article as an opportunity to whine about how the Mohawks screwed up the dig at Brantford, and not him.

He calls those ‘Indians’ who are poor and downtrodden, ‘realists’, and by saying so, relegates them back to being those children in the Residential Schools, dependant on the good grace and wisdom of the Reverends of this world.

Mills philosophy failed to stand the test of time, and Kevin’s disappointing rhetoric of ‘Indian state-paid agents’ attempts to demean the proven capacity and abilities of Original peoples.  Despite what Kevin would have us believe, I have incredible faith that the people in Idle No More are not helplessly suffering any more.  How miraculous that four Native women could inspire the world and challenge the paradigms of imperialism and colonialism and any other ‘ism’ we care to throw out into the void.

The movement will have it’s divisions, no doubt… it’s nay-sayers.  In essence, those who fear and are mired in the dogma’s of the last age will reject this movement on whatever principles they hold dear.  Militant anarchists may want to subvert it, Chiefs may want to control it, Politicians will try to ignore it, and Kevin will pout that he can’t be a champion of it.  But the noisy tantrums of those groups will be crowed out by the voices of the people who know what it is they want…and the importance of who they really are.

22 thoughts on “Kevin Twists Motives of Idle No More…

  1. Heather, I want to thank you once again for your analysis of Kevin Annett’s motives regarding this movement. It is true that if he cannot infiltrate a movement, or simply lie about how he was an important part of it…he tries attacking it. His true lack of respect for the First Nation’s people, his denigrating of their own capabilities to speak for themselves speaks volumes about his own views that we First Nations and Native Americans are incapable of standing up and representing ourselves in any capacity. He views us being somehow retarded, or limited in expressing ourselves, or understanding our own issues. He himself is a racist, and his actions and words all betray his true feellings toward us. Thank you for your support of us, and for your stand against this man who has for far too long profited from our pain, our suffering and the genocide we have endured …and continue to endure even to this present day.


  2. I don’t believe you are able to honestly approach Kevin Annett or his points of view. Here is what he has said.
    Two participants at Canada’s expensive “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC) forums went public today to expose the corrupt proceedings.
    The butchery began in 1492 in the Caribbean and ended around 1910 on Canada’s west coast.

    Killing off ninety percent of a people means, effectively, killing off all of a people. Recovery and continuity is impossible, especially after the children of the remnant populaces endure the massive brainwashing and cultural re-cloning fondly called Christian Education.

    What remains today in the wake of this worst massacre in human history are not even pale imitations of those original nations, but something altogether new: namely, “ab-original” societies, manufactured by the conquering powers of church and state. For ab-original means, according to any dictionary, not of the original group.
    ken bear chief
    The real issue; if you want comfort in yourself, it has a price. You can see that Heather has more than enough ammo to shoot at Kevin. It;s pretty obvious he has said a lot.

    I have grown out of the 50’s and 60’s where our own minds and hands were put to task. That meant independent thought. many people now are terribly degraded in the function of study. Logic and intellectual work won’t allow you to believe what is told by media, even this media.
    You will notice that I had only put a few references to Kevin Annett above.
    I don’t believe that my opinion is any more valid than Heathers or yours. That holds true only if you or Heather or anyone that has concerns of what he stands for (any activist, policeman or politician/lawyer/sophist +paid liar) spouts a line that you can’t confirm by your own research. You will also know that the more you research as a craft the better you get at it. I’ll trust that you will become for yourself, your nation and most especially your children an intense advocate for the truth.
    The most important statement any one has ever told me;
    you don’t get something for nothing.
    I first believed it was a simple observation but as I matured it became apparent it was a fundamental truth.


    1. It doesn’t take a genius to regurgitate the pages of first-year Canadian History textbooks. And you like many others criticize me with the same argument…it’s not about the true history of what happened here and elsewhere….this is not what I am arguing. Lets talk about corrupt proceedings…. You as a Sovereign should be well versed in common law, right? So please explain how his online “tribunal” adheres to the proceedures of common law. Explain how forging activists signatures on bogus letters of support looooong after their dead is honorable or moral and adheres to the concept of doing no harm to another person? These are the principles I learned in MY youth…you see my generation learned the reality of AIDS, acid rain, Save The Whales, Ethiopian famine and the realities of the Oil Economy. My teacher has been experience but I never did serious research until I got my diploma in Biotechnology. and now that I have children who have inherited Global warming, nuclear fallout, mass-shootings and corrupt officials, I believe that I have sought the truth when it comes to Kevin Annette and I will Never Ever tell them that it’s ok to be a liar so long as it gets the job done. Kevin is a liar and a con man and he does no justice to the issue of Native genocide…he distracts from it.

      Sent from my iPod


    2. In response to M-ass-a-grabber. I what that acronym really says about you. Wonder what Sigmund Freud would make of it…himm. But let me get back to something you said, “The most important statement any one has ever told me; you don’t get something for nothing.” Wrong, my friend. Kevin Annett has profited from the genocidal history of the First Nations survivors of the Residential School Era in many ways. He has invested more than 20 years of his worthless life into perpetrating one of the longest-con games in the history of grifters by writing plagarized books, making fake documentaries using old news and interviews of FN survivors, stealing Elders/survivor histories of abuse, exploiting the indigent and homeless First Nations, and by twisting the truth – sensationalizing it, and exagerating it to both horify and intrigue anyone he can convince that he is the white savior or the Martin Luther King of today.
      And when he was found to be a thief, and liar by the Circle of Justice and denied any participation in the Vancouver Tribunal…he eventually created his own, calling the ITCCS. What is so pathetic about that is, why don’t people understand that he cannot be the first plaintiff on the ITCCS court docket, the Secretary of the ITCCS court, and the Special Advisor to the Prosecutor? Being a plaintiff and having an active role as a prosecutor would nullify anyone’s idea of his courts integrity and fairness, yet it appears that few understand this….or want to know. I think that you are a part of the latter group.
      Kevin frequently says, “why pay any attention to me, why not concern yourselves with the 50,000 dead and missing FN children…and I respond to that by saying this has been known about since the early 1920s or 1930 when doctors were sent to investigate the residential schools and discovered that nearly 50,000 had tied from diseases like TB, and other viral infections, and/or physical abuse, neglect, and yes…some children were murdered by their Catholic, Oblate, or Jesuit abusers. Does anyone believe Kevin when he says that all 50,000 were victims of murder, torture, rape, and abuse?
      All you need to do is go online and search for the documentation proving what I say is true. I will not spoon feed you the truth, Kevin Annett can spoon feed you lies and con you into believing in him as the White Savior, as he has called himself – and does that not tell you something? Only someone who is suffering personallity disorders compares himself to Jesus Christ.
      What Kevin does by falsifying the truth, he discredits the truth about the genocide of the FN people and the truthful testimony of the survivors. By supporting him you further traumatize all those who have suffered abuse in the Residential Schools of Canada.
      I think Kevin Annett’s real purpose as a marxist, and a as a former priest who hates the church, is to cause division within the aboriginal bands, the survivors, and to create and incite hatred, and in doing so, to continue to profit financially all the while….by doing something for nothing!
      Kevin Annett has never done one credible thing on behalf of ANY First Nations person, or Native American in over 20 years…..he never will. That is the nature of a con artist, they never give – they take from all those good hearted people who contribute of give for a good cause, and Kevin will always dangle the carrot and continue to make promises never delivered. He will continue profiting financially by using and abandoning all those who supported him, and then discover his frauds and lies.
      Kevin Annett will keep changing the story whenever necessary, and by staying in the public eye no matter what, he will continue his con game. He can do this because its virtual reality and he decides what is real….and that my friend is how it works. Kevin Annett ain’t about the truth.


  3. All baseless. Has anyone told that logic is not evidence? Don’t try to snow me. Bring the evidence you have forward. A signature is easily analyzed by an expert. Get that refutation and you will have gained miles.


  4. you don’t come close to Kevin in his integrity and insight. you and ken shit are just a cesspool of dishonesty funded by government – you are the real murderers of your own people.


    1. Bearhunter….How strange you would use a government website (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada) as your URL for making this post… if you ARE a First Nations person, then you are also a hippocrite… supporting Kevin who clearly hates all the ‘Indian’ Government Agencies and the ‘Indian’s’ who work there. Are you one of them? If so, then you are hated by Kevin too. No, you are likely some white person living in a nice house somewhere in downtown Toronto, masquerading as a Native person because you suffer horribly from white guilt….Too bad you couldn’t argue the point and had to resort to the stereotypical trolling tactic of personal attack… so who is the funded government agent here?


  5. I was reviewing some of Kevin Annett’s comments about First Nations and he says that they are
    “manufactured people, with no heritage or culture, and that they are in no way resembling who they once were and therefore have become extinct.” What a load of BS this guy is saying, and he claims that only a few may still be able to speak their own language, but even they are nearly assimilated, and are not true aboriginals…or words to that effect. It infuriates me that this con artist has chosen to support himself by profiting from the pain and suffering, the genocide of the First Nations….and it is clear that he has no respect or empathy for them. It is all about making videos, writing plagerized books, and using the FN cause to satisfy his ego and need for attention. I pray that the efforts of all us, who are seeking to expose Kevin Annett as a scam artist, fraud, and avliar are successful soon. I do not know how much more of this parasite I can tolerate!


  6. It truly pains me to see a white man inserting himself into the pain of indigenous peoples caused by mostly white men, and constantly trying to co-opt the voices of victims, and even direct the rhetoric of victims. I am only part indigenous and mostly “white” and yet it hurts deeply to see this ongoing for so long. K.A. has not martyred himself by any means, yet the self-promoting of his own 17+ year long choice to insert himself into the process of exposure of wrongs & pains. The current effort of doing so through a guise of being a director and plaintiff in the establishment of a strange criminal “justice” model is really the epitome of his efforts, and appears unethical, at least to for me. That’s simply my opinion. Soliciting money for a “cause” that one wants to “control” at all levels, vertical and horizontal, is fundamentally unethical (in my opinion).


  7. Annett has a lengthy cache of online articles and posts describing his personal “pain” (lost a job, got a divorce, no contact with children..); all easy to research online because Annett (and his father) are (prolifically)“marketing” Annett’s “PAIN” on the World Wide Web. I’ve been observing the online antics for a few years now. Annett put himself on Center Street, so he deserves to own every single sentence of every disingenuous online comment (regarding indigenous peoples & residential school survivors) that originate from his little “camp”..


  8. Anyone, as Annett has, can easily “get angry” about the abuses in residential schools or about what he decries as his own “abuse/pain” at the hands of many (a group of people and entities that keeps growing in his mind, it appears); but, to avoid losing perspective and avoid the loss of discernment requires constant attention to the ‘means to the end’, for, “in everything it is no easy task to find the middle, e.g. to find the middle of a circle is not for everyone but for him who knows; so, too, anyone can get angry—that is easy—or give or spend money; but to do this to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time, with the right aim, and in the right way, that is not for everyone, nor is it easy; that is why goodness is both rare and laudable and noble. ~ Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics


    1. I agree totally, PAW… in fact Kevin would have the survivors remain in that angry state as if that would heal any pain. When survivors themselves participated in the SAGE study – the primary recommendation they made was that they wanted to tell their stories, they wanted to know that their pain was heard and understood… I’m pretty sure that seeking revenge on their behalf does not honor their wishes… And lets not also forget, as Ken Bear Chief pointed out, Kevin named himself as the primary plaintif… and that most of the people (defendants) were ex-church officials who ‘had him fired’ or didn’t play ball with him in some way…. This was a way to embarass them.. to see if they’d fall for his little game… only Milloy fell for it, but I’m certain once he contacted his lawyer, realized that Kevin is just HOT AIR with BIG HAIR.


  9. BTW… massa… Whose interests are you really serving here?… A ‘poor’ white-man who brings misery on his own doorstep? Or the victims of the IRS’s??? BTW how’s that Tribunal coming along???…. pretty EXTINCT by the looks of it. And what does Kevin have to show for it except for a few donations. Maybe if he’d actually FOLLOWED Common- Law procedure he might have made a difference… instead he made a fool of it and himself…and likely burned a bunch more bridges with Mel Ve, Russ Leitica and others… That’s ok… I don’t need to write about him much any more.. he’s burned enough bridges that no one in North America (save the deluded few) supports him any more…


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