If you can’t Infiltrate….Denigrate!


den·i·grate  (dn-grt)

tr.v. den·i·grat·ed, den·i·grat·ing, den·i·grates

1. To attack the character or reputation of; speak ill of; defame.
2. To disparage; belittle: The critics have denigrated our efforts.


The latest from Kevin Annett is not an update on the dismal farce called the ITCCS, but is instead the denigration of Chief Teresa Spence (who has demanded an audience with Prime Minister Stephen Harper) and the grass-roots movement Idle No More.
I had been waiting to see what Kevin would do and was ultimately not surprised to see his attack…no, his denigration of Chief Spence and Idle No More.  This is because I truly believe that Kevin (despite Jim Craven’s assertions) is an agent provocateur.  Whether for personal or for others benefit, Kevin has been clearly selective about which movements he has supported…. the question is, why?
In his latest article, entitled:

“Stupid No More: Waking up to the Uses and Abuses of our Discontent or, Follow the Money, Dummy”

Kevin stoops to some all new lows.  He calls it a “supposedly “grassroots aboriginal protest movement”, with mostly non-aboriginal activists, funded by no-one in particular.  He goes on to say that the protests are “carefully managed, pre-fabricated dissent” headed by it’s token martyr “Chief Tess”.  If there’s any way he could be more offensive you only have to continue reading on here….

Stranger still are his accusations that this has to do with “upstart native capitalists” who are seeking to usurp native land claims for their own benefit at the expense of their own people.  I suppose he would know about grass-roots movements being co-opted by the self interest of others since he tried to infiltrate Occupy Vancouver, Occupy Toronto and Bill Squire’s Mohawk Workers at Kanata.
Kevin failed at OT and burned a massive bridge with First Nations peoples with the bungling of the dig at Brantford.  The ITCCS simply vaporized and maybe Kevin is just a bit jealous that he couldn’t wedge himself firmly as a mouthpiece for INM.  First Nations people in Canada don’t want him as their spokesman… they’re trying to do it for themselves.  And Kevin has pontificated that this is the only way that things can really change for the  ‘Indians’ he is becoming tired of.  He’s challenged them to go to the Residential Schools and dig in the ground to retrieve their dead children yet he also claims it’s a white-man’s issue.  The lack of clarity about whose problem it is makes his accusations against INM quite hollow and disingenuous.
Perhaps the most telling position statement from Kevin Annett is his opening quotation from Victor Frankl:
“If we assume responsibility for our self or the world around us we will be harmed by the permanently raised and threatening arm of authority. And so, to avoid this danger, we learn to become servile and dependent victims who are acted upon, or who act at the command and initiative of others.”- Victor Frankl, Psychologist and Nazi Holocaust Survivor
Kevin seems bent on keeping First Nations peoples on their knees, compromised, impotent and in desperate need of a White Savior.  His denigration of “Indians” and their desire to rise up and speak for themselves clearly threatens his game plan; to remain the fountainhead of Indigenous issues in Canada and around the world, and to reap a profit off of it.
In conclusion, Idle No More remains a grass-roots movement that will either sustain itself or die out like Occupy, and if, as Kevin alleges, the people are being used as pawns in the ‘elites’ game will they stand for it?  Will they allow others to fill the shoes of Stephen Harper in the role of ‘Master’ of their destinies?  I tend to believe that when good and bad forces strive for their goals within a cause, the light that the good brings exposes the bad for what it really is and drives it out.  Kevin would have the good people not strive at all, to share in his vision of a ‘disappointed age’, and be content to wait until he can lay the foundation for the next bloody revolution.
The people do not share your twisted vision Kevin so you’d better find a new cause to plunder.

3 thoughts on “If you can’t Infiltrate….Denigrate!

  1. As a Occult Researcher on the New World Order recently who was exposing the occult involvement in the New World Order,I had a huge barrage of shills from Keven Annett’s camp and the Idle No More Camp,it has not put me off the researching on the occult,rest assured there is occult involvement in the Idle No More movement


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