The curious case of Dr. Ortner

Kevin Bones 1
Amazing how none of these small bones could be analyzed by the top Forensic Anthropologists in North America.

When APTN aired it’s investigative report, Unmarked Graves, a huge microscope swung it’s lenses onto the stage Kevin Annett had been standing on for nearly 20 years. Coupled with mine and Greg Renouf’s articles on Kevin’s claims of unmarked graves and the excavation of human bones at Brantford, the show brought to the people a tangible set of questions that deserved answers.

The questions themselves were straightforward:  Were the bones human and did they belong to children who attended Brantford? Logical, given how Kevin had prepped his followers and supporters stating that 50,000 children were murdered and buried in over 28 mass graves located at Residential Schools across Canada.  These were allegations that were not to be taken lightly and the weight of that evidence unearthed there should have been treated as if the Ark of the Covenant itself had been discovered.  But screw ups ensued and ultimately Kevin’s desire to infiltrate social movements like Occupy Toronto led to the Smithsonian debacle.

Sensing humiliation and defeat over a fudged investigation, Kevin had to up the ante.  Until we (Greg and I) had exposed Kevin’s conduct at Occupy, he was able to spin whatever fable he needed and no one noticed and no one frankly cared.  The public had been told that archaeologists were at the scene and had analyzed the bones and that should have been enough… except that the APTN episode had raised questions about what had happened to them and how they had been analyzed.  The question was, where were the bones and who was looking at them.

To our surprise, Kevin claimed they had been sent to the Smithsonian for analysis (again with the hope that no one would dare challenge or look into this newest lie).  This was a claim that Marcia Lane somewhat verified…. saying something like: “Kev, didn’t I give you the name of a guy there, or something???”  No one, however, would ever give a name of anyone who they spoke to at the Smithsonian and even mocked the Institute alleging it’s incompetence and bias, calling it a government owned institution.

In questioning all of these inconsistencies, we were told that to ask these questions was to take away from the real work that needed to be done.  I was accused of siding with the enemy and of being an ‘agent’ and on Santos Bonacci’s radio show was lightly threatened by both Santos and Kevin that if anything should accidentally happen to myself or to Greg that it would be our own fault.

Still, the issue of the bones has been one I have struggled to let go of.  I too have felt deep pain over the thought of children murdered and their bodies covered over not out of respect but to hide the crime.  I have made it my duty to question Kevin’s claims out of the desire to also see justice done.  I want those children who were disappeared to be returned home and for their families to be made whole again if at all possible.  And it is for this reason that I have hounded Kevin on the issue of the bones.

Prior to Christmas, I made several requests of Kevin to produce the e-mails from Dr. Ortner (the anthropologist at Smithsonian who Kevin named on Bonacci’s show).  Poor Dr. Ortner, who unwittingly (and worse, post-humously) has been dragged into Kevin’s madness.  Dr. Ortner, who indeed did work for Dr. Owsley at Smithsonian Institution, who sadly passed away in April of 2012.  His achievements in life were so much more substantial than the alleged involvement in solving the Brantford bones issue.

Never-the-less, Dr. Ortner’s name had been thrown into the ring and his ability to refute or confirm Kevin’s claims might have remained in question….. until today!

InfiniLor (the YouTube handle owned by Kevin’s wife Lori) who posts video’s of the ‘testimony’ and evidence for their Kangaroo court recently answered my question of providing the e-mails from Dr. Ortner, the man who Kevin claims he sent the bones to.

Here’s what she said:

Kevin's wife Lori admits that they never spoke with Dr. Ortner and no proof has been offered otherwise
Kevin’s wife Lori admits that they never spoke with Dr. Ortner and no proof has been offered otherwise

“We were NEVER in contact with Dr. Ortner”

How then does Kevin Annett know how Dr. Ortner died?  Why can’t he remember if he had email conversations or phone conversations about the bones?  And why did he not use Dr. Ortner’s name when he first claimed to have sent the bones to Smithsonian Institution to the Chief Forensic Pathologist (a Dr. Doug Owsley and NOT Dr. Ortner, who was deceased when Kevin made his claims).

don ortner claim

How can Annett claim Dr. Ortner died of a heart-attack when that has never been disclosed publicly anywhere?

Picture 19

Why did Annett not pic the TOP GUY at Smithsonian…the curator and head of Forensics for North America to send the bones to?  Because Kevin Annett had to make up the Smithsonian lie as he went along, and picked the one person in the department who was recently deceased.



10 thoughts on “The curious case of Dr. Ortner

  1. You should investigate Greg Renouf. He is not genunie or witty is dangerous:

    Banned from both Occupy Vancouver and Occupy Toronto, Greg Renouf has been bullying and harassing women organisers in occupy spaces. He has displayed, on many occasions, deeply racist and misogynist behaviour. His behaviour falls into easily recognisable patterns and we believe that he poses a real threat to community safety.

    This Man is Dangerous. Renouf at Occupy Vancouver.

    This blog will document Greg Renouf’s racist and misogynist harassment and intimidation which has occurred over the last several months. However, we will try to conceal the identity of his targets where ever possible, and will not re-publish any of the nastier things that he has said and/or posted to the internet–things like explicitly sexualised derogatory comments about women who he has been harassing.


    1. It’s no secret that Occupy has been co-opted by socialist/anarchist self interests… the tactics of hurling slurs like “racist, and homophobe” is sooooo old that people are quite bored of it. If you have such evidence publish it… otherwise all you’re accomplishing is ….well….Nothing! BTW, I don’t consider a site that supports convicted G20 Black Bloc felon Alex Hundert as a reputable source… perhaps those who live in black pots should not call the kettle black….Just sayin’.


  2. Greg Renouf is not a reputable source he is a freak. R U Greg’s boyfriend? Greg Renouf imposes his views on people. When we don’t agree with him he attacks us, stalks us, lies about us, threatens us. You want to stop Kevin Annett but you worship Greg Renouf as a hero when he stalks and threatens women, makes unwanted comments towards females! Start a blog with Greg Renouf must be stopped.


    1. Why are you here Greg Martin? Don’t you have your own blog to run? I am a woman and Greg has neither stalked nor threatened me, nor made unwanted comments towards females. Do you have evidence of this slander or are things just slow this time of year for Occupy Anarchists? If you can’t comment on the article and subject matter of this blog, I will block your comments without notice.


  3. Is Greg still crying like a bitch on his blog about being allegedly assaulted?

    My Assault By Occupy Toronto’s Black Bloc (And the Toronto police’s slow response.

    I don’t believe him. My phone was acting strange, so I sat down on the wall beside the children’s playground and tried to get it working.

    RU sure Greg didn’t injure himself while sitting on the wall? He could have fallen off of it.


  4. Reblogged this on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped and commented:

    The curious case of Dr. Ortner resurfaces today as I discover that I have been named as a potential murderer by Kevin Annett who states in a terrible show dated May 3rd, 2015. I say terrible because to listen to poor Lori being dragged into recounting just what happened at Brantford was painful and cringe-worthy. Kevin made a very deliberate attempt to insinuate that I somehow had something to do with the pre-eminent scientists death, while casually making reference to me as ‘some woman’ and my blog, “”. Listen at 30:00 minutes here:

    “after that happened, I contacted a guy called Dr. Don Ortner, he’s a senior forensic pathologist, or was, before he died, um, at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, and his specialty was, uh, analyzing, uh, um…from bone remains, cause of death. So he’d be exactly what we need because a lot of these kids were exposed to tuberculosis and died and that shows up in bone remains. Now I sent off that bone that Greg Olson had looked at to Don Ortner. I got two emails from him and I talked to him on the phone once, uh the first one was: “Uh, I haven’t really looked at the bone, it looks like an animal to me.” Second communication he said, “Well I’ve looked at it longer and frankly it could be either. It’s too small to tell I’d have to come and look at more of these.” And I said, “would you do that?”, and he said “sure, I’d be willing to come up”. Now that was in late January 2012, and he died of a heart attack in April. You can read into that whatever you like, uh, but what I found interesting was the usual smear, and these other sites that just kinda smear us…About a couple of weeks before Don Ortner died, this woman, uh, whose always going on about what a horrible man I am, said, “And all that stuff he’s claiming about Dr. Don Ortner, he’s never going to testify about any of this stuff”….AND THEN HE’S DEAD. Now, you know I just found that interesting, it’s almost as if she knew the guy was going to die because, well my personal theory is that these are government funded smear sites. And I think SOMETHING HAPPENED TO DON ORTNER, but that’s just my personal opinion, I don’t have any proof about that.”

    Well of course this is just ridiculous, because unless I had a time machine and could go back to when Kevin (allegedly) made contact with Dr. Ortner…in fact to when Kevin conducted the dig….I suppose I could have boarded a plane to Washington, made an appointment to see Dr. Ortner and slip him the old Spy vs. Spy heart-attack cocktail in his coffee. That must be what happened to make Kevin draw such a well-educated conclusion such as this. Everyone who disagrees with him MUST be an agent (and a paid one at that). Strange that for a guy who boasts that he never has to pay income tax, he sure is jealous over the money those state paid agents make.

    In any case I decided to bring the matter to Kevin’s attention, seeing as he has taken to making shit up as he goes along again, and of course people like Andy Peacher who run this radio program feel he is in fine form. But I bet if I asked Lori how playing happy homemaker to the biggest joke in Truther History is going….I think the truth might finally be revealed. You see, because a woman knows another womans’ tone of voice and when you hear Lori answer the questions (at about 4 minutes into the show) being asked by her hubby Kevin, any woman in the world would know the sound that hatred makes. Of course, like most men, Kevin would miss the subtle cues of seething rage in her voice, her disgust and impatience with him. It was painfully obvious there was somewhere she would have rather have been than on that show that day….anything would be better than jumping through Kevin’s hoops like a little circus dog.
    And, so, I sent my correspondence to her as well, hoping that there is a tipping point there somewhere where she will get fed up with his bullshit, come clean with all his lies and finally put an end to his long-con.

    Of course Kevin refused to answer any of my questions, or respond to any of the points I made. I really didn’t expect any kind of intelligent answer and I wasn’t disappointed.


  5. Yipes!!! I just listened to the radio program. In the past I haven’t wanted to devote that much time to listen to Kevin sling his hash (with my apologies to perfectly good hash). It boggles my mind that he is still going over and over again with the same old repeating of the story. Heather, I totally got your comment about Lori’s voice, although she did sound a little more with it at the end…maybe because she realized the torture was nearly over. This sort of reminded me about that reality show Kate plus 8, where she took her two oldest girls on a morning to show and they refused to say anything at all on camera–awkward. God bless Lori for staying with Kevin through all of this – but I wish she would stop helping him in any way.


  6. […] Who was the Forensic specialist at Simon Fraser University who was stupid enough to risk their reputation and career and a criminal prosecution for examining human remains without notifying the police and Coroners Office?  (This was my question regarding similar allegations regarding human remains allegedly sent to Smithsonian by Kevin Annett.  See my article here.) […]


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