The Tribunal That Fizzled into a Tea-Cozy

It’s true that some moments in history end in a fizzle and not with a bang and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State is one of the fizzliest.  As predicted by many of Kevin’s detractors, the Tribunal (aka Kangaroo court) failed to live up to the haughty expectations of it’s primary prosecutor, secretary and plaintiff Kevin Annett.  The citizen jurors (who still remain anonymous) and 13 prosecutors (yeah…sure…) are supposedly going to reveal their verdict, issue their judgement and begin giving orders for ushering in the New World Order (oops was that my outdoor voice?lol)…. It would be something to take notice of if there was actual evidence presented…I dunno, like a document or something?  But what has been seen to date is a few YouTube video’s with people’s testimony (some of which has been copied and pasted from Kevin’s film Unrepentant)… Hardly the reams of earthshattering ‘evidence’ that Kevin promised.

So, what has Kevin been up to?  Certainly not presenting ‘evidence’ on his online court… and definitely trying to drum up some money through not one, but two ‘appeals’ on petition sites to solicit donations. (And Lori don’t you know that when Revenue Canada finally takes Kevin down that you will go down with him??) Maybe Kevin shouldn’t go flitting off to Europe when he really can’t afford it??? Dunno…just a thought…..

In his latest e-mail drivel, Kevin has announced his boredom and disdain of trying to bring truth to the ‘drugged-up public’ and adds he now finds it amusing to be trying to take on child killers and rapists.  Kevin has now declared that he’s tired of posting all his good news to the internet and that he wants to start a one man traveling comedy show.  That’s right, his plans now are to dress up in a pink robe with a whip and tea-cozy for a hat and hit the comedy circut!

“Carol keeps urging me to take up a new profession. She says I should translate everything I’ve been through and know now into a one-man traveling comedic performance called “Under the Robes”. She’s even promised to accompany me on the guitar.

It’s a tempting thought, and as Oscar Wilde reminds us, temptation is the one thing we should never resist. For didn’t another Gaelic bard, George Bernard Shaw, also teach that ridicule is the one thing the rich and powerful have no defense against? Or was that George Orwell?

I’m already starting to work on my stand-up routine for Under the Robes. Part of my costume includes a tea cozy for my headpiece and a long pink robe and a whip, as part of my “Flog a Money Changer for Jesus” routine. I plan to accompany my performance with such introductory titles to each scene change as “Let us Prey”, “Suffer the Little Children” and “Christendom and Dumber”.

So much for the Tribunal that had supporters so whipped into a frenzy of glee! I can’t help but laugh at the irony that the only places that might be willing to host such a show will be in church basements where A.A meetings are usually held. You just can’t make this stuff up folks!!!

What do you mean I’m not funny? I’m wearing pink, aren’t I?

7 thoughts on “The Tribunal That Fizzled into a Tea-Cozy

  1. The ITCCS common law court is a fraud being perpetrated by Kevin Annett, who is trying to create controversy and notoriety for himself so he can ask for your donations to fund his court and causes. How can this court even be considered legitimate if he himself is the Secretary to the Court, the Special Advisor to the Prosecutor, and the first plaintiff on his courts docket? Being both a plaintiff and special advisor to the prosecutor nullifies any fairness to the respondents he has issued summnonses to. And that brings up another issue to consider, when he issued a summons to the Pope in England he did so by forging the signature of Royce White Calf who was not there, and this was witnessed by others who then realized what a fraud and con artist he is, and refused to either support him or give him any more of the funds he had always demanded from them. Kevin Annett is a fraud, and his has been committing wire fraud by requesting that you send him money or checks to Lori Orourke in Nanaimo, BC – Canada, or to his dad, Bill Annett in Florida, USA. To my knowledge, Kevin Annett nor the aforementioned persons are registered as a non-profit in Canada or the United States; therefore, he is soliciting donations illegally. Add to that fact, that Kevin Annett is known Marxist who does not believe in paying taxes..and often braggs that he “has no income to tax”, and that is because he has craftilly used his companion Lori and his dad Bill as his shills in his con game. However, because he solicits donations from all of his websited, I believe that the complaints sent to the RCMP Fraud Division, the Canada Revenue Agency, and the US IRS Agency will eventually bring about his demise. I just want anyone reading my post to know that you should not support this man, or send donations to him, as you will only be funding this man to continue his can game.


      1. exactly. this is where it hurts the most, the credibility of the real issues at hand….so the importance to get things clear that kevin is steering this real issue into his own bank account is crucial. who was he hired by? did he take opportunity alone or was he chosen by the churches that wanted to see the story hijacked? all of these things don’t matter as much as the pain the residential school victims and families have been going through.


  2. […] Annett has been conducting a one-man crusade against the Pope, the Queen, the head of the RCMP, some churches, and a few people with who he has personal vendettas. He promised to his followers that this week he would have people storming into churches across the globe, issuing arrest warrants, banishing the clergy and setting-up shop. But, as is usual with Annett’s proclamations, all of the hoopla Fizzled Into A Tea Cozy. […]


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