You Do Not Need a Good Memory To Tell The Truth

I learned a lot from the run up to the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.  If you want to destroy your opponent… search the ARCHIVES!  Yes, you can pretty much find the rope with which the enemy has hung themselves by looking into the statements made in the past and comparing them with the lies told in the present.  Presidential elections have been made and lost on the benign comments made by candidates when they occupied different offices from the one they are fighting to get into…

I love to listen to old radio shows of Kevins, for this same reason, because it’s so easy to catch Kevin in a lie.  The things he says are not just minor inconsistencies… they are pure fallacy… made up as he goes along.. and he hopes that no one will notice.  If they do… well, no worries, he’ll just ‘label’ them and that will be that.  But in the following word-for-word transcript from Kevin’s Hiddenfromhistory radio show, the words that catch Kevin in his own lies come from not only from Kevin, but from the almost prophetic words from his father, Bill Annett.


We’re going to issue a press statement from Brantford this week.  What’s happened is that we did discover bones next to the school.  We started excavations for the last 4 days – we’ve been doing excavations, uh-with the consulting of a local archaeologist whose been telling….giving us guidance & all that.. and, um… we found bones and a lot of charcoal & coal on the ground about 50 yards from the school – along with childrens buttons – bits of shoes ….. that kind of thing.  Uh, we’re having it analyzed but from my own archaeology classes and knowledge of anatomy, I know I’m 90% sure these are human bones these are from fairly small individuals… Now, the fact that they’re with charcoal and they’re within about 18 inches of the surface suggests to me that they are from some of it at least were from what people say were uh, you know the remains of a burned in the furnace and then scattered from another place so what I want, I mean, this is, this is, historic because it’s never been done before and what we need right away is a lot of coverage of this because the Anglican Church & government are going to step in and put their spin on it and try to control the whole thing like they’ve done in the past.  I mean, that’s what the TRC is- one big spin.

Whew… what a mess.. and all of it word for word…

At this point, Kevin’s connection is lost so the show goes on with Bill jumping in saying:

I hope they’re being very careful.  You mentioned they have an archaeologist on, but I hope they have an expert Forensic archaeologist because ub ah, uh – In my lurid past, I at one point, was president of the Manitoba Archaeological Society, I have a little experience in this stuff – and of course, the truism is that once you excavate a site you destroy it.  So, It’s absolutely essential that the findings they come across are documented and attested to by a bona fide Forensic Anthropologist. (emphasis mine)

Now at this point, Kevin is brought back onto the show along with Carrie Lester and Kevin adds:

Because we’re not competent and like Dad said we don’t want to botch it and do it in a way that won’t be considered legitimate, so we’re not doing any more digs right now.  We’ve got these samples and we’re not doing any more.  Once the samples turn out to be what I believe are human remains, we can at least say where there’s smoke there’s fire.  There needs to be a real investigation here and that gives us ammunition right?

Some other details that were revealed which do not agree with Kevin’s current statements are as follows:

There are 141 other mass grave sites

Two bones were cut length-wise by a professional saw

The ground was “relocated to where we found it”

Bill again restates:

Kev, um, I don’t have to tell you that it’s absolutely essential because this is the first case of hopefully what will be a lot of cases and that, that impeccable Forensic & Archaeological documentation takes place because as you’re excavating, you’re destroying the site.  and now you mentioned uh, er, uh earlier that when you were in New York State recently, you talked to some Onandagan (sic?) people and er, there was some talk about Forensics experts or something, have you made any progress on that?


Well, no, they said that if we wanted to do that we’d have to go and arrange kind of a get together with the Onandaga and that’s going to take a while and that probably won’t be until the New Year.  So that’s not an immediate possibility.  We’re looking for someone in the next few days to confirm this…. We’re looking for a team from another country to come in to do the Forensic investigation.  The catch 22 is to go to a Forensic person to an Archaeologist, the first thing they say is that we have to notify the police ’cause it’s a crime site possibly and the RCMP come in and you’re shut down.

Now, Kevin has said recently on the Santos Bonacci show that the Smithsonian is not to be trusted as it is a ‘Government Agency’.  Yet, Kevin claims to have contacted Dr. Don Ortner there to examine these bones.  Now, it has been Kevin’s claim that this man did not file a written report (when asked about this on Global F.A.C.T.) but instead gave the report over the phone.  On Kevin’s radio show on October 13th, both Kevin and Lori (Infinilor) O’Rorke stated that the analysis of the bones was, in their words, ‘inconclusive’ and that they were “too small… that a larger sample would be needed”.

Strange that with Kevin’s extensive Archaeology and Anatomy classes that Kevin would state without a doubt that these were human bones at Occupy Toronto, yet a trained anthropologist could not?! Clearly he didn’t learn that there ain’t no such thang as a knee socket!

Finally, when presented with the opportunity to meet with First Nations Anthropologists (the Onandagan’s apparently had their own Anthropologist who WAS NOT a paid agent of the state)… and incidentally Jan Longboat may indeed be related to a famous marathon runner and Onandagan, Tom Longboat, who was from Brantford, Ontario…. I suppose he was a paid agent of the state too…

My final question is why Kevin didn’t heed the advice of his Dad, Bill, who not once, but twice gazed into the crystal ball and stated the importance of not screwing this up.  What was it about Kevin that made Bill feel the need to give that advice in the first place?

2 thoughts on “You Do Not Need a Good Memory To Tell The Truth

  1. The ITCCS common law court is a fraud being perpetrated by Kevin Annett, who is trying to create controversy and notoriety for himself so he can ask for your donations to fund his court and causes. How can this court even be considered legitimate if he himself is the Secretary to the Court, the Special Advisor to the Prosecutor, and the first plaintiff on his courts docket? Being both a plaintiff and special advisor to the prosecutor nullifies any fairness to the respondents he has issued summnonses to. And that brings up another issue to consider, when he issued a summons to the Pope in England he did so by forging the signature of Royce White Calf who was not there, and this was witnessed by others who then realized what a fraud and con artist he is, and refused to either support him or give him any more of the funds he had always demanded from them. Kevin Annett is a fraud, and his has been committing wire fraud by requesting that you send him money or checks to Lori Orourke in Nanaimo, BC – Canada, or to his dad, Bill Annett in Florida, USA. To my knowledge, Kevin Annett nor the aforementioned persons are registered as a non-profit in Canada or the United States; therefore, he is soliciting donations illegally. Add to that fact, that Kevin Annett is known Marxist who does not believe in paying taxes..and often braggs that he “has no income to tax”, and that is because he has craftilly used his companion Lori and his dad Bill as his shills in his con game. However, because he solicits donations from all of his websited, I believe that the complaints sent to the RCMP Fraud Division, the Canada Revenue Agency, and the US IRS Agency will eventually bring about his demise. I just want anyone reading my post to know that you should not support this man, or send donations to him, as you will only be funding this man to continue his can game.


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