Italy… What Really Happened?

I felt this post under the ‘Testimonials’ page was worth reposting…. I will follow with more information to fill you in as soon as possible…



November 18, 2012 at 9:45 am

Mr. Ken Bear Chief,

My name is Camilla Novelli, I am from Italy, I was there when Kevin Annett came in 2009 (I translated and travelled with him for 9 full days) and I was part of the audience in 2010 (he didn’t want me to translate for him anymore), when he came with his wife Mrs. Carol (Lori) O’Rourke, Mrs. Clarita Vargas and Mr. Charles Cook, elder from the First Nations. My work was to translate and for months I translated ALL the e-mail (hundreds) exchanged between Kevin Annett and the Italian Associations in order to organize the Delegation visit, so I know well what I am talking about. I confirm all what you have written. Unfortunately also Mr. Charles Cook was treaten very badly….as soon as he didn’t accept to say what Annett wanted him to say, or act as Annett wanted him to act, Annett called him “sabotator”, telling everybody Charles Cook was a sabotator. But the truth cannot be hidden and the hearts and simpathy of all the Italian people who attended the lectures, in all the town they visited were with Clarita and Charles.
I do not like to say bad hings about people, but Kevin Annett is hurting Native and First nations People, is manipulating them and he is manipulating in the worst ways their suffering, their wounds, their tragic history. He doesn’t know them, he doesn’t care for them. Some of my relatives have suffered in the boarding schools: for this reason I cannot shut up. This is not right. Kevin Annet needs help: must be stopped and cured and healed. He causes a lot of damage both personal damage and suffering to individuals, and especially greater damamge to the Native issues and claims.

Camilla Novelli
Torino, Italy

3 thoughts on “Italy… What Really Happened?

  1. Since Clara Vargas returned from Genoa where she testified to the Italian Parliament, and was verbally abused by Kevin Annett, I have come out strongly in opposition of him and making it clear that I was not to be associated with him. However, despite my telling him not to involve me in his business of continued to lie that I was. This man has no integrity, or honesty in him. His long-con game is coming to an end. He is grasping at straws now to try and salvage himself. I see that he will soon try to move overseas to try and bleed the Irish, and other Europeans of their money to support himself.


  2. Just to be precise: in Genoa the meeting with the Delegation was hosted by the Authorities of the “Province of Genoa”. i.e. the local Government that rules all the territory of Genoa, that includes Genoa itself and 67 other towns. In Rome, the Delegation was hosted by the “Chamber of the Deputies”, that is one of the two parts of the Italian Parliament (the other part is the Congress of the Senators). Some of the Deputies the Delegation met, especially deal with Human Rights.
    All the meetings with all the Authorities, Schools, Organizations etc. were made possible thanks to the mediation and hard work of some Italian Organization that – in many different ways – support Native American People.
    Sorry to be picky…..
    Nice day to everybody.
    Camilla N.


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