A Pack of Lies and Light and Love

A repetitive theme I come across on forum threads, FaceBook posts and various comment boxes is the concept of Light and Love!  I hear this a lot….. “I’m sending you light and love”… ok, the love part I get… the light part? Um… not so much….

All I keep coming back to is Lucifer…. I mean, he was the Angel of light right?  Lucifer actually means “Light bringer”… so are all these people wishing me Lucifer’s love?  I’m actually starting to wonder about this, for the simple reason that some of these people have spewed the most vile ugliness to a perfect stranger that I have witnessed human beings be capable of.  In fact, in the name of Light and Love, I have witnessed people be threatened with death, dismemberment, sodomy, terrorism, stalking,and have heard people gay-bash, utter racist slurs, and be sexist rotten pigs.

The utter-contempt shown for another human being, who may have simply expressed their opinion about world politics, Israel, a leader, or their love of Jesus makes me feel so utterly sad about the state of the world that I can’t sometimes stand it.  These are the people who have lotus flowers and Shiva as their Avatars… who preach Universal Consciousness, the teachings of guru’s and wise men, and spend their time tearing down another human being.  Truth is that some of the New Age Light Workers are no different than the ultra-right-wing Christian or Muslim extremists in this world and no utterance of “but I forgive you” or “go in peace” can erase some of the hurt these people can do.

Yes, there’s a lot in this world that’s broken when I have to listen to someone like Santos-Bonacci who calls himself a seeker of truth and love and touts himself as a  ‘teacher’ and practitioner of ‘Astrotheology’.  His Universal Truth School seeks to ‘enlighten’ individuals to the origins of the Bible and the basis of the worlds religions.  He hosts a radio show on American Freedom Radio and recently interviewed Kevin Annett as a guest.

I had expected to be named and labelled by Kevin, especially since our ’round-table’ discussion (on the frauds perpetrated by Kevin) on Global F.A.C.T. radio last Sunday.  What I didn’t expect was the disgraceful attack on Lawrence McCurry, Greg Renouf and myself by Kevin, Santos and another ‘host’ whose lightly veiled threats against us were encouraged and egged on by Kevin.  I am certain that we have hit a raw nerve with the evidence we have compiled regarding Kevin’s forgeries, lies about the bones sent to Smithsonian, his taking of donations via his father and common-law wife while claiming poverty, and his misrepresentation of First Nations people.

Santos received calls from Lawrence and Greg who tried to ask questions of Kevin but were immediately cut off and then attacked them.  No desire to see what all the fuss about… just a simple F-OFF!!!  So much for American Freedom….(sigh*).  Apparently there is no tolerance for freedom of speech and as Santos proved… If you don’t agree with Santos you don’t stay on the air.

What was worse was the overt drooling and cooing over Kevin… If there ever was such a thing as zealotry and idol-worship… this was it.

I leave you with the link to the show so you can hear the whole horrible thing for yourself and I leave you to judge the integrity of “THE MAN” himself.

Before you listen in, it is important to note two things.  Firstly, Kevin stated that Jan Longboat has been circulating the rumor that Kevin did not send the bones to the Smithsonian which is a blatent lie.  Until Kevin appeared on Global F.A.C.T Radio on Aug 26th, 2012, there was no mention of the bones being sent to Smithsonian. Greg Renouf and myself uncovered that evidence ourselves and to my knowledge Jan Longboat has never made a public statement about Kevin, let alone said anything about the Smithsonian Institution.

The biggest revelation that came from the interview (other than the fact that I’m an MKULTRA slave) was when Kevin revealed the name of the person he spoke to at Smithsonian Institution as being that of Dr. Don Ortner.  It should be noted that Dr. Ortner worked under the direction of Dr. Doug Owsley and is not a Forensic specialist.  Dr. Ortner specialized in anthropological analysis of bones and diseases of childhood.

As I have previously stated in my articles on this subject that contain the correspondence from Dr. Owsley and his colleagues, Dr. Owsley should be considered the final word on the non-receipt of bones for examination.  However, Kevin stated that he has e-mails (plural) from Dr. Ortner,(despite Kevin’s earlier claims that the person he spoke to gave the report over the phone) which if he were to furnish this to me (along with proof of shipment) and it proves to be authentic, I would gladly print it, a retraction and an apology.

How easy is that?

What do you say, Kevin… feel like being transparent yet with all that ‘Light and Love’?

click on the image below for the link…


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