Your Daily Carrot…

It has been an interesting ride to say the least, since first coming into contact with Kevin Annett back in July of this year.  Time, I find, gives you such an interesting perspective on what you thought you knew then to what you know now.  By this I mean that the articles that Kevin publishes, when you read the backdated ones from 6 months, one year, to two years ago sheds a giant spotlight on all that is wrong with the man.

First of all, as Ken Bear Chief and I like to say…Kevin is engaged in a long-con, probably the longest in history.  This is made evident when you go back and read some of Kevin’s older “Urgent Updates” and “Action Alerts” and “International Press Releases”.  The common theme?  To make promises of some historic action to occur some time in the future that you can’t have all the details about now because it’s so epic and awesome and because to do so might endanger the lives of the many people involved in the epicness…… Case in point is Kevin’s joke of a Tribunal.  Yesterday he released a video as a “teaser” of all the epic evidence he has awaiting those poor defendants who’ve refused to acknowledge Kevin’s existence.  This falls on the heels of the video the previous day where he showed clips from his previous work which really didn’t say anything new and which hardly constituted a format of presentation of evidence… If anything Kevin should have stuck with making documentary’s… this Chief prosecutor/secretary/litigant and judge thing isn’t sitting well with a lot of normal and moral people.  I wonder… does anyone else feel tired of all this by now? I mean, where’s the big payoff we’ve all been waiting for??? Didn’t happen in September… didn’t happen in October…. maybe it’ll happen in November!!

Like Jerry McGuire says….”Show Me The Money!”

Yes, Kevin… show us the money… I mean is there anything that you have come through on?  Or is the game to keep dangling a new carrot on front of peoples noses every week or so just so they don’t lose sight of you?

My case in point is, again, the issue with the bones….
A year ago, in an article on, Kevin made the following declaration:

Two weeks later (Oct 24, 2011), Kevin issues a “clarification” regarding the claims of digging mass graves:

I should make clear, too, that in their zeal to share what we are uncovering and support our efforts, some media outlets have overstated our findings and made reference to our opening mass graves of children. Let me state, clearly, that we have not excavated any such graves, although on the basis of much evidence we do believe that the grounds of the Mush Hole school constitute an enormous mass grave of children who died there.

Notice how Kevin suddenly blames the Mass Media for exaggerating Kevin’s claim, when it clearly was Kevin’s exaggeration.

What most people didn’t know was that Kevin had been kicked off Six Nations Land at this point:

Public Announcement – October 18, 2011
Six Nations Elected Council and the ITCCS

Recently statements have been made regarding Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) providing support to Kevin Annett and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

SNEC became aware after the fact that SNEC ground penetrating radar (GPR) was being used at the Woodland Cultural Centre (WCC). Six Nations Elected Council supports finding out the truth.
However, SNEC has not provided any documentation to the ITCCS, nor has SNEC confirmed any evidence or allegations made by Mr. Annett or the ITCCS in relation to the WCC.

SNEC is in a position where it must counteract misleading information sent out by others.

In 2009, the SN Environment Office did use the GPR unit on a site for a construction project. From a detailed analysis of the survey data, the main finding was that no anomalies resembling typical grave sites were found.

In the fall of 2011, the Environment Office conducted GPR surveys at four locations around the former residential school in Brantford where they were led to believe that this work was only for locating potential graves. When the Office was led to believe that the surveys would be used as evidence to support criminal charges related to the death of children, all work with the GPR ceased.
At no point was any information about the data was passed to ITCCS. If work was to continue, qualified and experienced forensic GPR specialists should be hired.

Chief Montour and the Council want to make it clear that they did not speak to federal government officials about mass graves at the Mohawk Institute. Claims that skeletal remains of children were found in 1982 and 2008 are false. Claims that “forensic examinations” were kept secret by Council are false. Furthermore, the federal government does not speak for SNEC nor have they provided
SNEC direction on this issue.

Again, SNEC supports the truth and, if GPR is to be used, proper protocol and procedures will be implemented.

Regardless Kevin proceeds with the con and issues the following on Nov 28th:

A test dig in a twenty square foot area on grounds adjoining the former Mohawk Institute have revealed a considerable number of bones, as well as buttons which have been confirmed to be part of the children’s school uniforms. Large deposits of coal were also found associated with these remains, all at a depth of barely two feet. Several of the bones have also been cut up, suggesting that the bodies may have been deliberately dismembered, while other bones were broken.

We declare the area on and near the former Mohawk Institute to be a crime site under our jurisdiction, and we will not allow representatives of the Crown or Church of England, or the government of Canada, access to these excavations because of their complicity in this crime.

These institutions have consistently refused to disclose the evidence they possess regarding the Mohawk Institute and the deaths of children under their legal care, and therefore, we are proceeding to charge these bodies with crimes against humanity in international courts of justice, based in part on the forensic evidence we have uncovered.

Despite Kevin being aware of the Six Nations Council decision to kick him off Mohawk land, Kevin released the above statement along with several video’s and interviews claiming that there were human bones dug up at the Mush-Hole in Brantford.  He states several times that these bones belonged to children who were murdered there. 

We now call upon our community and the world to rally behind our efforts to bring recognition to the remains of children buried on the Mohawk Institute grounds, and our work to excavate this site. Prior to any possible repatriation of these remains, and because these remains may include children from other indigenous nations, we look to those nations to participate with us in this work and welcome their input, and we urge them to begin their own excavations at local Indian residential schools.

We appeal to other nations to send archaeological and forensic specialists and international observers and peacekeepers to our territory to operate under our Mohawk jurisdiction, to assist with our inquiry and protect the burial sites until the remains can be accorded a proper burial according to our diverse traditions. Until these experts arrive to conduct a professional archeological excavation of these graves, we are temporarily suspending our excavations.

Are we to assume that the UN is being asked to intervene here?? It almost seems that way.  In any case no work will get done until the above conditions are met… which is going to be NEVER thanks to Kevin.

What’s worse (and typical behavior for Kevin) is that he labelled Chief William Montour (who Kevin once quoted favorably in an article about the upcoming dig) a government sponsored agent whose intent was to cover up genocide at the Residential school

In December, 2011,  Kevin dangles yet another carrot… but by this time, the bone which was definitively identified in October and November as being either part of a “humerus or tibia” of a small child is now an upper thigh bone of someone 4 or 5 years of age, and that the bone is just now being subjected to further tests.

The forensic specialists are nearly definite that it’s the upper thigh bone of a small child, maybe four or five years old. This month, their tests will confirm what I felt was true when I recently lifted it from the soil near the former Anglican Indian school in Brantford: that the first of Canada’s Disappeared – the missing and murdered residential school children – have begun to come home.

That’s quite the claim!  A dubious bone fragment does not mean the children have begun to come home…There’s another carrot for you….

In January of this year, Kevin announced that buttons were also discovered amongst numerous bones found at the Mush-Hole: (oh good….carrot buttons!)

These buttons were also found in association with a number of bones which have been analyzed by four separate archaeologists. Since there is no consensus among these four specialists whether the bones are definitely human or animal, the ITCCS has advised the authorizing Mohawk elders not to make any further public announcements about these bones until more evidence and physical remains at the site can be properly excavated and identified by experts.

Did you catch that?  How he slipped that in, right there so you’d barely notice?  NO CONSENSUS among four ‘specialists’…(Sorry, Kev but your common-law wife hardly qualifies as a specialist). Central carrot message here?  You should forget about those pesky bones and focus on the buttons.

Without re-hashing the Smithsonian’s statement about the bones, I wish to reiterate just how badly Kevin screwed things up. Not only did he destroy the credibility of his work, he initiated yet another campaign of slash & burn with Mohawk elders.  He now names Chief William Montour of Six Nations Confederacy as one of the defendants in his Kangaroo court accusing him and others of genocide.  How sad that the very people he claims to want to help he soon demonizes to the world…

Like I say.. Kevin’s all Honey at the beginning… Vinegar at the bitter end.

Now I ask you, as you receive your next carrot of hollow promises of justice, if the children are today any closer to coming home?

7 thoughts on “Your Daily Carrot…

  1. Heather:
    I am a Professor of Religion, Anthropology and Native American Studies at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and several years ago, I fell hook, line and sinker for Annett.
    I’ve been following with considerable interest the findings on Kevin Annett; like so many others, I was duped by the supposed ‘authenticity’ of his claims. They seemed too horrendous to be true; yet, there was the book and the video, and the campaigns, and the radio program at Pine Ridge.

    My story is probably like many others, but I have 2 questions:

    One: how was it that Russell Means was not cognizant of this evidence ? How was it that Annett was supposedly given an Indian name ? How was he allowed to broadcast at Pine Ridge ?

    I actually invited him to speak here, but fortunately that did not happen. You know why ? Because he and his accomplice (Wm Annett, supposedly his father) begged out by saying they had a more important trip to raise money in Europe. Well, next thing I knew, Wm Annett sent a message asking for money, stating he had been robbed in England and could I please wire $1,500.00 immediately.
    Not suspecting anything, I sent an email circular to some of my colleagues; and one person actually did send $1,000.00 !!!!
    Now that Annett has been exposed, I want justice: he robbed one of my best friends of $1,000.00 in this Spam. It was so evident a Spam that I later kicked myself for having credulously fallen for it.

    So, I want justice – how can we go about getting it ??



    1. Several things I’ll try to answer for you… Firstly I was not aware of the radio program at Pine Ridge, and Lydia White Calf might have better commentary on the wherefore’s about that. As well, the comment you make about being solicited for money likely co-incides with his trip with Lydia, but will defer to her as well to speak on this. Your comments prove that very intelligent and well spoken people can be ‘taken’… we can’t ever be fooled into thinking that Kevin’s influence is limited to a few idiots. As for your friend, I will message you privately to provide my contact information. We’ll do what we can to help.


    2. Go to my fb page and scroll down till you find postings where I list info to report Kevin/Bill Annett’s fraudulent scams soliciting donations for their nefarious activities. Those sites are to the Canadian Revenue Agency, the U.S. IRS, and the RCMP Fraud Division. I hope that this helps you.


  2. I was asked a question about the BIG LIE, and those who practice this technique; which KEVIN ANNETT has mastered, and probably studied while in college. Add to that the fact that he is a Marxist, and no doubt has studied facism also and therefore Adolph Hitler and how he rose to power…and probably came across this bit of intel…The Big Lie/The Big Con – This is how it works:
    “in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.” ….
    That said, I, Heather, and others are dealing with is someone; Kevin Annett, who is a supreme practitioner of Adolph Hitler’s principles, and is therefore a supreme manipulator of information, lies upon lies; which are a con artists game of words, innuendo, promises…that never come true, but the con artist manages to keep the carrot dangling for those who follow him or are his “believers”. – KEN BEAR CHIEF – WUS’NATHA.


  3. No reply, just sickness and nausea. By the way, not all ‘white academics’ are washichu nor a waste of time. There have been some darn good allies of native peoples’ struggles. Staunch allies that do not compromise, who’ve been instrumental as sentinels – the only role the ‘whites’ should, in my humble evaluation, should have. Annett fills the bill of a washichu (one who sucks the fat from people-if I remember correctly) to the very sound of the word.


  4. I want to give a huge amount of thanks to all of you on this wonderful source of information. I became aware of Kevin and his “court” when the speculation of why the Pope is retiring started. While not a catholic I have issues with misinformation and the ITCCS/Kevin set off some alarm bells. So I have been trying to actually do some fact checking on them to actually try to get to the bottom of this and it was by pure luck I came across your site. There is so little info that has not been manipulated by him it is is mind boggling. I am writing a piece on the ITCCS with the hopes to get the information out there about him. Like I said I want to thank you and hopefully will send more people your way. The sooner the wider public is aware of him and his actions the better. Since it makes it harder for any real action to be taken when it has been undermined by men like Annett with his slick lies and propaganda.


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