An UPDATE on SMITHSONIAN – Still No Bones!

Liar, Liar!

“Pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying are three of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.[1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2] pathological lying has been defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime”.[1]” –

A source, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted me this morning regarding the article I published: URGENT UPDATE! NO BONES SENT TO SMITHSONIAN.  The source stated:

The email Heather Martin received from Douglas Owsley….., who heads up the Physical Anthropology division within the Anthropology Department at the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), Smithsonian Institution, should be considered the final word that nobody at the NMNH received correspondence or remains from Annett.

This source informed me that they could “think of no other SI museum/department that would have received the remains and not ended up contacting one of the Physical Anthropology curators in NMNH given that the question asked is, ‘are they human’?”.

The source further explained that the transportation of bones out of the province, let alone out of the country, would require extensive paperwork and permits and that to do so without such paperwork is illegal.  The source of this information also wondered why the Ontario Coroners Office was not involved in such a find, as they would have been the best route to follow…ie. bones go to Coroner, then bones go to Smithsonian….. (I am also following up on that….)

Let’s look again at what did and did not happen:

None of the standard procedures for the excavation of human remains were followed.  From the moment Kevin’s shovels went into the frigid earth, egregious misconduct ensued.  It would have been so simple… With proper respect given to the Elders and to the spirits of the children who are believed to be buried at Brantford, this would have ended much differently.  Kevin would have opened the door to more digs and more bones being discovered… It would have blown the lid off the cover-up.  Just as Kevin promised.  Instead, Kevin botched the whole affair, lied about the bones, waived them in the air at Occupy Toronto stating emphatically “these are the bones of dead children”…..He disrespected the Elders (and the dead children) and they rightly kicked him out.

He didn’t only say this once… in fact, he made several YouTube videos showing various different bones each time claiming that they were from children 2 to 6 years old and that one was a ‘knee socket’.  Again, Kevin showed how little he knows about anything scientific, despite trying to sound like an expert in such things as bones (not unlike stating that the government was trying to kill First Nations people with the Tamiflu vaccine – please see my article on this).  So, he invokes Greg Olson and Kris Nargang to back him up… stating first that it was Kris who gave the expert opinion… then later Greg… The problem is that Greg is a ‘fire marshall’ one time and an archaeologist another…. But, archaeologists know human anatomy and are trained in handling the chain of custody of evidence.  They know that preservation of the integrity of the ‘crime-scene’ and preventing the contamination of the bones would have been of utmost importance.  Keeping the bones safe until they could be properly examined and DNA tested by someone who could WITHOUT A DOUBT state these were the bones of children should have been Kevin’s priority.  Establishing airtight proof should have been Kevin’s priority because 50,000 dead children should have been Kevin’s priority.  But the truth is that Kevin could care less about whether he found human bones or not… You know why?  Because he doesn’t have to be accountable to the families of the dead children.  He doesn’t have to answer for his lies and irresponsibility.  All he cares about is if people believe the latest lies he tells us today… All of the lies that came before are irrelevant in his mind because he can just tell another whopper and label us as ‘smear artists’ and ‘black operatives’.

And I fully expect, after reading this, that he will jump to label people like Dr. Owsley as ‘state-paid agents of corrupt institutions’… what makes me sad is that PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT!!!  Because to Kevin, everyone who tries to expose his lies is an enemy and Kevin is VERY good at painting HIMSELF as the victim.

It’s the worst long-con of the century because after a year of his B.S. there is still no justice for the children likely buried on Residential School grounds. And, because Kevin has ruined his relationship with Mohawk Elders he will never do a dig at a Residential School inside Canada again.  Hmmmm, could that have been his motive all along????

I present to you here the evidence that Kevin simply made up the Smithsonian thing because it sounded fancy and he thought it would throw the hounds off his tracks….At the very least it bought him some time to cash in on some more donations for his fancy trip to Europe.

At the time, I thought that Kevin threw out the name ‘Smithsonian’ thinking that people like Tony Buotros, Greg Renouf and myself would be scared off by his ‘awesomeness’… that somehow people would be impressed.  Now I fear that people will lose sight of what he tried to convince people of and why he tried to convince them.  I fear that people don’t really care that he’s a fraud and a liar and that he did what he accuses those ‘pedophile priest’s’ of doing.  I pray that I’m wrong.

BTW….Doctor Owsley further confirmed today that he had indeed made a spelling mistake stating in his previous correspondence to me stating:

“Dear Heather, I typed the name wrong in my email.  We have not been in contact with or done any work for Mr. Annett.

-Sincerely, Doug Owsley”

“Don’t Believe His Lies…”

5 thoughts on “An UPDATE on SMITHSONIAN – Still No Bones!

  1. This is great work Heather, and true investigative journalism at its best. You have done well in further exposing the lies that Kevin Annett tells. Hopefully this will reach the people he is conning out of money for his world travels, his book tours, and put an end to this ridiculous kangaroo court, the ICCTS. Freedom Central…what a joke! I wonder what it is and what “freedom” he is referring to? The freedom to continue his campaign to further defraud europeans? I so detest Kevin Annett, that I cannot bear to look at his smug, self-satisfied, arrogant face anymore.


  2. This person, annett, has done a great wrong. It is no wonder, he is from a tribe, that have long forgotten the one thing all our tribal elders have passed down, since our time began, Respect. He has put a great tapu on himself, and all those who have seen and touched these bones. Respect must be given to the remains, and the site from where they were found, through karakia. Once that is done, and only then, can the remains be removed with the guidance tribal elders. kevin annett, must seek a cleansing, to remove the tapu. If his heart becomes pure, he and those who stand beside him, may become whole again.


  3. Since the first article I read that you have written Heather, I have spent hours combing through internet files for information on Kevin. Most of the websites that repost his press releases have also said they were simply posting them, they had no opinion for or against. I believe this is negligent on the part of the sites’ owners. They claim to be all for free speech but I think they should also realize that they are perpetuating Kevin’s fraud. I’m with Ken Bear Chief, I can hardly look at his smug face, yet I feel the need to follow what this man does. He is now in Europe ‘helping’ once again victims of crimes. This will only hurt the cause of the people who have been wronged. He is now promising some kind of action on August 2nd, but also in September 20-22 for a roll out of his European campaign. You have put so much work into this website and have helped me to know things to look for in trying to find the truth. I hope you can carry on with this great work.


    1. Thank you for those kind words of support. I am struggling with how to end the toxicity that Kevin has brought into my life and have been praying for some guidance on the issue. The answer came in that there always is some suffering in pursuit of the truth. My home life has suffered to a degree, my health and mental state have suffered as well. It’s discouraging at times to know he still presses on…seeking fresh meat in whatever cause De jour happens to be hitting the news feeds on Facebook…. He’s also creating alliances with someone in South Africa.. So that tells you that no corner of the globe is untouchable. It’s clear to me that the authorities are being told to leave this man alone while he serves a useful purpose in stirring up anarchy in this Country and abroad. The powers that be would see bloodshed and terrorist attacks before they give him an unfortunate accident…just to wipe away any trace of their handiwork. That’s the deal you make when you shake hands with the devil…and he has indeed… You can see it in his smug smile…like he knows a secret.


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