My very first cyber stalker…

The truth is that people will believe whatever propaganda they want to believe… what’s lacking in today’s society is the guts to go against popular opinion even when it means being called a bastard… or worse… a ‘black operative’ or ‘paid agent of the state’! I’ve only got this to say….’WHERE’S YOUR BRAIN?”

Today I had the pleasure of receiving not one but several comments to various articles on my blog… I was pleased to see that Patty Jean Brey (who used the Houston Area Library network) has affirmed that I hit a nerve with another Kevin supporter if not Kevin himself.

The crowning glory was to be called a paid agent, sympathizer of the Queen, liar, coward, etc… Not because I take any comfort in being called any of those things, but because I know I have finally gotten the kind of coverage (with 136 views today alone) that has put my viewership over 3500 hits in less than three months.

What does that say?  People are reading, more comments are coming in and even some bad ones… The point is that people are starting to dialogue about what Kevin is doing.  And as Russ Leitica said on Kevin’s show on Saturday… One day the truth will come out and then people will know if they chose the right side to defend.

Patty-Jean asserts:

“you are only trying to discredit a person who has been the most effective at disseminating the truth. No one much reads a musty old book in a dusty library that is 60 years old. People pay attn. to Kevin Annett because his story is riveting and it is on the internet. He is doing a great job!”

I would argue that perhaps Patty-Jean… you should perhaps pick up some of those old musty books while you are in the library, instead of writing me your ridiculous comments…. you might just get an education and (gasp!) start thinking for yourself.

10 thoughts on “My very first cyber stalker…

  1. keep it up, I’m not surprised either, seems oct 15th was a nice anniversary to run a coordinated attack at reclassified targets. The worse these attacks make you feel, the more you know that you’ve gotten underneath these lizard people’s skin. Seems we had a quiet summer and now it’s time for the new world order to take a new push, but I see here and other places a number of people who are pushing back and more than just pulling their own weight. What we lack for in numbers we make up for in facts and logical arguments.

    Careful with these people they will take every last weakness they can find and pry it wide open.


    1. First of all I don’t feel bad in the least… Sticks and stones and all that… Most importantly… October 15th was Global Handwashing Day! As for weaknesses go… I am as fallible as the next person and when I find out I am wrong I promptly admit it… That,s the difference between Kevin and me… I know they might run with the ‘she’s Jim Craven’ or other bunk, But Kevin knows who I am because me and my girly voice were on Global FACT radio.. So that one won’t go far… Let the dupes dig… There’s nothing to find.


  2. Well done Heather and yes you’re right. If they started the attacks on you it’s because you are a threat to them now which means you’re doing a good job educating people about what Kevin Annett truly is. Note I said what and not who. He hasn’t earned the status of who yet. Actually I invite you and anyone else to read the dialogue I’ve been having with Annett and his weak-minded followers in the comments section of his video at:


  3. I am glad to see the readership grow too. It heartens me to see you and other’s standing firm against the likes of Kevin Annett and all his dirty dealings no matter what they try and throw at you. When I watched Kevin wave those bones around at the Toronto G.A. I was appalled and deeply saddened for the first nations people. Enough was enough already and then they had Kevin the parasitical sensationalist using them to further his own aims. It was disgusting. I’m glad Greg Renouf asked the questions he did that day. He mirrored my own thoughts as to who was this person desecrating the possible bones of little children. Keep up the good work Heather. Cyber stalkers come with the territory.


    1. Thank you! Yes, please Follow and share! I agree that the Occupy thing should have been an embarassment… Kevin had two bones (one in each hand) and used the plural “bones” and not bone when he said in the video… “These are the bones of dead children”…. In Saturday’s radio show he contradicts himself and says one bone…. and then goes on to dismiss the fact that anyone even cares about the contradiction….like we were annoying gnats,


  4. Given Kevin Annett’s penchant for hyperbole, we all have to point out every discrepency, every lie he utters because there are Europeans, and others here in the U.S. and Canada who listen to him, and believe him. He is a grand manipulator, and he uses people people with good intentions and then casts them aside when they are not of use to him. Yes, he garners supporters, and courts them relentlessly because he needs them. Not only to keep his “movement” going, but because it satisfies his ego to have people who “believe in him, and listen to what he says”. And that is why we have to stop him from continuing to missuse well-intentioned people who believe in the causes of teh First Nations people.


    1. Exactly! Excellent point ….hit’s the nail on the head! This is not an issue for ‘white people’ as Kevins supporters have said. It is a non-issue if we allow First Nations people to have autonomy… They will ultimately decide what is in their best interests. But as always, no white man is willing to clear the way for them and there are plenty of Kevin Annetts in the world who want to have the glory for themselves. It’s so sad that the pattern of abuse circles around again… just under the guise of ‘bringing the dead children home’.


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