An Open Letter to the “Aboriginal Peoples” Television Network by Kevin Annett

Aside from the blatant lies posted in this ‘open letter’, APTN produced a professional investigative report…. too bad the reply from Kevin is tantamount to ‘yeah?…..and you’re ugly!”.
Please see my comments in red….(angry red that is!)

An Open Letter to the “Aboriginal Peoples” Television Network

from Kevin D. Annett

October 15, 2012

Dear APTN, and assorted minions,

I was going to write to your lawyers about all this, but you know how humorless those guys tend to be. And this involves what’s ultimately a laughing matter, despite the seriousness of the garbage you’ve been up to. (Actually, you have to resort to yet another diatribe as no lawyer would be interested in entertainig a false claim of libel).

This week, as part of a grossly misrepresentative smear piece you’ve been running on me, you’ve been broadcasting my image on your network after I expressly denied you permission to do so. Somewhere, I read, that’s against the law. (You are a public figure, you gave up your right to privacy a long time ago…)

You’ve also publicly lied about the work I’ve been doing at the Brantford Indian residential school in our search for the mass graves of the children who died there. 

Let me say, first off, that I’ve tried unsuccessfully for several years to interest your station in our campaign to open these graves and bring the murdered children home for a proper burial. (Prove it!)Ever since the farcical “apology” for genocide issued in June 2008 by your paymaster (again… prove it), the Prime Minister of Canada, you’ve ignored the whole issue, including the list of 28 mass graves near former Indian residential schools that I sent to your head office in April, 2010.

Even last year, when ten Mohawk elders gave me written authorization to commence surveys and digs at the Brantford “Mush hole” residential school, and when we actually uncovered evidence of buried children (no proof of that) there, APTN refused to broadcast this historic news.

So it’s quite odd, and humorous, (only to you and YOUR minions) that APTN is now trumpeting itself as providing the “real story” about the missing residential school children in Canada. Exactly how you’d know anything about the issue is beyond me, considering how steadfastly you’ve shunned it.

But the heat is on you now, obviously, with the guilty government and churches’ need for a new big spin on the matter of mass murder of Indian children. Or is it coincidental that you guys are suddenly interested in missing Indian kids, now that the whitewash those killers call “canada’s truth and reconciliation commission” is about to issue its final report? A report, incidentally, that’s a $68 million version of the Warren Commission Report, except that it does the Americans one better: there wasn’t even a lone gunman responsible for the crime up here,  apparently, since nobody was responsible for the deaths of those 50,000 Indian kids, considering that nobody is standing trial for the death of even one child – especially not the churches responsible.

So I understand. But in your zeal to suddenly look credible on the issue and help discredit me and the only independent inquiry into the mass graves, your bits of journalistic integrity have vanished quicker than death records into a church shredding machine. Because you’re openly lying about me, on the public airwaves. (How many times can you be a victim, Kevin?)

One of your recent inflammatory pieces, for instance, claimed that our survey team at the Brantford Mush hole school relied only on “psychics” to identify the spot where childen were buried. 

I guess you guys don’t watch youtube. In early October, 2011, images of our scanning the grounds of the school with a Ground Penetrating Radar machine were posted all over the internet. I can send you the link, again, if you like. (Yes, please do)

You also claim that our digging up a small two foot deep, five foot square patch of earth near the school has “irretrievably damaged the site”, which is an odd thing to say, considering that the site encompassses more than three hundred acres.

What you convientally don’t mention on the air is the significance of the evidence we dug up at the Mush Hole: namely, buttons from children’s uniforms at the school, (What?  Children lost buttons?… on a school yard??? How horrid!) entangled in tree roots. Eyewitnesses say that when kids were buried on the grounds, trees were always planted on top of the remains.

Newsworthy? Apparently not to APTN. What you do consider important is to spread lots of gossip, innuendo and unsubstantiated nastiness (you would be an expert in that, wouldn’t you, Kevin?) about me personally, and pass that off as objective coverage of murdered children.

Which brings us to those bones we uncovered. (Yes, let’s get to the bones)

What you claim is that I, a white guy, went it like a gangbuster at the Mush Hole and dug up some animal bones and then passed them off as human, and thereby so angered the Mohawk elders they asked me to leave. That’s also what the government and church spin doctors are saying about me, but I guess that’s another coincidence, eh?

What actually happened is that with full permission, I conducted two small digs in the presence of authorizing Mohawk elders and uncovered many bones close to and mixed with the school uniform buttons I mentioned. That same week, an archeaologist named Kris Nahrgang and an Ontario fire marshal called Greg Olson sat with me and the Mohawk elders and studied the bones we unearthed. After a half hour of examining one small bone, Olson said, with Nahrgang agreeing,

“I’m 90 pecent cetain this is human, probably a small child’s knee socket. But we’ll need a forensic examination to be sure.” (There is no such thing as a knee socket… Anthropology students take anatomy and physiology, you know…A LOT of it!… also, you stated these were 100% guaranteed childrens bones…. which is it).

On the basis of his remark, I subsequently showed that bone (You stated that you sent all the bones – there were four in the video – to the Smithsonian) on a youtube broadcast and a Toronto TV program, and repeated Olson’s words: that it was “probably human”, but we weren’t sure yet.

The bones were then sent off to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington for analysis. Their chief forensic specialist took three weeks to examine them and then told me on the phone,

“They could be human but I think they’re animal. I’ll need more samples to be sure.”

Frankly, his ambiguous comments seemed strange to me, and I believe he was influenced to say what he did and to be vague. It wouldn’t be the first time a government scientist has responded thus when faced with the remains of possibly murdered Indian kids. (Now you use the word “possibly”????)

Meanwhile, back in Brantford, a woman name Jan Longboat, who admitted she receives government money (So what?), had been smearing me in the comunity from top to bottom and paying a man named Frank Miller to join the “Trash Kevin Annett” campaign. (You befriended these people, used them, libeled them then discarded them like trash)The two of them created enough confusion to put any further digs on hold – and again, I guess coincidentally eh? – Miller is the first and primary Mohawk that APTN went to for “the real story” about Kevin Annett and the Mush hole dig.

Of course, I’m not the issue at all:(yes you are… you and your destructive activities) all those dead Mokawk children are, as is those who put them under the ground – namely, the Anglican Church of Canada and the feds.(Well since you botched the dig… waved supposed dead childrens bones at Occupy and trampled your relationship with Mohawk Nation… you have, in effect sullied YOUR OWN reputation…. GOOD JOB!) And Anglican Bishop Bob Bennett in London, Ontario has been sitting on hard evidence – including an 1870 Crown document outlining a plan to wipe out the Mohawks(how do YOU know that, Kevin?) – that reveals that the church knew about the deaths at the Mush Hole and did nothing. 

Funny that none of that made it into your programs, especially since, once again, I shared all of that information with you as I learned it from former Anglican researcher Leona Moses, who asked me to make it public. You are still getting my updates, aren’t you?

I know the pressure you guys are under. Last January, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Cantebury, told top Canadian Anglican Fred Hiltz that not one church record about the Brantford school is to be made public. (Proof please?… or maybe you’re a paid operative…hmmmm) Back in law school, they called that obstructing justice. But I guess he can do that sort of thing, being an Archbishop.

The Archbishop didn’t call you guys too, did he?

Well, don’t worry. All of this stuff is being documented (How many years have we heard this?) and will be broadcast soon all over the world, through the online common law court (pfffttt… online court?) I am involved in that is publishing hundreds of exhibits (when?) detailing the crime and coverup of genocide in Canada … something else you’ve never mentioned over your airwaves.

So get the story straight, guys, and stop lying about me and what’s going on. But of course, engaging in such journalistic integrity, so unusual in Canada, will cost you your jobs, your reputations, and perhaps a lot more. That’s the price of truth. (Something you wouldn’t know if it smacked you in the head).


Kevin D. Annett

ps:  I’ve attached pictures showing that at the Brantford site, not only were we employing a GPR machine and technician – that’s Clynt employed by the Six Nations Tribal Council on the left, teaching ITCCS worker Lori O’Rorke how to run it – but your informant Frank Miller is filming everything, on the right. So how can he now claim we were only using a psychic? (So you don’t deny using a psychic?)

I give you the following e-mail from Kevin Annett dated Nov 20, 2011……  When you tell the truth, you don’t have to have a good memory…. And Kevin, you’ve got a REALLY Bad Memory!

Bone Fragment unearthed at former Anglican Indian school in Brantford, Ontario

by Kevin D. Annett

The tiny bone weighs hardly anything, and yet it is the weightiest evidence in Canadian history.

The forensic specialists are nearly definite that it’s the upper thigh bone of a small child, maybe four or five years old. This month, their tests will confirm what I felt was true when I recently lifted it from the soil near the former Anglican Indian school in Brantford: that the first of Canada’s Disappeared – the missing and murdered residential school children – have begun to come home.

Canada and its churches tried for decades to bury and forget the bone, and the other remains of the 50,000 and more children who died in their residential “schools”. And when these innocents’ deaths could no longer be denied, the same guilty parties distracted us from their foul deed with “reconciliation” babble and a whitewashing “truth and reconciliation commission” that has not once turned over the soil at a residential school grave.

That’s all about to change, in a way that most of us have yet to realize.

For one thing, once this bone, or others, are positively identified as human, the entire Indian residential schools issue becomes no longer a matter of public platitudes about “healing”, but of a massive crime scene. Every possible church record and grave site connected to a residential school will have to be opened and examined by competent specialists – and that does not and cannot mean the RCMP, police or any agent of the Crown or church, who are, after all, complicit in the crime.

The opening of these graves, in other words, will require and compel us to reinvent Canada, transforming it from an agent of the Crown and its church partners to a sovereign Republic with the power to prosecute historic agents of genocide, such as, in the Brantford case, the Church of England and its head, Elizabeth Windsor.

Most mainstream Canadians want such a change to a Republic, anyway: 58% of them, in the latest national poll. And what better issue to ignite such sovereignty than the need to bring comfort and justice to innocent children who died at our hands?

Some of the good people in southern Ontario have already taken such a step by forming something called Not in Our Name!(Non!): a community network that wants to rally support for the excavations at the local residential school authorized by Mohawk elders recently, that I have helped to organize. But Non! is more than that. To quote one of its statements,

We are sickened and outraged by the acts of the Anglican, Catholic and United churches … For generations, our ancestors have been lied to and fooled by these churches and the crown to fund the slaughter of native people, our friends and neighbors. They have killed children in our name and continue to profit from their crime by not paying taxes and having we, the taxpayers, foot their legal bills! … The churches must instead account for their crimes not with words, or money, but by giving up their right to operate as protected corporations above the law … We must take back our churches and our culture by returning the land and wealth they stole from the original people, and disestablishing their right to operate as anything larger than individual congregations. Perhaps that will allow moral as well as material reparations to murdered children …

Non! could spell the death knell of the church corporations that have evaded justice for so long, simply because it’s a movement emerging from within the churches themselves. One of the Non! organizers is a retired clergyman who actually left the church over its cover up of the residential schools massacre: a man who, like me, was pilloried and persecuted for his stand, but, unlike me, has chosen to stay silent about what happened to him. Until now.

Our excavations at the Anglican Indian school in Brantford are waiting for the new year, and more research, to resume, but already, three other indigenous nations have asked me to come and help them begin similar digs at their local Indian residential school mass graves.

Meanwhile, Non! is spreading as well, and setting up similar groups across the country. “White” Canadians, it seems, are switching their allegiance, and laying the basis for a sovereign nation capable of facing its past crimes and present possibilities. It all seems to echo the words of a Mohawk elder whom I’ve come to befriend and respect, Bill Squire, who said to me last week,

Once we bring home our murdered children we’ve acted as a real nation, saying, this is our crime site. And then we’re going to put Canada on trial.

Bill Squire will get his chance this spring, when a European Union parliamentary committee will hear and see the forensic proof of the dead children at the Brantford school – and much more. Canada could then face sanctions, and an international war crimes tribunal. And it will all be thanks to a small bone fragment, and many more like it, that you and I and many others will bring to light, by saying our Non!, loudly and clearly, and through action.

Welcome to the Republic of Kanata.

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Kevin Annett interviewed on ThatChannel about human remains at Brantford Residential School 2
Posted on November 29, 2011 by itccs

17 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the “Aboriginal Peoples” Television Network by Kevin Annett

  1. Heather Martin I believe YOU are a paid operative. You never got involved in any of this until over 20 years AFTER Kevin Annett started researching these crimes and arrived lately to try to discredit him only. What HAVE YOU DONE TO SERVE JUSTICE????I think you and that “professor craven ” are a farce. Everyone knows professors are gov’t paid employees and if the gov’t decides they toe the line then they toe the line. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that Universities are highly political institutions and they don’t want anything exposed that contradicts the gov’t official version of the truth-the party line.


    1. Wow, the ‘paid operative’ argument never gets old does it??? Kevin Annett discredits himself… I am merely the writer that is bringing it to the realm of common sense….. What I do to serve Justice is to speak for the dead children and demand that Kevin stop telling lies, stop waving their bones around at Occupy movements and stop benefiting off their deaths…. BTW, he is not the only person to expose these crimes… only the first person to set up a Kangaroo court to oust the Pope, Queen, Harper, et al…. Too bad he has to use ‘dead children’ to do it…


  2. Personally I don’t care what Kevin Annett does in his personal life. To date he is the only one who has exposed this without getting a big fee, being a salaried paralegal paid to work with survivors; he is the only one who has paid a huge personal cost to expose this and to me this gives him the most credibility of anyone. Would that paralegal Ken Bear Chief be willing to do this without being paid $60,000 a year? I doubt it.


    1. Wouldn’t it surprise you to know how much money people donate to him…. how much have you given him..??? Pretty good for an unemployed person who pays no taxes to afford several trips to Europe and the U.S. per year…. Hey maybe I should become a con artist… seems the pay is pretty good!


  3. everything ken bear chief did he was paid for. everything professor craven does he is paid very well for. the only one who paid with his job for exposing this is Kevin Annett which gives him the most credibility of all. Kevin Annett is not getting a gov’t pension for doing what he does nor is he getting paid $60,000 or more as a salaried paralegal of professor. He relies on donations. So WHAT? The man’s gotta eat!


  4. I hope no one listens to this ridiculous website. I hope they read my comments exposing how ridiculous it is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Craven and Ken Bear Chief were paid for attacking Kevin Annett as it appears everything else that they do is PAID!


  5. Interesting that yet another woman has come to Kevin’s rescue… If you’ve given money to him because he whines he is broke… you can get in a long line of female financial supporters who he has taken advantage of… but know this… someday he will slander you too and call you a ‘paid agent’ and you will know the sting of hearing “I told you so” resound in your head….


  6. Thank you for reading this… I’m more impressed that you watched the APTN investigative report… far more educational… and truthful! Keep your eyes on the prize young man… there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will shatter the darkness this man has brought into everyones lives…


  7. Kevin A. is bringing attention to the horrific treatment of Native Peoples (children) at the hands of religious institutions. For Native people to discredit this individual based on statistical information either skewed or misinterpreted is a profoundly sad indication of how broken our societies are. His approach may be questioned but his intention is a worthwhile one. Do Native Peoples suddenly trust church officials and the federal government? Between the two, I would rather believe in Kevin. He is much less harmful than the corrupt and clandestine criminals responsible for even one death of an innocent child.


    1. Please ask a Native person these questions. Particularly those who have worked with him who now are wishing they hadn’t. And do not fall for the illusion that without Kevin there would be no awareness of these issues, you diminish the work of native activists and academics who lived the abuse or it’s inter generational effects.


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