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APTN Investigates the issue of unmarked graves and the claims by Kevin Annett regarding the so-called ‘50,000’ dead children who once attended Residential Schools across Canada.  This report examines Kevin Annetts activities surrounding the excavation at Brantford, Ontario and whether or not the bones found there are that of children.

5 thoughts on “APTN Investigates – UNMARKED GRAVES

  1. i would like to say a couple of things about the missing and dead children who dissappeared at the Residential Schools in Canada. I also believe that many of the missing children, were like the missing children of the Indian Mission and BIA Boarding Schools in the USA, and that many died of disease, starvation, maltreatment, loneliness, and a lack of proper medical care. TB, Small Pox – which was the ‘biological means of extermination, intentionally inflicted by the U.S. government and others who committed acts like the giving of blankets infected with the germs of that disease” were also the diseases suffered by the children at the boarding schools where as many as 50% died. Almost all the families of the children who died were never informed of the death of their child(ren), and were never told where or even if they were properly buried. And, there were also murdered Native American children who died at the hands of those who were entrusted to care, feed, clothe, and educate Native American children, but who instead raped, beat, starved, and tortured them to death. These abuses by the clergy, known as Jesuits, Catholics, Protestants, Oblates, Capuchins, and others such as the Ursulines, and Dominicans were all guilty of those crimes against humanity and the murders of innocent Native American children. Even into the 1970s there are accounts of missing children who never returned home to their famililes, or died in mysterious circumstances, or who committed suicide to escape the horrors of child rape, emotional abuse, and physical abuse that was typical in all of the boarding schools where Native American Children were sent. Do I believe that all of the 50% of the Native American children who died were victims of murder and buries in secret by the clergy who ran the Indian Boarding Schools…? The answer is no, I do not. However, Kevin Annett is out there shouting to world that this is what is true in Canada and that 50,000 children were murdered there and are buried in mass or secreted graves all around the Residential Schools in Canada….are his claims even believable? Again the answer is no. I think we can all agree that there was murder of children committed in Canada and the United States for aboriginal children…and there are many, many, unmarked graves of those victims buried around the grounds of all of the Residential Schools in Canada, and the Indian Mission Boarding Schools in the United States. There are many, many testimonies of the child murders committed in both countries, and I am happy that those brave witnesses have come forward to tell what they witnessed, otherwise the churches who ran those institutions would continue to deny their crimes. I want you to know, that I do not support Kevin Annett because he has taken the testimonies of the survivors of the Residential Schools and he has used them, and the efforts of countless people who worked to expose the genocide and physical, mental, and sexual abuse of the First Nations and has used them for his own gain, and to satisfy his own ego. I believe that Kevin Annett was already a mentally damaged individual when he resigned from the church and order he served in Canada, and that although he is extermely bright, well-written, and eloquent speaker that he suffers from some emotional and mental disorder that distorts the truth and allows him to say and do anything to accomplish his demented goals; which are not for the benifit of the First Nation, but are solely for himself financially, and to satisfy his need for adoration and attention. I simply ask you to look into the face of the man pictured herein, and you will see what I have seen, his is borderline insane. Do not believe what he tells you. please look around and you will see that he lies, he inflates his importance, and is not who he tells you he is. Please do not be taken for a ride by this guy, he will abuse your trust, your support, and eventually he will turn on you like he has done so many others. The man is paranoid, and although he will shake your hand, you had better be sure he is not stealing from you in ways may not seem important now, but will become evident to you later and are damaging to your character, finances, and credibility.


  2. Kevin Annett has not “walked in my moccasins”. I am a former student and survivor of th IRS system. How can he even comment or write about what the former student / survivor experienced in those institutions? My whole life has been affected by the disruption of the Indian Residential School and the people who decided, for my parents, that this was the best for me. Many of us struggle to live with the losses and to live a normal life. The power within me is a Gift from The Creator to continue to guide “that lost child” through to the present day.


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