Letter to Vic Toews Re: Kevin Annett

Oct 12, 2012

Dear Mr. Toews,

I am writing to follow up on correspondence I received from the Attorney General of Canada regarding an individual, Kevin Annett of Nanaimo, British Columbia.  In my initial letter to the AG, I had expressed concerns that this individual is guilty of committing libel and slander against individuals involved in the Truth & Reconcilliation Commission, the Tribunal held in Vancouver in 1998 and is actively stirring up anti-government and anti-church sentiments under the guise of a ‘citizens tribunal’.  Kevin Annett has issued summonses to many individuals including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Ratzinger, leveling accusations of crimes against humanity for the abuses committed in the Residential School system from the late 1800’s to the closure of the last Residential School.

Kevin repeats claims that he has excavated the bones of children found at the ‘Mush-Hole’, but has disrespected the Mohawk Elders and created division within the community in Brantford.  He has labelled the victims of the Residential Schools who were once supporters of him as ‘black operatives’ and ‘paid agents of the state’.  These people have dedicated their lives to help others and have had their reputations slandered in their communities and on the world wide web.

Furthermore, Kevin claims to have no income, yet has sufficient funds to fly to New York, Holland, Italy and England for his yearly crusade to stir up anti-Catholic Church and Anti-colonial sentiments.  These donations he receives via his website hiddenfromhistory.org which has a PayPal ‘donate’ button associated with it.  These donations are registered to his father William Annett who resides in Daytona Beach, Florida.  He frequently flaunts the fact that he pays no Income Tax.

The question of this man`s criminal behavior really boils down to the libel and slander claims circulated by people who have forged and then broken relationships with this man and the amount of money he has solicited for his crusade against those trying to heal the wounds of the victims as well his efforts at stirring unrest within an already fractured First Nations people.

I am not sure what more any of us who retain insight into Kevin Annett`s behavior can do to try to stop him.  His reach is well outside the borders of our country and he has the sympathy and support of high profile politicians in other countries, such as the case with George Galloway of the EU Parliament.

In closing, I understand that freedom of speech is a fundamental freedom guaranteed by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but ask that you consider that Mr. Annett`s activities infringe on the Rights and Freedoms of others.  While he sees this crusade as an end to the evil, as he calls it, he callously disregards the impact of his actions on real people, many of them already traumatized by the abuses which occurred many years ago.

I appreciate any help and insight you can give into this matter and ask that you or someone equally qualified can look into this matter. Please see some examples of personal testimonials at my blog: http://stopkevinannett.wordpress.com/testimonials/

Heather Martin
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

cc. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Canada – Stephen Harper

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