Lifting the Veil on Kevin

A well known blogger among truth seeking folks on FaceBook and elsewhere (Cari-Lee of Lifting the Veil with Cari Lee) has recently published her experience with Kevin Annett.  It reads like a broken record of sorts when it comes to the women in Kevin’s life…. They fall for the man and his quest, seeing honor in his facade and feeling duty-bound as activists to get in there and help.  But the manuscript reads like a high school drama : Boy gets girl to help and send money, boy convinces girl to get on a plane and come to where the action is, boy leaves girl stranded at the airport and blames girl for being too clingy, boy dumps girl and starts rumors with her friends telling them she’s a slut.  You get the gist…. and now that he’s starting to pee on some very influential legs in government, law and religion it’s time that everyone, come forward and speak out about Kevin.  Here’s what Cari-Lee has to say on her blog:

​Tuesday September 4th, 2012

​This year has been a year of consistent changes and never ending wonders of what is to come next.  My family and I feel as if we cannot be stretched any further than we have been and yet be so very blessed at the same time.   Today’s blog might come as a surprise to some, a disappointment to others, and a confirmation to a few if not more.

Last year, after years of searching out the truth about how North America was founded, more so Canada, and the plight of our Indigenous,

I met Kevin Annett.  I was highly impressed by his work within the Indigenous First Nations communities and wanted to help in any way I could to help make more Canadians and the world aware of just how it is North America truly came to be.  I really wanted for the white people to remember that they too were tribal. We MUST remember this vital key.  We’ve been brainwashed into believing we’re set apart from our brothers and sisters here in North America, whose land we are squatting upon because our governments claimed it under a number of unsavory ways, the worst of all being the cultural genocide. I must admit, Kevin is charismatic and his story is heart wrenching and compelling, and when mixed with the stories of horror, rape, abuse and murder of the First Nations there isn’t a dry eye in the room.  Those who do not know what I am speaking about, please look into:

Hidden from History:  The Canadian Holocaust:
Sitting with Kevin over the course of a weekend, he and my husband and I became fast friends, feeling as if we were long lost family. That’s when the first red light went off though; Kevin told me that he had the sense that in a past life I was a high-priestess of sorts and that I was here to complete my work that I had begun many moons ago on the Scottish Highlands….hmmmmm….and yet he’s a reverend in Christ still….may seem trivial to some, but for me, it’s just too inconsistent, to just be whatever the individual you are in front of might like you to be.  To just say what you think others want you to hear.  To be a chameleon I am learning is the worst trait one can have.  For in being a chameleon are you ever truly yourself and would you recognize yourself if you were? What was I in a past life?  I have no clue what I believe in this instance but I do not feel like I am here to do anything other than what it is I should do here and now.
The next time I met Kevin he stayed in our home for a night or two then we took him to Kanata Village in Brantford, ON, the same place we initially met. This time was much different than the first time I had been at Kanata.  The first time I was there, you could feel and see the solidarity in which the First nation Mohawk people stood with Kevin.  This next time was hardly so.  The women were very unhappy with Kevin for waving the bones that were found on the Mohawk Institute site, around in an interview in Toronto.  I was invited to sit in on a Clan Mother’s meeting that night.  Kevin was not present until he was invited into the meeting.  During this meeting the women all expressed their sadness and disappointment in Kevin waving bones around without any care and for claiming that they were IN FACT confirmed to be human bones.  Now this is where the story gets interesting.  Kevin came into this meeting very disrespectfully to these women, claiming that he did nothing wrong and expecting an apology from them and the other elders because of how he was being treated.  Hmmm, disrespecting the bones of their ancestors after they explicitly told you not to do that and then claiming them to be ACTUAL HUMAN REMAINS WITHOUT ANY PROOF.  Yes, this is very concerning indeed.  We had been told that the bones had been sent to a contact at the Smithsonian and then that the contact reneged on investigating and sending the bones back without confirmation.  How very bizarre.  We were then told they were going somewhere in New York and that somehow someone found out who Kevin actually was and refused to send them back to Kevin but, instead sent them to Frank Miller at Kanata Village in Brantford On.  Wow, doesn’t this seem to be going ridiculously off track here?  That night was the last time I spent time in Kevin Annett’s presence , when all the interviews with various people were done and everyone had settled off to bed, Kevin pulled out a box of bones and asked me to go through them and give him my thoughts.  Several of the bones, all bagged, were stinking of decay and there is no way they were 50-100 years old and recently dug up…where were these bones from? All these different bones? Some of them so OBVIOUSLY new.  In this night Kevin explained to me how it was good the way everything ended up in his life.  He could never have done all of this work and been a good father so it was for the best that his children lived with their mother.  It would be too much of a burden, and then he asked me, ‘Do you ever regret being a mother and having your children Cari?’  I couldn’t believe he was asking me this.  Of course I have no regrets in being a mother, if anything I wish at times there were a few of me so that I could give equal attention to everything I feel I need to.  Truly without my children, would I be in this the way I am today?  The answer, “No Kevin, I do not regret being a mother, it makes me stronger in this fight’ was my reply.
It wasn’t long after three or four contacts for examinations of the bones fell through that Max Radico of Grasshoppermedia, had come across someone who could verify these illusive and controversial bones.  Kevin ignored the offer…several times.  why would he do that?  Max had served Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper papers with Annett, they had a history of friendship,

or so it was thought.
Then the weirdness truly began.  My family moved to Manitoba in May of this year (2012) and in April Kevin had solidified plans to come here in July to stay with us.  While here we would be traveling to Portage De Prarie to sit in on a ceremony with Elders.  This was the long standing plan.  The date came and Max Radico and I went to the airport to pick Kevin up.  All week Kevin was adamant that we would see him.  A two hour drive to the airport, four hours of waiting at the airport and Kevin does not show up.  When we finally got in touch with Kevin he claimed he had been attacked by EMF’s.  This is when I really had no patience left and began to ask questions as did Max.  Here is what ensued:

From: Kevin Annett

To: Cari-lee, Max

Hi Cari and Max,
Perhaps because of all the disturbances and attacks, both of you are pressuring me and others very hard to publicly disclose the names and locations of the ITCCS elders, right at the time when their anonymity and safety is most crucial. I need to know why you’re doing this.

While I understand your need for hard ammunition and facts to counter the line of Renouf and other smear artists, ie, that ITCCS doesn’t exist and it’s all Kevin, there is a much bigger issue at stake concerning the long term security and survival of our work and leadership. You know very well that key people are killed when they come forward pematurely. Our elders are on a hit list and have deliberately kept out of sight for now, just as the real traditional indigenous medicine people have to. That’s something that I’m sure you understand.

The reason for this secrecy will be made clear soon enough. If this isn’t good enough for the two of you, then I need an explanation why you are so determined to put all of our work and the lives of the elders at risk. Perhaps you can ask yourselves that question.

I’m sharing this with the elders to get their thoughts. I am governed by the protocol they work by.

The mark of a seasoned warrior is to not lose one’s head or become distracted from purpose in the midst of battle. This is a matter of trust and endurance right now folks and I hope you will help us and not create more discord.


From: Max
To: Kevin Annett, Cari-Lee
I am not a warrior and fight for nothing but truth that reveals itself through love not violence or any thought of harm. My faith will never be in a man, but rather in my devotion to truth and that is the one that will protect these children and put the souls to rest. No agenda invented by man will I follow blindly unless my father in heaven were to speak directly to that through dream or vision or more. Until then….this questioning sickens me and makes me laugh in sadness that our fearless leader Kevin Annett is more concerned with his following than with the actual security of those who are signatories to whatever justice will be served in the courts of man. It is no doubt a mistake. Without Prejudice and delivered with honourable response to all claims proceeded.

– Max

Now this went ignored and several times I asked Kevin for clarity on what was going on.  When I asked him why he trusted Jason Bowman he said he ‘trusts too easily too often’.  In this line of work I can’t even suppress my laughter…you can’t just trust EVERYONE!!!  That’s just nonsense, especially when you’re talking about taking Church, State and Crown to court…umm how’s that going to work again?
I left things alone after this because there were much more pressing matters coming to light at the same time I was seeing Kevin for who he was.  In this time I had expressed how my family had been lied to and were in a very bad place.  Kevin didn’t show an ounce of support or concern and kept at his defense and his ever maddening plot to overthrow Canada, Rome and the Pope…I do admire the thought, but not the means.
Finally Max Radico had enough and couldn’t hold his tongue any longer.  Too much evidence piling up against Kevin, too many Elders speaking out against Kevin, too many inconsistencies with the stories we were all being fed or that we were expected to eat.  When Max spoke up so did I, life had settled enough that I could finally feel well enough to speak out with true strength in the truth I held.  Here’s what ensued:
From: Kevin Annett

To: Cari-Lee

Hi Cari. I hope you and John and the kids have been doing okay.
I’m more than curious why you’ve decided to suddenly start slagging me over facebook with the standard textbook smears, like you’re reading off

someone else’s script. This is especially curious since the last time we spoke, just a few weeks ago, things seemed fine and you voiced none of the doubts and criticisms you’ve done over facebook just now … assuming that is you who wrote those nasty comments about me?

It’s not like I haven’t encountered this before from other supporters who have been threatened or turned, although I won’t assume why it is that you’ve turned so antagosnitic, and so publicly. I understand how vulnerable you are, with your children having been threatened by the government more than once. If you’re able to disclose what has happened to you, it would help.

I don’t understand why you couldn’t have come to me first to discuss your concerns, before adding to the destructive chaos brewed up by the feds and other dark forces?

Praying for your safety and recovery,

(is anyone else open-mouthed by this message?)

My response:

OH Kevin… were caught in so many lies…you told me that the Portage camping trip or whatever had been planned for over a month and then you told someone else we were just dropping in on them….then there’s the rest of it I figured out for myself…you are afraid that Max and others will expose you…

and they are, it’s too late.
No one co-opted my accounts….I support the Indigenous, not you.
I don’t trust you Kevin, not after everything that’s gone on and I won’t be supporting you any longer…I will tell the truth and you can call me an agent all you want…and when you do watch people laugh in your face…because that is something I am clearly not….you on the other hand…I am wondering about often….you called out one of my dearest friends as an operative.
You asked why I wouldn’t come to you with these questions…I did and was clearly not satisfied by your answers so I went looking elsewhere.

Kevin’s reply:
Cari, your words and behaviour are quite crazy and I have to assume you’ve suffered a breakdown. I understand some of the enormous stress you’ve been under and so I really urge you to take time off of everything and recover … and stop projecting and transferring your stuff onto me. These sudden fantasies you have about my nefarious nature are only helping the real enemy, and you of all people should know that.

Until you start taking seriously the real work we need to do, and focus some of your anger on the murderers and rapists of the children instead of on me, I can’t take you seriously.

Best of luck,


So folks, that’s it, I’m done.  I can’t stand with someone who can’t provide full transparency and who goes on such a vicious attack the way he has, quite psychologically too I might add…good thing I’m not insecure 😉 My only concern here is what this is going to do to the truth of the matter which is that systematically ALL THE TRIBES OF THE WORLD HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED.  We cannot forget what happened here on this land and what happened to our own ancestors so many thousands of years ago.  What happened to the Indigenous of this land is a story that needs to be told and is a wound very deep…it goes to our full core as mankind.  Let’s not make this man’s transgressions and trespasses affect the whole of the cause.  Lets work together to make this story get the coverage it deserves without the downfall of what was once a good man with a good cause…I fear he has been lost by the fight against the beast, it’s a fine line to not become it.


One thought on “Lifting the Veil on Kevin

  1. My husband and I were talking about this the other night….I don’t resonate with the opening paragraph at all…we never gave Kevin money or jumped on any planes or anything of the sort.
    But I do remember the first time I met Kevin and the way he approached me. “So tell me about your background, your parents and family”. It didn’t mean anything to me at the time…but now I see it clearly. I told Kevin about my childhood…which would lead anyone to believe that I am broken. HA! Kevin the joke was truly on you! I am the polar opposite of an abused woman…I came out stronger, more aware and less likely to be a push over…Kevin prays on the weak women with low self-esteem and then when he doesn’t like their ‘betrayal’ of him, he tries to break them with insults and further psychological damage…nice try Kevin, wrong girl to choose for your mission to lead the people down the garden path to hell…Thanks for helping me pass the message 🙂 Cari-Lee


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