Time Out for Kevin!

Time out for Kevin!

Is the recently fired up International Tribunal, really about Kevin Annett’s alleged mistreatment by the United Church?  Why else would he name himself (and not any Residential School survivors) as the primary plaintiff in the ‘Tribunal’ (aka. Kangaroo Court)?  Why would he name himself as presiding ‘judge’ (because there’s no proof anyone else is doing that job- you’ll have to wait until sometime in October to find that out) and have signed up citizen jurors like ‘Mel Ve’ of FreedomCentral who are not only sympathetic to Kevin, but are providing him with a place to stay while in Holland?

What is so rotten about what Kevin is up to is that there are plenty of people (aka. dupes) who fall for the ‘I’m such a victim’ – crap.  I was raised to believe that there were no such things as victims, only volunteers.  This of course, doesn’t include actual victims of crimes; innocent people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time… I’m talking about self orchestrated victimization.

Case in point is Kevin’s claims that he is the victim of everything bad that ever happened to him, specifically his claims of being persecuted by the very church he joined despite his disdain for it.  We know that Kevin repeatedly states in YouTube video’s and various blogtalk.radio interviews that he was fired from the Church.  But can you be fired when you’ve already resigned?… I submit Kevin’s own chronology of events via hiddenfromhistory.com (as written by Kevin):

January 8, 1995: Kevin offers his resignation to the St. Andrew’s church Board, via Fred Bishop, out of concern for his childrens’ safety and because of his need to apply soon for another church posting. Kevin asks Board to allow him to work until June 30, 1995. Bishop accepts resignation “with deep regret” and asks board to accept Kevin’s request to work until June 30. Board agrees.

January 15, 1995: Stiven, Reid and Forbes from Presbytery meet secretly with Bishop and selected Board members, and modify Board records and minutes to create the impression that the Board, not Presbytery, asked for Kevin’s removal, and that it rejected his request to work until June 30.

January 23, 1995: Kevin is fired as minister of St. Andrew’s church without cause, notice or review by BC Conference Personnal minister Art Andrews and Presbytery official Cameron Reid, in Kevin’s office. (see Account of meeting) Dismissal letter is signed by Presbytery secretary Phil Spencer. No charges are made against Kevin. No evidence is offered. Firing is immediate and unconditional.

Here are the facts according to the Formal Hearing Panel:

“…..Mr. Annett’s ministry came to an end at St. Andrew’s in January 1995, some two and one half years after his arrival in Port Alberni. He submitted his resignation in writing to the Presbytery on January 8th and the congregation asked the Presbytery to accept it, permitting him to take a leave of absence effective immediately, and to provide them with other pulpit supply. The Presbytery acceded to the requests and by the end of that January, he was no longer their minister and was placed under supervision by the same Presbytery. Mr. Annett and his family were permitted to stay in the church-provided home where they had lived until the end of June that year in order that the children could complete their school year and Mr. Annett could undertake some directed skill programs. The Church continued to pay his salary and other allowances until near the end of July 1995.”

“On January 23, 1995, in addition to terminating the pastoral relationship between Mr. Annett and St. Andrew’s, the Presbytery placed him under supervision of the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee, directed that he undertake a program for the improvement of his pastoral skills and required that he undergo a medical, psychiatric and/or psychological examination by a qualified professional person. The minister appealed that decision to the British Columbia Conference on March 22, 1995 and beginning in December that year, his appeal was heard before an entirely different formal hearing panel. Mr. Annett, although he was the Appellant and the person who lodged the appeal, ultimately declined to appear before that panel but instead filed affidavits and other written materials. In a written decision on January 16, 1996, the three person hearing panel on behalf of the Conference dismissed his appeal.”

Read more of the Panel Decision here

The sad, recurrent, Modus Operandi of Kevin Annett is to blame everyone else for his misgivings, to warp the facts to suit his over-inflated ego, and when asked to behave like an adult and take responsibility he behaves like an insolent child (aka.. Running Away).

Time to grow up Kevin and stop using the First Nations children to pursue your agenda to make yourself look like a Saint (while scamming people out of their hard earned money)!

Will someone please put this man on a ‘time-out’?


4 thoughts on “Time Out for Kevin!

  1. One thing that led to the break-down of the ministry at St. Andrew’s for Mr. Annett, was that in December he moved a motion that the Personnel Committee members of the local church be fired. Personnel Committee members have a partial oversight of a minister. This motion failed, because no one at the board would second it. In effect, that is the most glaring demonstration that the board of the church had lost confident in the leadership of their minister. That Mr. Annett has spun this for the last 17 years as, “being fired without cause or due process,” is perhaps the most laughable part of a tragic situation. Annett has had all due process afforded him, the process he insisted on. And then he has the gall to imply that the church spend $250,000 getting rid of him. The process, including the workings of the formal hearing panel, and other things, add up…. it would have saved the church a lot of money NOT to afford him due process. I am beginning to think the man is incapable of telling the truth.


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