This Just In…. Catholics Get Out!

Another press release has spewed forth from the ‘office’s of,, and all things (and all people) Kevin Annett… The next week will be important as blogtalkradio pundits, bloggers and FB-ers alike will engage in some secluded discussion (away from the mainstream media that is) about the status of the so-called Tribunal (International Court of the Kangaroo kind)…. I may even make it to the status of state paid operative in the on-line diatribes of Kevin’s followers.  So be it.  The purpose of showing this document is to provide the context by which I oppose Kevin’s efforts… I am merely reporting… not endorsing… what is coming out this week and next from ITCCS.

What is important about the information below, is that given Kevin’s radio show, where he laughed about how a poor guy like him has managed to avoid paying taxes (despite taking donations via his father, Bill Annett) he has managed to get from Nanaimo, B.C. to a stop-over in New York and is now hanging out in Ireland.  The question, when reading this Communique is what Ireland has to do with 50,000 residential school victims, or the bones of the alleged dead children exhumed from the Mush-Hole… Kevin Annett apologists will argue that sticking it to the Pope will be justice for the First Nations… but is that the First Nations opinion, or just Kevin’s and his followers?

The Pope will not be single handedly taken down by Kevin Annett or his counterparts in Ireland… He is part of an the most powerful corporation in the world and in the words of wise old Gandalf – He does not share power!

I have posted (in Red my comments for consideration)

Breaking Communique from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

One Week to go before Direct Actions commence against child-killing churches:
An Update and Plan of Action from Kevin D. Annett, ITCCS fieldworker (used to be Secretariate, now humble fieldworker)

Direct from Dublin, Ireland

September 8, 2012

Breaking News Item: Vatican officials have one week to respond to ten requirements issued last May by survivors of church terror, or face permanent banishment, occupations and legal summonses

Hello to you all,

It’s fitting that I’m writing this from Dublin, where the top Catholic prelate in that land, Cardinal Sean Brady, is implicated in protecting child rapists in his diocese and may soon resign; and where his probable replacement, Archbishop Dermot Martin, has been forced to meet with ITCCS and ACCAW activists after they occupied Dublin’s main cathedral recently and one of them, John Deegan, even manacled himself to the cathedral altar during a mass. (ummm…. dead Canadian First Nations children…. hellooooo???)

This direct action by survivors has the church worried, and Archbishop Martin’s assistant, Rev. Damian O’Reilly, said yesterday that it was their concern about further church occupations that forced them to sit down and try to directly negotiate with survivors like John Deegan of ACCAW (an acronym meaning Anti Catholic Church Activists Worldwide, which is affiliated to the ITCCS).

Nowhere else in the world has the church hierarchy actually bargained with their opponents; the church generally relies instead on obliging governments to shield them from the fallout from their crimes towards children.  But the fact that this storm is erupting in the heart of the reputedly “most catholic” nation in the world is a sign of how desperate the church leaders are becoming. But more to the point, it demonstrates that only direct disruption and civil disobedience gets results when it comes to the oldest corporation on earth. (Yes, it worked remarkably well for the IRA)

Now is the time, as they say, to press the matter home.

As John Deegan and the ITCCS said this week to Damian O’Reilly and his church bosses, the Vatican must do two simple things if it wants to avoid ongoing occupations: defrock all present and future child raping priests, and those who protect them; and make every clergy and church officer, from Pope Benedict on down, take a public, binding oath to protect children from predators and expose those who harm the innocent, even if doing so contradicts and defies church laws and customs. (Apparently, it’s ok to defrock SOME priests and reverends and not others…. various standards of misconduct are acceptable, while others are not)

If the hierarchy equivocates on this requirement of humanity and the law, or says no, then direct actions against the Vatican and its churches will commence in one week. (Rather vague…. flyer campaigns?… T.P’ing a church?  Egging the Pope-mobile??  Tossing a few molotov cocktails???)

In this event, our Common Law Court will publicly convene in seven countries on September 15, to publicly share (but not with it’s critics) and judge extensive evidence of criminal  actions by church and state. The following day, in the midst of Catholic masses around the world, a Public Banishment Order will be issued, binding on every catholic establishment. Church occupations will then follow. (Not sure how something made up without legal standing can be binding…. Church occupations will not be tolerated and I guarantee the police will be called… It’s how these things go)

The Banishment Order will, in effect, expel the Catholic Church from our communities and declare their churches and other property open to all people for their own use, like the homeless. Church officials will then be illegally trespassing and subject to arrest. Known and suspected child rapists will also face citizens’ arrests, as will anyone who protects them. And in some cases, “street corner tribunals” will be held on church property where victims of genocide and torture by the same church will tell their stories and share other evidence with the public and the media.  (I’m not a lawyer here, but doesn’t this kind of disclosure make real prosecution of criminals impossible… Testimonies like this deserve to see the light of day in a class action lawsuit at the very least, and criminal lawsuit at best.  This only serves to embarass the victim and let the guilty party get away with it)

Coinciding and building on these actions, our Common Law Court will start broadcasting its proceedings, which will involve presenting our cases and issuing public summonses to church officials.

We have chosen five cases to present in the initial round of the Court, involving the most solid evidence we have of intentional genocide, child trafficking, homicide and crimes against humanity by various churches. (I will be watching intently to see if any of these are one of the 50,000 ‘dead children’… )

This evidence will be simulcast to nearly one hundred citizen jurors (dupes) in seven countries by the prosecutors of the Court, for the jurors’ deliberation. And a transcript of the evidence and cases will be available online to anyone and the media.

Finally, knowing that our battle is fundamentally a spiritual one, on Sunday, September 23, we will be staging our third and final Public Exorcism aimed at the power behind the Vatican. Our first exorcism outside the papal residence in Rome in October, 2009, was followed the next day by a fierce tornado in the heart of Rome, and an even fiercer media revelation the next month of Pope Benedict’s personal complicity in protecting child rapists.

We are at the heart of a great wind of justice and reformation. (The great wind, Kevin is your ‘hot air’)

So in summary here is our Plan of Action:

1. Saturday, September 15: Public Court Case against the Vatican commences

2. Sunday, September 16: Banishment Order is read inside and outside Roman Catholic churches in seven countries

3. Monday, September 17: Permanent Occupation of Catholic churches and institutions commence worldwide

4. Sunday, September 23: Third and Final Public Exorcism is held aimed at the spirit and power behind the Vatican (to be televised and posted)

Please help this all happen by agreeing to read the Banishment Proclamation inside and outside your local Catholic church, on Sunday September 16 during their mass. Contact this email and a copy of the Proclamation will be sent to you.  (I suggest that you think seriously about the ramifications of doing this – you’ll need to be prepared for the consequences if you get arrested, to yourself, and your family)

(Such actions will be staged in thirteen cities in seven countries as of this date).

Please stay tuned on Saturday, September 15 for these actions to commence: at 9 am pacific time, 12 noon eastern time, and 5 pm GMT in Europe. Live broadcasts will begin and will be posted on the internet.

In closing, here’s a an item for concern, or levity, depending on your disposition.

I learned today that our ITCCS Council of Elders in Brussels was just informed by trusted sources of theirs in the British civil service and the European Parliament that the Home Office in London has declared me, Kevin Annett, a threat to British national security allegedly for having “caused threats to the peace of mind and security of Her Majesty”. I am therefore to be immediately detained and imprisoned under the Fixated Threat Assessment Protocol (FTAP) the moment I set foot on British soil.  (One can only hope…)

FTAP is a way nowadays in England to brand activists as mentally disturbed and lock them away for years, under medieval-like laws harking back to the Inquisition and Star Chamber private courts. It’s also supposed to get us all too frightened to publicly protest, or speak out.  (How is this helping?)

Well, I’m not frightened, Liz. This is just more obstruction of justice – more belated attempts to fog the fact of centuries of genocide by the Crown. Your own Archbishop of Canterbury did so last January, when he ordered Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz in Canada to bury all evidence of the deaths of Mohawk children at the Church of England residential school in Brantford.

Thus do the guilty squirm and evade judgement. But only for so long. For as Martin Luther King said,

“The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice”.  (Yes it does)

But I would add, only when enough of us make it bend.

Spread the word, and stand ready with us and all the fallen children on September 15. (Don’t forget the children’s bones Kevin… you still have those fallen children to do justice for..)

– Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

Dear Pope,… I’m sending another Tornado! – Sincerely, Kevin

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