Saints vs. Indians – Part 1


Why does Kevin Annett target all of the Churches proclaiming Christ as their head…. except the Mormon Church?  It is, after-all, named the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints… one of the richest and most powerful Churches in North America.

According to Wikipedia:

“With over 55,000 missionaries worldwide, the church currently has a membership of over 14.4 million[1] and is ranked by the National Council of Churches as the fourth largest Christian denomination in the United States.[2] It is the largest church originating on American soil,[3] and it is the largest denomination in the Latter Day Saint movement started by Joseph Smith during what is called the Second Great Awakening.

Well, you might argue, powerful or not, the Mormons are not evil, blood sucking reptilians – unlike the Catholics… ie. They never perpetrated crimes against Humanity.  Not so fast!  I could point you in the direction of OpEd News for an article on how the Mormons were involved with Mossad and allegedly complicit in the events of 9/11:

The first public awareness of the nexus between Mossad and Mormon secret agents was published by Norman Mailer in A Harlot High and Low in the 60’s when a reconditioned WWII Liberty ship was hijacked on the Thames River in London by Mossad. The ship had a cargo of uranium ore that had been originally mined in southern Utah. The details of that intrigue were published in an earlier article on OpedNews.  It involved the Utah Corporation which mines the surface of Australia as well as Chile.

I mentioned that Secret elements of the church conspired with the CIA to overthrow Democratically elected president Allende of Chile so that the business interests of the church could continue uninterrupted by the then recent action of Allende in nationalizing the mines in Chile.

The most recent exposure of that nexus came within the framework of the 9-11 event. Being pre-informed if not directly involved in the plans for destroying the Twin Towers as well as Building 7 on September 11, 2001 is demonstrated by official advice given to Mormons working in the World Trade Center to not show up for work that day.

All evidence indicates that 9-11 was a planned operation of Mossad utilizing all the intelligence it had in causing the pre-planting of explosives within all 3 buildings well in advance of that fateful day. Mossad agents were arrested after the event upon suspicions of citizens who watched them waiting with digital cameras on tripods aimed at the twin towers long before any aircraft struck them. The displayed actions of these Mossad agents was video taped by patriot observers especially when they jumped and shouted with joy at seeing the collapse of the towers and resulting deaths of 3,000 people.

Doug Wallace, OpEd News

Overlook, of course, the activities of Bishop Wallace Hilliard, longtime friend of arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi who helped finance the Iran Contra Affair and trained Mohammed Atta et al. at Huffman Aviation:

“…after purchasing Huffman with Khashoggi, Hilliard hired Dutchman Rudy Dekkers to run it, and Dekkers immediately began admitting students of middle-eastern descent into the training program. Strangely however, Dekkers always required his students to “pre-pay” all of their instruction costs before training would begin. And, in July of 2000, Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al Shehhi who were two of the four 9/11 terrorist pilots, each paid Rudi Dekkers the inflated price of $28,000 to begin their flight training.”

While all this transits into the realm of conspiracy theory,  there is historical evidence that shows that Mormons (specifically Mormon leadership) has been responsible for criminal activities both present and past and with atrocities against Aboriginal peoples in America.

How ‘Indians’ were perceived by the Mormons

Much more learned men and women have written books and articles on this subject than I, so I will give a cursory overview in order to make my point.

According to the Mormons (Latter Day Saints), ‘Indians’ were descendants of a man named Lehi (pronounced Lee-High) – an Israelite who came to the New World 600 years before Christ giving rise to two tribes, the Nephites and the Lamanites:

Mormon doctrine claims that Lehi’s children eventually became two warring factions, which included the good, white Nephites and the bad, brown Lamanites. The Lamanites, eventually killed all the Nephites by 500 A.D. But the bad, brown Laminates continued to live on and are now called Native Americans. (Rick Ross, 2002)

The E-Book, Establishing Zion by Eugene Campbell, explains further:

The Book of Mormon originally stated that when Lamanites converted they would then become “white and delightsome.” In 1981 the church decided to replace the word “white” with “pure.” It has been said that such Mormon beliefs reflect racism. And though every faithful male Mormon may enter its priesthood, blacks were excluded until 1978. Based upon such stories about the Lamanites, modern Mormon missionaries today often feel called to proselytize amongst aboriginal cultures in South America and the Pacific Islands.

Thus the first few years of Mormon colonization proved disastrous for the Indians. Hoping to profit from the Mormons, the Indians soon found themselves overwhelmed by pioneers moving onto their hunting and camping territories. Reacting by stealing and by threatening the colonists, the Indians came to be regarded as threats to Mormon survival. Despite the Mormons’ initial good will, the two cultures were too dissimilar to accommodate each other, and in the early clashes, both groups lost. Finally, after seven difficult years, Mormon leaders decided to try new methods of accommodation: Indian missions and farms. [p.113]

Excerpts from Eugene Campbells Footnotes:

1.  The Mormons were not the first to suggest that the American Indians were remnants of the tribes of Israel. However, their belief in the Book of Mormon convinced them that the Indians were descendants of the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, had migrated to America in three different groups, and had spread through the land. The Book of Mormon detailed the story of the ancestors of the American Indians, who had once been a “white and delightsome” people and had developed a great civilization. Sin and wickedness had brought warfare, and eventually the white-skinned people had been exterminated. Those left, known as Lamanites, had been cursed with a dark skin and became savages. But they were also a people of promise, for the Book of Mormon contained a prophecy that the gospel of Jesus Christ should be declared among them and “be restored unto the knowledge of their fathers, and also to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. And then they shall rejoice; for they shall know that it is a blessing unto them from the hand of God; and their scales of darkness shall begin to fall from their eyes; and many generations shall not pass away among them, save they shall become a white and delightsome people” (2 Ne. 30:6). Believing themselves also to be of Israelitish origin, the Mormons regarded the Indians as blood brothers and believed that it was their duty to bring this knowledge to them.

2.The Mormons had been warned by explorer and trader Jim Bridger to avoid the Utes around Utah Lake. Bridger described them as vicious savages who would “torment whites if possible but who would not resist large groups of whites.” So church leaders avoided making a settlement at the fertile valley to the south for almost two years.

3. Young also pointed to an unfortunate double standard. Some Saints, who knew better, would also sometimes steal. Mormons might forgive this, yet fellowship a man who would kill an Indian for stealing.

9. The Mormons had first confronted the problem of buying Indian children soon after their arrival in the Salt Lake Valley. Children were brought into the pioneers’ fort as early as the winter of 1847-48, and Indians said that they were war captives and would be killed if not purchased. The Mormons bought one of the children. Two more children were brought to the fort under the same threat, and the Mormons bought both of them. Charles Decker bought one of these two, Sally Kanosh, who was later given to Brigham Young and raised in his family. Speaking with church members in the Iron County Mission, Young advised them to buy children and teach them to live a good life. According to the Journal History for 12 May 1851, Young said, “The Lord could not have devised a better plan than to have put the saints where they were to help bring about the redemption of the Lamanites and also make them a white and delightsome people.”

How this relates to Kevin’s crusade…

This sound’s a lot like the other Church’s we know.  What is unfortunate is that not many people know about the ‘Saints’ and the ‘Indians’ and how the ‘Saints’ perpetuated slavery, tried to assimilate the people into European culture and into a new (fraudulent) religion, and even took children away from their parents in an effort to ‘civilize’ them.  Yet, Kevin does not target this religion, who was indeed involved in the Canadian Residential school abuses.  Reginald Argue of Vancouver Co-Op has this interview:

To be continued……..

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