Just the F.A.C.T.’s Jack!

Well, after last Sundays barn burner of a show, featuring Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman on Global F.A.C.T Radio, the host Tony Buotros decided that more discussion was needed and that Kevin deserved an opportunity to address the questions left unanswered from the show.  What was most discouraging, yet not surprising was that Kevin not only left the show abruptly (aka… Running Away), but that he chose to lie about it afterwards.

It’s highly unlikely that Kevin will sign up for ’round two’ on ‘On Track’, as it will be a round-table discussion with Greg Renouf, Lydia Whitecalf, George Whitehorsestanding, Jason Bowman, Cheryl Squire and myself (although Kevin will likely be listening-in).  It’s too bad really, because with that many people gathered together, it would be a perfect time for Kevin to put us all to shame with the dizzying and blinding truth.  Reality is that he’ll let us do the fact finding and truth revealing so that he can formulate his next press release on how he’s being smeared.  Kevin, you can’t be smeared when you refuse to answer the question… you smear yourself.  But, that’s how Kevin rolls and has rolled since his Circle of Justice (and earlier) days.

On the subject of the Circle of Justice, I ask readers to use their critical thinking caps, as this has been an issue that Kevin has repeatedly brought up on talk shows.  Again, last Sunday, Kevin stated that people like Amy Talio, Jim Belcourt and Jim Craven were involved in a smear campaign against him and were government operatives.  And it might be easy to believe what Kevin says if you don’t read the letter written by Jim Craven to Kevin Annett, or the supporting documents that show that Harriet Nahanee (amongst others like Kitty Bell Sparrow and Diane Kage) were not only critical of Kevin’s activities, but denounced him as their representative.

Photo of Harriet Nahanee being arrested at Eagleridge Bluffs May 25, 2006 (courtesy of PaganMediaBytes)

I have serious grievances with Kevin Annett because of his actions during and after the Tribunal which showed that he had an agenda other than that which had been presented at first.  I feel used by him and information about my experiences at residential school have been given for publication by him without my consent. – Harriet Nahanee (Rosetta Stone)

During Sunday’s interview, Kevin states:

On no occasion, have I ever used anybody’s testimony without either their written or video’d confirmation.” – Kevin Annett Aug 26, 2012

He goes on to say that Jim Craven is an ‘operative’ who was used to discredit Kevin as well as the American Indian Movement and that Amy Talio was paid by the government to make the statements she did in the Circle of Justice letter.  I want to state that, in this writers opinion, Jim Craven acted to protect people like Amy and Harriet from further embarassment and disgrace brought on them by the hands of Kevin Annett.  If he’s an operative, then he is an operative in the pursuit of truth and justice.

I suspect that Kevin’s early departure (ie. Running Away) from last weeks show was also in part due to Jason Bowman being on the show and the further hard questions that would have been raised about their relationship.  Imagine asking Jason the question of being thrown under the bus (see July ITCCS.org) with Kevin there.  No two versions would look alike.

Needless to say, It will be an interesting show and I hope that the right people will be listening in; those who also seek the truth and can help push Kevin’s dark crusade further into the light.

Click on the image below to access the Broadcast:


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