Welcome to THE SHOW!


By Heather Martin

We love the Fairs and Exhibitions don’t we?  The Magicians and the Strongmen?  We pay the price and enjoy THE SHOW, knowing that what we are seeing isn’t really real, but while we’re in the circus tent we ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhhh’ in amazement.  It’s what we paid for after all, to be shown an illusion we could believe in.

Suspension of disbelief or willing suspension of disbelief is a term coined in 1817 by the poet and aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who suggested that if a writer could infuse a “human interest and a semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale, the reader would suspend judgment concerning the implausibility of the narrative. Suspension of disbelief often applies to fictional works of the action, comedy, science fiction, and horror genres. Cognitive estrangement in fiction involves using a person’s ignorance or lack of knowledge to promote suspension of disbelief. (Wikipedia)

Coleridge is quoted as saying:

”… It was agreed, that my endeavours should be directed to persons and characters supernatural, or at least romantic, yet so as to transfer from our inward nature a human interest and a semblance of truth sufficient to procure for these shadows of imagination that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which constitutes poetic faith.” (Wikipedia)

I like to think, that like most people, I tend to see the good in others.  My daughters will complain that the kids in their school are mean and rude and do things just to hurt other people and I find myself coming up with the ‘a few bad apples spoil the bunch’ reply, which usually earns me HUGE ‘rolling-of-the-eyes-facial-drama’.  I say this because, as I said at the beginning, I tend to believe that people are naturally good creatures that just do bad acts, for reasons we cannot explain (with the exception of the mass murderers and psychopaths, of course).

By that token, I have not quite decided which Kevin Annett is… psychopath or good person deluded into doing bad acts…. I mean really, is there a difference?  Kevin has a smooth delivery to be sure, is fairly pleasant to deal with until it gets to some weird issue he wants to discuss in person (according to witnesses).  He is, to be sure, very inappropriate when it comes to social norms (like discussing sexual assault with a 12 year old radio show host, or waving dead children’s bones in the air while the cameras are rolling).  Is that normal behavior for someone without a huge ego-complex or form of psychosis?  How is it that people who start out knowing Kevin, love the guy and then when they meet him end up disowning him?

I think it is because there are many sides to a person with mental illness (especially if they are high functioning personality disorder-types).  They present a very sane facade… and are very much in control of themselves while in public spheres, because that’s what gets them off – the manipulation and THE SHOW!

Yes, it’s all about theatre and drama, my friends, and they must create it where it doesn’t naturally exist.  This provides an adrenaline rush more addictive than meth or heroin and because it’s not an internalized substance (but produced in the person’s own brain) there is nothing to ‘quit’.  No needles to destroy, no pipe to crush, nothing ceremonial to say “I’m kicking the habit”… the only help is rehab.

Ref. Annett receives children’s shoes on behalf of Paddy Doyle, which represent the numerous children ‘tortured’ inside Catholic facilities. Received outside the Dail, April 16, 2010.

Why else would Kevin make a mockery of the ‘pink-shoes’ (seen above) by using them as PR fodder for the cameras and his precious ITCCS website, only to leave them in a duffle bag at a persons house never to retrieve them or inquire of them again.  What was worse was that the contents of the duffle bag allegedly contained such nastiness that the person holding on to the duffle would have preferred to burn it rather than throw it away after being unclaimed for over a year.  It makes me wonder if the caped crusader is hiding something more than the DNA results of the Mush-Hole bones…There is much we don’t know about Kevin.

Remember Jerry Sandusky?  Who, once he retired from coaching football, worked full-time for a charity that “helped children from disadvantaged and broken homes”:

On Monday, prosecutors opening their sexual abuse case against Sandusky told jurors that Sandusky kept a private list of boys the charity was helping. That list, they suggested, amounted to his own sort of scouting report on potential targets for him to abuse, complete with asterisks next to some of the names and notations about their hair color, shoe size, whether they had parents and other details.

Some of those targets may ultimately have become victims, prosecutors claimed on Monday, sexually abused as a consequence of “systemized behavior by a serial abuser.” –Ken Belson, NY Times (June 12, 2012)

Sandusky, despite being found guilty of sexual assault, is still thought of by his supporters as a “Saint” and a “wonderful-guy”.  Kevin Annett has a similar reputation amongst his followers and radio show guru’s to be sure, but who is looking for anything different?  A select few people who have been burnt by him or who have done their ‘due dilligence’, that’s who.  But it is not hard to be taken in when you so desperately want to suspend your disbelief.

As an aside, I recently got duped by a person (I’ll call the person Bob) who tried to con me into believing that a photo that was taken at Ground Zero was taken by himself under the threat of dishonorable discharge or even worse.  You see, military personnel were dispatched to Ground Zero after 9/11 to supervise and document the ‘clean-up’.  Bob had a disposable camera and his own camera and allegedly still had the pictures from his good camera.  (The disposable camera’s were turned in to their supervisors as well they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement).  Bob had friended me in May and had been telling me all along how certain people in the ‘Truth movement’ would kill to get those pictures.  Bob felt he trusted me after seeing my video at a AE9/11 Event featuring Richard Gage.  Bob sent me the picture in late July saying it was a gift and that more would be coming and that I was to spread the word (the truth)!

The truth ended up being that the picture ‘Bob’ sent was an AP photograph which appeared on at least three different sites/blogs and I found the picture by searching Google Images.  What made it worse is that Bob said I was putting his life danger by asking questions about the photo (which direction Bob was facing, etc… for context) and to never speak to him again.  I know that his life would never be in danger so long as the picture was widely available on the internet and I told him so.  I also said I was returning to him, any pictures that I received in the future and that our friendship was over. I had taken the bait… hook, line and sinker and felt like a real idiot.  I kicked myself for wanting to believe him badly enough that I forgot to do something very important: THINK!

Picture sent to me from ‘Bob’ of the WTC PATH tunnel
WTC PATH subway damage – AP/Reuters photo obtained from Google Image search

What I learned is that it’s a crap-shoot whether people are good or bad because people can act good, but be bad people, and vice versa.  What really matters is peoples actions and what we believe about those actions.

People, like Kevin, Bob and Jerry, know how to act and how to put on “THE SHOW’, which gets them plenty of sympathy for their cause from unthinking, emotional dupes like me.

Their ‘con’  it’s like an abrasive polish that hardens the skin and sharpens the mind, so that you don’t easily forget being taken in.  You have changed because of it, while they still play their dirty game looking for the soft, kind ones to prey upon.

I encourage people to continue to ask questions of the people who ask us to NOT ask questions. (Make sense?)  In other words, do your own research, do a background check and trust your instincts.  Overall, realize that it is just a SHOW and you will eventually have to leave the tent.  Reality will be waiting for you when you get out and it is possible if you embrace your disbelief you can prevent some of the heartache and avoid that abrasive polish.

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