Why Cop Haters are a Danger to Society

“If the Bubble touches me, I’m placing you in custody” – Officer Bubbles… a.k.a. Adam Josephs who threatened a bubble-blowing G20 protestor (Courtney Winkles) with arrest. Needless to say the social media was all over this one.

In a previous blog There Are Rumors of A Rebel Base, I introduced readers to a couple of issues I have with Kevin Annett and his ‘relationship’ with the RCMP and the Police.  In his press-release: Public Declaration to Police Officers, Civil Servants and other Agents of the Crown of England – Issued by the Judicial Oversight Panel of the Common Law Court of Justice investigating Crimes of Church and State (Brussels – London July 28, 2012), Kevin issues the following ultimatum:

In the event that the Crown is convicted in this duly constituted Court for such crimes as Genocide, Child Trafficking and waging a War of Aggression against indigenous nations, your continued allegiance and service of this convicted party will constitute criminal collusion and obstruction of justice.
Prior to committing such an indictable offense, you wil be asked by this Court to refrain from implicating yourselves with such criminal parties by assuming a position of neutrality in relation to the Crown of England as a possible party to a crime.
As servants of the Public Peace and Welfare rather than of a potentially convicted authority, you will be asked by this Court to place yourselves at the service of a fair and impartial investigation of documented crimes involving the Crown of England.

The above ‘declaration’ is essentially a statement of “if you ain’t with us, you’re against us” and is vague and lightly veiled threat against law enforcement officers.  But it doesn’t stop there. Annett’s cop hating rhetoric often contains statements regarding the RCMP’s participation in the disappearance of women (often street workers) and he has published information regarding their involvement in the Pickton Farm murders and in the ‘kidnapping’ of Native children to be taken to residential schools.

In regards to the Pickton case, he claims to have eyewitness testimonies about RCMPolice involvement which he details in a letter to a Corporal Sabrina Mill of Vancouver Major Crimes “E”- Division.   In her reply letter to Annett, she requests the information he has on the matter to which he states via a public broadcast that he want’s a public on camera chit-chat session.  I suspect such a meeting would have compromised an ongoing investigation and would have been yet another opportunity for Annett to further defame the RCMP.  At the time of this posting, I am unsure what Cpl Mill’s reply was and what further communication she had with Annett.  To date all we have is his story about her that she refused to meet with him on his terms.

This communication later becomes the platform for Annett’s claim that he was set up by the RCMP and unjustly dismissed from Vancouver Co-Op radio for having sex with a prostitute at the station (which happened to be caught on security camera’s… Annett claims an RCMP officer was ‘made-up’ to look like him).  This is the same Co-Op radio station whose address is the same as Jeremiah Jourdain’s (a supporter of Annett’s and so-called Tribunal Elder – who resides there and produces press releases to this day).  His list of accusations against them include ‘bad-jacketing’, obstruction of justice, commission of genocide against aboriginals, amongst others.

The worst part of it is that Annett published a detailed transcript of the RCMP alleged involvement in the Pickton murders which proliferated on social media sites and blog forums across the world-wide-web.  The problem with this kind of release is not the information contained therein, but the fact that such a release actually put officers and the public in harms way.

First of all, public sentiment of law enforcement officers is reaching an all time low.  YouTube for instance is loaded with video’s claiming police abuses on the public (some are legitimate… others are a real stretch…).  These video’s portray the notion that EVERY SINGLE OFFICER is corrupt, scared and lethal.  What does this perception do to the officers who maintain the oath they took when they got their badge?  It’s a morale problem at the very least and a threat to their personal safety at the very worst.

A spate of attacks on RCMP officers stationed in Kimmirut, Nunavut in the last six years has shaken the Arctic hamlet and sparked renewed concern over police safety in isolated, violence-prone communities. For complete article see:         The Star.com

Kevin’s irresponsibility in painting all officers with the same brush threatens the safety of good men and women who wear the uniform to serve the public.   His inflammatory language and accusations place officers in real danger, and he promotes distrust by supporting elements of the Freeman movement and militant factions of Aboriginal tribes.

Our police forces are not evil, they are mismanaged to the point that individuals are allowed to do evil things.  But we do not focus on the individual and their bad acts, instead we focus on all officers in general.

If Kevin had chosen to work with the RCMP on Cpl Mill’s terms, would the Pickton case have revealed RCMP officers and allegedly Paul Martin’s (according to Annett) involvement in the disappearance of B.C. women?  We will never know, because Kevin chose his ego over co-operation and possibly forced underground vital information that could have proven his witness’s testimonies.  Now all we have is Kevin’s word and no signal that the truth is coming to light any time soon.

On a positive note, I am encouraged by an open letter by an RCMP officer to fellow officers regarding the changes that need to happen from within.

No member reading this can deny that our current state of affairs many examples of which are now being daily exposed in the media, are not simply fabrications or stories that paint us in a bad light, as god only knows they could fill their entire broadcast with our failings. This is not simply due to the actions of those few whom have brought shame to our “once” good name, through absolute corruption at the most disturbing levels, but also through our managerial conduct of literally covering up their crimes and demoting them upwards. Throughout the past two decades we have forgotten our identity, and oath we took as Canadians to protect and serve our fellow Canadians with honor and humility. Something that once made the RCMP a shining example to the world. Instead we have been taught the methodology of management, one in which all of us know to well. As members we have one set of beliefs that do ourselves a great injustice, our mindsets have become detached from the reality that earning the right to wear the Serge comes with a price, as its one thing to pass out of Depot, however its another to earn the right to continue to wear it and call ourselves Police Officers.

Read the full Open Letter at The Pundi Network

This letter proves that there are still a few good men and women of conscience and they deserve our support and admiration and need to be shown as an example of desirable qualities and acceptable conduct by their superiors.  We need to realize that the opinions of hate filled, anti-establishmentarian’s are reflected in the social media for no other reason than to downplay our own bad behavior and to promote civil unrest.  By viewing the police in this way, we miss out on keeping an important ally that is there to serve and protect us.  But if we view them as a threat, then we confine them to behaving that way.

I present the following video that proves that the police are human beings and can be talked to as well as being held accountable for their actions in the same way that each of us (including Kevin) should be.

13 thoughts on “Why Cop Haters are a Danger to Society

  1. Will email you some articles, but specifically the incident at Oka and the current issue with Samsung and the hydro project… Not that I disagree with the principle behind their grievances.. but their actions are viewed this way.


  2. Dear Heather,

    Your caustic is tectonic where you call it out, and you are stomping everywhere! The important question here, are you stomping meaningfully?

    There is no balance anywhere in your bitter rhetoric. Racist rhetoric that calls into question nothing and lays blame fairly and squarely on subjugated and harmless victims of criminal Imperial assault. There is nothing else in your rant. However, the “Mohawk” you mock who really do feel and live beside your racist hatred are not the miniscule minority of our population jailed in reservations where you routinely molest victims through cage bars. 500 American nations, whose land you [claim to] occupy are indeed militant, soldiering and administering our planet’s largest military. We appreciate our relatives who maintain our civilized culture. We feel affinity with the suffering you and your criminal compatriots induce. Inside your reservation devices, they also are helping us to redefine our roles as we reshape your corrupt and crumbling empire. Our reservation Kanienke’ha:ka are also militant, to the extent that you make our acculturated militancy necessary through your meaningfully targeted racist criminal actions. It is so because we are all busy extracting the Americas from the grunt camp persona that once served your empire so well. We honor our Ancestors of 10,000 years. You honor your Ancestors of 10,000 years. We honor our Ancestors where they belong and where we belong. Together! You honor your Ancestors stomping on our peoples and lands, where you do NOT belong, and where you are disliked increasingly, with each stomp. Congratulations on a place and a purpose in history. So sorry you side with dishonest isolationist imperialism. A decade living in a Beijing slum would do you the world of good. Continue there with your racist (anti-Asian) rhetorical stomping.

    I remember I was once ashamed that in University you stood up for me and my house “as a matter of principal” – you proclaimed, so loudly and proudly. Were you not in Seneca House? Is that your Ancestor’s name? Another one of your racist delusions? Regardless, I still think Caucasians could be capable of much more appreciated activity in the Americas than you are accomplishing, in the racist hole you have crawled into. In your present context, your presence is no longer required on our continent. England needs you! Her Royal Majesty needs your assistance to hang onto her dwindling estate. “Be Brave,” you told me. Be brave, Heather, and get real. That is only possible where, as an educated and intelligent individual, you accept and support all parties under your stomping feet. Stop Stomping! We will do fine without you, and you will accomplish more to your benefit without interference in our affairs. We Americans are most amenable to each other’s lives both on and off our reservations. We are all American. Wisdom indicates you are Caucasian. Go home and stay there. You are not content here. We are happy with our reservation “Mohawk” (your racist term of reference). We all feel they deserve much more than they have, we all deserve that correction of injustice. Our Kanienk’kaha:ka family are not actively pursuing and concealing global theft, genocide and gross environmental depletion, that is for time immemorial, the watermark for the worst and ‘astoundingly outstanding contribution you now offer our species’. Please go away and paint Her Majesty’s estate. You do not understand how we are managing our affairs. Goodbye.



    1. Dear Mark Stewart,
      I have barely any idea what you are talking about….. Martin is my (ex) married name and so I presume you are confusing me with someone else? Please explain what it is you feel I have done to you or your people? I thought I was writing a blog, not calling myself Kevin Annett…

      Also, people (in my experience) who use the word racist that many times in a diatribe such as this are projecting… remember racism goes both ways.

      As for your anti-colonialist rants… why not give up your ‘Caucasian’ name if ‘Caucasian’ offends you so and leave the protective confines of ‘British’ Columbia? Could it be you’re a hippocrite also?

      You see, so long as you feed the “us vs. them” mentality all you will know is the hatred you just spewed here… do you not want peace?


    1. I am familiar with halfpasthuman and the webbot project… I remember that he said that aliens were at war in outerspace and that the elite were going to fall…. none of his ‘predictions’ came true and the fact that the webbot collects trends on the internet is not predictive of anything… As well, I am not sure what this has to do with anything on my blog. And don’t wish anyone happiness when you don’t really mean it, you just contribute to the collective negativity masquerading as ‘love and light’. Pffft….


  3. Heather Martin… his words
    The problems occur in the interpretation of the data, which Clif High and his associates admit they get wrong half the time (1990’s), and in the timing. Mr. Clif High has yet to perfect the timing of future events. He is sometimes right on. For instance, the Web Bot Project predicted the high of Microsoft’s software within a week; and the Web Bot Project predicted the 2004 Indonesian tsunami within a week. However, sometimes, Web Bot predictions can be off by a month or by a year or two. Examples are the “Israeli Mistake” and the “Global Coastal Event”.
    For us Canadians that would be Kamloops or Prince George and safer yet Cranbrook. Should this event take place and government is no longer please advocate for a name change in Prince George. I am taking a June holiday off the island.


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