Mohawk Nation Justice – What Happened?

by Heather Martin

I’ve been trying to put into perspective the chain of events that led to the Elders of the Mohawk Nation to give Kevin Annett a Mohawk name (a sign of trust and respect) and to allow him to dig for their childrens remains at the Brantford residential school (the Mush-hole), only to have it go horribly wrong in the span of two months.

The best way to demonstrate it is with a timeline of video’s and commentary from Kevin and his associates including Bill Squire (I will be blogging about him later)….

The timeline is as follows:

Oct 2011


BRANTFORD, ONTARIO– Elders of the Mohawk Nation in collaboration with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its Secretary, Kevin Annett, announced today the commencement of forensic excavations on the grounds of the oldest Indian residential school in Canada – the Mohawk Institute run by the Church of England.

Frustrated by the ongoing whitewash by the Canadian government of the murder of residential school children by Catholic and Protestant churches, the Sovereign Mohawk nation of Grand River has begun digging for children’s remains to “finally give them a proper burial and bring to trial those who killed them”, to quote Mohawk elder Bill Squire.

Squire and eight other Mohawk elders have granted authorization to Kevin Annett and the ITCCS to conduct Ground Penetrating Radar surveys and excavations at the Brantford residential school in order to bring the evidence obtained to International tribunals and human rights courts.

Initial evidence obtained at these digs today confirmed eyewitness accounts of the deaths and burial of children at the Brantford school, as well as the cover up of their remains.

The Mohawk elders and the ITCCS are issuing a call to other indigenous nations to commence similar excavations at former Indian residential schools across Canada, rather than rely on the Canadian government and its churches for justice or disclosure.

Further updates will be released as the excavations continue.

Media Contact:

Bill Squire – Appointed Speaker, Wolf Clan
Tel. (519) 757-3624

The Mohawk Elders announcement before the dig at Mush Hole:

November 2011

Then Kevin shows up at Occupy Toronto – waving “children’s bones” in the air……

The Mohawk Elders were not amused….

The following is an excerpt from an article by paganmediabytes featuring the above video :

Excerpt of Declaration Of Position-  Kanyen’kehá:ka Nation, Turtle Clan Elders,  May 29, 2012

They had hoped that they could bring closure and justice to families and survivors of Residential Schools.

The Elders declaration was clear when they said the following: There is no doubt that many children died as a result and furthermore there are no marked graves on the school grounds in the 120  years or so in the operation of the schools ( Residential Schools). Records are missing into the cause of death  and all we have are eyewitness reports of murder. ( Of Indian Children in Residential Schools).

We were given the promise of Kevin Annett that he would bring qualified licensed archaeologists to conduct searches for the graves. Under that understanding we the Mohawk Nation members at Kanata villiage gave authorization to proceed with this investigation. The women of the Mohawk Nation also made a declaration at that time which reads in part, we have mandated Bill Squires, Kevin Annett, Frank Miller and ( sorry couldn’t catch this other name) to lead this investigation. All decisions regarding this process will be ” approved” by the women in collaboration with Bill, Kevin, Frank and ( again didn’t catch the name to transcribe). including the research team, other resources, equipment, media and media releases. We ask that everyone respect this decision and do nothing to obstruct or interfere with this research.

We are ever mindful of the spirits there, and our objective is to bring closure to them so they continue their journey.

Do to the sensitive and confidential nature of this investigation and in retrospect of public statements made by Kevin Annett who on video, news broadcasts, radio interviews, web pages,including email postings sent under the name of Jeremiah Jourdain breached confidentiality without authorization.

We the Elders of Kanyen’kehá:ka Nation have no recourse except to relieve Kevin Annett of all further authority in this matter and any further obligations to us and any further obligations to him including protection under Kanyen’kehá:ka law inside the whole territory, which includes all of the territory, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Thousands Islands, and all of Vermont which was set forth in our initial and subsequent authorization.

His name given which was Rawennatshani,  is officially taken back and reverts back to the Clan mother family this day forward May 20, 2012 and may not be used again in any way.

Any and all further media releases about this investigation remains under the authority and restrictions of the Mohawk Nation.

All persons releasing info on this investigation from this day forward may be held liable.

PaganMediaBytes adds:

Truth, honesty, justice and integrity must prevail in this ongoing investigation. ( These are all the disciplines that I was brought up on as a mindset). I am proud of my Mohawk Ancestors for standing up to it and proceeding in dignity, grace in their statement , respect for the children and honor in their truth. )

It is clear that Kevin misrepresented himself and committed an aggregious fraud against the Mohawk nation.  The question remains, what is Kevin’s true purpose in this affair?…. Stay tuned for my biggest story to date….

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