Kevin: A Puppet on his Fathers Strings?

by Heather Martin

Never be mislead into thinking that the Bill and Kevin Annett connection is nothing more than a typical father son bond.  As I learn more about William Annett, I find him to be just as much a manipulator of facts as Kevin is.  William (who regularly writes for as Bill Annett from Saskatchewan) lives in Florida.  If you’re confused by the geography, join the club.  When I tracked down the IP address attributed to, it yielded the following information:

network:IP-Network-Block: –
network:City:Boca Raton

The IP address of is
The IP address of is
The IP address is assigned to <us.png> United States

The IP address of is
The IP address is assigned to  United States

That’s right, none of Kevin’s websites originate in Canada, and are instead located in Florida where his father, Bill lives.

Further proof that Bill has Kevin’s number is this lame excerpt from an article on the Canadian Criminal courts where he alludes to Kevin’s activities, yet calls it a fictional account.  It sheds light on the mindset that Kevin has about his kangaroo court trial of the Queen and the Pope.  It just goes to show that Ego runs big time in the Annett family tree.

William Annett writes in

The latest wrinkle, the latest sort of inoculation, which is almost subliminal, is what I described in the title and subtitle above – a desensitization process akin to vaccination in the medical world. It works like this, or rather, this is my theory: if you allow a lawsuit or class action to enter the preliminary stages, and then arrange for it to be removed by inaction, pay-off or simply squashing it, the effect is to harden the system against any future credibility, by demonstrating that such feeble efforts are lacking in any merit or legitimacy. They are spurious. Courts everywhere reject amateur actions on a daily basis as having no merit.

For example, let’s take an entirely fictitious example. Let’s say there was – recently – a group of indigenous people in Canada, accompanied by a white man (purely fictional, of course, but let’s call him “K”) and a growing following of other people, both native and white, who bring a lawsuit against all of the above churches, government, good-guy Mounties, and even honest mainstream newspapers – and that proves my point that this is imaginary. Perhaps – again, purely imaginary – the government enlists the support of a group with a slight experience in success in a suit against somebody bigger than them, in aligning with the litigant group and helping them launch their lawsuit. Before the federal court takes any action, the government moves in, pays off the “prosecuting group,” leaving the litigants high and dry.

I’m not sure this kind of thing goes on. As I say, this is just fictitious doodling. If it doesn’t go on, I hereby offer the suggestion to the Canadian government as a sound means of continuing our colonial tradition. On the other hand, if it does exist, I wouldn’t doubt it. And as far as credibility or otherwise is concerned, I have three or four hundred years of Canadian history on my side. Because my ancestors were part of it.

Fictitious doodling indeed, Bill!


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