No Meat to Kevin’s Bone Story

Cow Femur – Dog Treat by RedBarn

by Heather Martin

The issue of the Brantford Bones and their identity was something I felt compelled to blog about today.  In the YouTube video below, Kevin Annett claims that children’s bones were found at the Brantford Residential School dig-site (also known as the Mush-Hole).

The bones, he claims are from a child 3-4 years old (at times in other statements Kevin claims they are from a 2 year old) are unusually large for a child of that age.  As well, upon first inspection, they appear to not be human at all, but are most likely cow bones.

Nov 29, 2011 Children’s Bones Found at Church Run Residential School Update

Below are Kevin’s own pictures of the bones obtained at the site:

Kevin displaying the bones found at Brantford
Bone fragment miraculously laying on top of the soil for all to see…
Close up of a bone
Close up of bone

Upon an uneducated cursory examination, the bones most closely resemble those of the cow pictured above.  In the pictures that contain tape measure’s beside them most closely resemble the proximal aspect of the radius (the smaller rounded bone on the right), and the flat portion of the scapula or ileum (the flat-ish bone on the left).

Below, I have pictures of human skeletons (some of whom would be of children aged 2-6 approx) for reference.

Notice that the skeleton of children is disproportionate – that is the skull is quite large in relation to the rest of the body, the skull bones grow less quickly than the other bones in the body.









From the Common Sense Files: How plausible is it to find a few fragments of human bones and not complete skeletons if children were, as Kevin claims, buried on the school grounds.  Wouldn’t a massive skull bone (in relation to a rib or humerus) be one of the most easily identifiable bones – ie. hard to miss?  Does Kevin’s story match with reality?

Residential School Survivor, Leona Moses had this eye-witness testimony:

“The church even has letters describing how Mush Hole Principal Zimmerman was raping young girls in 1948 and taking part in burying those who died behind the school building. In one letter he writes, ‘We’re forced to bury the children two to a grave now.”

A transcript of the meeting with Leona Moses will be available on the ITCCS statement of claim evidence to be presented at its Common Law Court hearings beginning on September 15.

This leaves the impression that there should be hundreds of children buried at the Mush-Hole.  A few tiny bone fragments does not, a genocide, make.

As, Greg Renouf points out, Kevin Annett not only has failed to prove that these bones were human, but also failed to maintain the integrity of the evidence (chain of custody, proper handling, contamination, etc..), and his relationship with the Mohawk community suffered because of this gross negligence.

I also wish to repost Kevin’s own article/broadcast/press-release (whatever) from the so-called ‘head-office’ in Brussels.  In this article you will read a laundry list of whining and complaining of how the evidence collected and the Mush-hole dig was subverted by black operatives Jan Longboat and Frank Miller and how the Mohawk nation owes Kevin an apology for their mistreatment of Kevin.  I find this interesting given the date of this posting by him because as recently as July 31, 2012 in his interview on Red Ice Radio he still claims to have a good working relationship with the Mohawk Elders who gave him his wampum and Mohawk name: Eagle Strong Voice.  Read with the spirit of discernment Kevin’s own words and ask yourself, whose interests are being served and when will the truth about the bones taken from Mush-Hole be revealed?  Stay tuned on Sept 15th for an update to this story.

The Excavation at the “Mush Hole”, Brantford: A Statement and Assessment from the ITCCS Elders’ Council , Brussels

The surveys and test excavation begun at the oldest Indian residential school in Kanata last October was the most successful effort to date to begin the repatriation of aboriginal children who died and were buried at Indian residential schools.

Not only had nine elders of the Six Nations / Onkwehonwe community given written authorization for our Tribunal to conduct a dig and investigation at the mass graves next to the “Mush Hole”, the former Mohawk Institute run by the Church of England, but our main fieldworker at the site, Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice, was personally authorized to conduct the dig, and was adopted into the Onkwehonwe community and guaranteed its protection and support.

Even more encouraging, because of this authorization, for the first time in history members of the European Parliament indicated they would sponsor a public inquiry into Genocide against native people in Canada if they could receive authentic forensic evidence of the death of children at the Brantford site.

Precisely because of this success, the Mush Hole inquiry quickly became the target of a sustained, professionally organized disruption and sabotage campaign that continues to the present day.

This campaign was aimed primarily at Kevin Annett, employing the standard government black ops methods of “badjacketing”, fear mongering, smears and misinformation, using local native operatives and at least one Caucasian outsider to try to discredit and isolate Kevin within the Six Nations community.

Unfortunately, these methods have been largely successful, and have halted and perhaps permanently destroyed any independent Mush Hole inquiry.

To begin, we feel it essential to remind readers and the Six Nations community that as early as April, 2011, Kevin Annett made it clear to the sponsoring Onkwehonwe elders that the Mush Hole inquiry operated under a real deadline: namely, that concrete, verified evidence of children’s remains had to be received by the ITCCS Central Office no later than March 1, 2012.

This deadline had been requested by European human rights groups, lawyers, and members of the European Parliament who had agreed to sponsor an international inquiry into Genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools once they had the evidence in hand for their human rights committee meeting in Brussels in early March, 2012.

In short, from the moment Kevin Annett was duly authorized by the Mohawk elders to start the dig in April, 2011, he and they had barely one year to produce the evidence that could be acted on by stronger allies with the means to confront Canada and the Crown and Vatican for their crimes against native children.

This fact is important to remember now that many Mohawks seem to have forgotten the deadline that was in place. Instead, some Mohawks have made recent claims that “Kevin rushed things too much at Brantford” or that he “posted evidence on youtube prematurely”, and that these actions are the reason for their disenchantment with Kevin.

In truth, Kevin Annett operated faithfully from start to finish according to his mandate from the Mohawk elders and their agreement that any evidence of children’s remains had to be made known as soon as possible, to guarantee outside help from the European courts and Parliament.

In truth, this deadline is what prompted Kevin to broadcast the evidence from the first test dig at the Mush Hole on the internet, an action that was approved by our Council of Elders. In fact, it was these youtube postings that have sustained the global interest in the Mush Hole dig, and rallied new support for it from all over the world.

Our general assessment of the events at Brantford is summarized in the following statement, which is based on our thorough and regular monitoring of those events and the statements from all the parties involved.

1. It is our opinion that a successful excavation and forensic analysis of the mass graves at the Mush Hole is not viable under the present circumstances in the Six Nations community at Brantford. That community is internally fractured and factionalized, lacking in professional leadership, and embroiled in historical antagonisms which have allowed Crown and Church to keep the indigenous nation there divided and disempowered.

2. Such internal division and amateurism was clearly responsible for the failure of the sponsoring Mohawk elders who invited us to work with them to provide sustained leadership or endure the inevitable attacks that came at them when we began to conduct excavations on the Mush Hole grounds. Quite simply, the sponsoring elders collapsed into fear and uncertainty soon after sustained smears commenced against Kevin Annett. They refused to stand by Kevin publicly or even involve themselves in the inquiry or excavations, as they promised they would do. Kevin was left isolated and alone, and was increasingly blamed for the conflict by a team of state-funded operatives headed by local residents Jan Longboat and Frank Miller.

3. This lack of professional and strong leadership by the Mohawks undermined the positive beginning at the Mush Hole site after GPR surveys and test digs had uncovered some bones and buttons from Mush Hole school uniforms in late October, 2011. Forensic analysis confirmed that while consisting mostly of animal bones, the remains included small bits of bones of children. But the absence of a wider archaeological sample of the site made this initial evidence insufficient for use by the European politicians, who grew increasingly impatient with events at Six Nations. Indeed, when the March 1, 2012 deadline passed with no evidence provided from the dig, the European human rights committee decided to table its sponsorship of a Genocide inquiry until further notice.

4. Realistically, at this point, any hope for a successful uncovering of the mass graves and the full truth at the Mush Hole evaporated; the sabotage campaign instigated by Jan Longboat and assisted by Frank Miller and other operatives had succeeded. And yet after March, Kevin Annett was able to sustain a core group of supporters among Mohawk elders with the help of Cheryl Squire and others from the original sponsoring group. Unfortunately, even that group has now been pressured or influenced to distance themselves from Kevin and the ITCCS, and seem to have fallen for the “blame Kevin” argument generated by the Longboat team and recent plants sent into the Six Nations at Brantford to keep Kevin’s name disparaged and feared there.

5. Despite this sabotage of the Mush Hole dig, thanks to the publicity of its findings generated by Kevin Annett and our network, several other indigenous tribes in Kanata have taken up where the Mohawks left off. Anishinabe families in Ontario and west coast Squamish elders have commenced their own digs for children’s remains at former Indian residential schools. And the upcoming launching of a Common Law Court by our Tribunal and a team of over a hundred advisors and Citizen Jurors has created a new global forum in which the evidence of Genocide by church and state can be displayed, and verdicts issued.

To ensure that this work will not face the sabotage that befell the Mush Hole inquiry, we have instructed Kevin Annett to refrain for now from further involvement with any persons in Brantford Six Nations who played a role in attacking him or impeding his work there, or their associates.

Continual misinformation and sabotage plague that community, and we will not condone or sanction any further disruption or disparagement of Kevin Annett, who is key to the success of our wider work.

On a more personal note, we as a Council are unanimous in our belief that the Mohawk community has wrongfully disparaged Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice and shown him enormous disrespect, either by direct and unwarranted attacks on him or by standing by and allowing such an assault to occur.

Such treatment of Kevin was especially abominable, considering that Kevin had been adopted into the Mohawk community and given a name and protection: a committment that was then ignored and neglected.

The Mohawks therefore owe Kevin Annett a public apology, not in words alone, but by fulfilling their promise to him to support him and his efforts at the Mush Hole, which he undertook tirelessly for only one motive: to find and bring home the missing children.

All of this considered, our Council holds out hope that a genuine inquiry can one day reconvene at the Mush Hole site, once a group of Mohawks takes seriously the need to establish a strong professional team of investigators that will not be intimidated or sidetracked from its purpose: to repatriate children’s remains for a proper burial, gather forensic evidence of their death, and bring that evidence to our international Common Law court.

We embrace all those in Six Nations who wish to constitute such a professional team, and we will work with them and our archaeological advisors to fulfill the original wish of the Mohawk people to bring to justice the murderers of their children.

Issued 26 July by the Council of Elders,
ITCCS Brussels
Brantford Communique No. 11


2 thoughts on “No Meat to Kevin’s Bone Story

  1. yes I would love to see even one of the 4 dna analysis that were mentioned by alex hunter on these changing times radio during that july show where he spent 30 minutes smearing me because I stood up for the victims of fraud that kevin produces. I would encourage everybody to contact that nanaimo rcmp about kevin annett and provide as much detail of his crimes as possible.


    1. Well, we will certainly see won’t we. I fully expect a laundry list of excuses as to how others (forensic scientists) botched the job in the U.S. and how people who criticize his story are involved somehow in the cover-up. He reminds me of a little kid who just doesn’t know when to stop telling new lies to cover-up the old ones. And take heart, you are no longer alone.


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