Alternative Media Epic Failures-Featuring Kevin Annett

Since I started this blog, I have come to realize a few simple truths….

1. People with good intentions are capable of bad acts,

2. The alternative media in some aspects is an EPIC FAIL, and

3. That 1 and 2 are often inextricably tied together.

In a recent interview, Lawrence McCurry ( was interviewed by host Cyrus at UrbanWarZone.  The topic of discussion was the state of today’s alternative media and Lawrence made several great points with respect to how the alternative media is changing public opinion.

McCurry had this to say:

The alternative media is just beginning to come into it’s own – they’re beginning to cover stories that the mainstream media refuses to touch.  We are seeing a renaissance and it’s being driven by the alternative-media.  Who are the alternative media?  They are people who care about the lies they’re being  told and they go out there and write articles, they shoot video… it’s starting to come into it’s own.  It’s starting to become more selective in what it covers… its being more critical of the issues that it follows.

He goes on to add that, unfortunately, people still lack the ability to think critically about what is written in the alternative media and are as immovable in their opinions as people who put their faith in the mainstream media.  He also sheds light on the fact that movements, like the alternative media have been taken over by vested interests and can be guilty of pushing their own agenda’s.

This brings me to the subject of this blog.

Kevin Annett, in most of the alternative media, is portrayed as the savior of all past, present and future victims of the Church. The Church, specifically the Pope in the Vatican, is depicted as a blood thirsty, satanic, child sacrificing monstrosity.  Typically, the people who subscribe to this belief also believe that a race of ancient aliens exists on this planet and are controlling powerful people in the world such as the Queen, G.W. Bush and Pope Ratzinger to name a few.  Unlike the mainstream media, the alternative media is like an octopus with many legs; each representing a different degree of extreme to rationale ideals.  Unfortunately, Kevin’s writings and escapades have found their way to the most extreme (often alien-agenda promoting) kinds of alternative media sites.

Here I name a few: 

A site hosted by Jeff Rense who examines many views about exopolitics, aliens and the Jewish conspiracy.  Kevin’s writings have appeared on Rense’s site and are disturbing examples of how disconnected Kevin has become from reality.  In one article, Kevin claims to be a skeptic, yet consults a psychic and believes that he is being controlled by something called a “Replicator” – a device used for psychic warfare buried deep below the Sierra Madres and under the control of a man who was at the Port Alberni residential school who has cursed Kevin with ‘bad medicine’.

David Icke:

A British New Age Theosophist, Icke’s popularity centers on the most extreme of conspiracy theories involving the ‘Reptilian Agenda’, where evil reptile-like aliens (the Annunaki) have held humanity as slaves for as long as humans have existed on this planet.  Although Icke denies his New Age roots, they clearly show through in his writings, both past and present.  Icke’s message is for us to ‘disengage ourselves from the “Matrix”, and to remember who we really are’.  This remembering does not include humanity as a creation of God, but as divine beings capable of the realization that each of us IS a god.  Icke’s posts about Kevin Annett reflect this anti-religious perspective – see the article : More Very Guilty F*ckers.

Alex Jones:

Probably one of my most favorite un-favorite alternative media hosts.  Jones is incredibly intelligent and well connected.  Probably too well connected, which is why I suspect he is a controlled mouthpiece.  He gives listeners plenty to consider regarding all things conspiratorial, with a lot of venom thrown in.  Jones is passionate, to be certain, but also plays on the fears of disgruntled veterans, unemployed factory workers, and everyday joe’s who see their beloved America isn’t what it used to be.  Like Rense and Icke, Jones pushes the ‘evil empire’ propaganda sales pitch to his willing audience and has had Kevin Annett on his show in 2009 and again in 2011.

Red Ice Radio:

Red Ice is one of the best ‘the truth is out-there’ radio shows.  I am a subscriber (I have to admit), because I really enjoy the variety of guests and the way that Henrik Palmgren runs his show.  He’s a great interviewer, asking plenty of open-ended questions, unlike Jones who regularly interrupts his guests to inject his own viewpoint (as if the listener needed an interpreter for plain old english).  However, Kevin’s appearance on Red Ice on the 31st of July and his claims regarding Jason Bowman’s involvement contradict Kevin’s own statement made on the 17th of July that Bowman was effectively ‘fired’ from ITCCS duties.  Red Ice has yet to respond to my inquiries on this – Henrik, If you’re reading this… message me!


By far my most disappointing discovery to date of ‘those who support Kevin’, is Sonia from TrutherGirls.  The video’s Sonia puts out are often hilarious, introspective and engaging and take on a lot of relevant (non-alien) topics like vaccination, fluoridation, Human Rights, etc… However, I would love to see Sonia go the distance and start asking the same hard questions of the so-called good-guys as she does the so-called bad-guys.  Sonia, you’re a smart girl… and smart girls should do their research.

These are just some of the ‘alternative’ sites that promote Kevin and his fraud because by their very nature, they share the same beliefs about the ‘Evils of the Church’.  They then proceed to repost his ‘press-releases’ or interview him, without considering the other side of the argument.  Journalism cannot pick and choose the facts they’d like to believe in and show to others.  It is a ‘convenient truth’ but not the whole truth.  In addition to this many of the alternative sites simply repost without even reading what is written by Kevin.

A case in point, was a recent article by Henry Makow, a Canadian journalist and researcher into international Jewery and Zionism, who posted Kevin’s article ‘Be Known by the Enemies You Make”.  When a few readers had written him regarding this article, he replied:

I will post this. I have merely posted his words. I have not had the opportunity to research his life. I have met him and have read his book.


Strange for a man with so much to say to have so few words on this subject.

This seems to be the problem with the new alternative media journalists.  Too much cutting and pasting into their personal agenda’s and not enough critical thinking.


2 thoughts on “Alternative Media Epic Failures-Featuring Kevin Annett

  1. Thanks, maybe some of us have decided to screen out the tin foil hatters and get to the real conspiracies. The truther community is far too trusting and we need to expose those whom are attacking us from the inside. That barrier of “you are creating division” is nothing but a scam as unity will never be achieved with a movement that has a rife infestation of change agents on the inside. It’s time for the truther movement to smarten the fuck up and start realizing that when things begin to take on a cult-like personality that chances are it is a cult. We have a huge problem if this movement is only open to the bad guys while not keeping an eye on whom they have their backs turned too.


    1. You’re probably right… The question about ‘truth’ being a misnomer is more important than ever. Under it’s guise, many delusions have been perpetrated…. cults and oppressive regimes are most often built on it’s foundations.


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