Will the Real Kevin Annett Please Stand UP?

By Heather Martin

I wish to expose some disturbing trends in postings and press-releases originating from the “office” of ITCCS.org.  Most of these posts are from Kevin Annett, but some are from Jeremiah Jourdain.  I have serious doubts that Jourdain and Annett are separate people and that Annett is using this alias to create the illusion that there is a support system or team of people behind ITCCS.org’s efforts to take the Vatican and the Queen of England before their kangaroo court.

Kevin Annett at one time, worked at Vancouver’s Co-op radio before he was fired for an alleged inappropriate soire with a woman at the station after hours.  The radio station is located at the following address:

Now, this is the same 360 Columbia Street that Jeremiah Jourdain claims as his address:

“I, Jeremiah Jourdain, of 360 Columbia Street in Vancouver, B.C., do solemnly declare and swear that these statements and the facts alleged herein were shared with my by each of the persons named as witnesses in this memorandum, and were recorded by me on video camera on the dates given.”

It is interesting that the address is the same as the co-op radio station that Kevin Annett was employed and subsequently fired from:

Click on image for Full Article

Now, Kevin published a release stating that he had cancelled the Co-op’s Monday Brownbagger Program due to the behavior of two other radio show employees as stated here.

The Train interviewed Annett who denied that the radio show was being cancelled and his involvement.

Excerpt: On August 26, 2010, The Train interviewed renowned aboriginal rights activist Rev. Kevin Annett by phone in Vancouver.

We reviewed Kevin’s activism but mostly we described a recent and ongoing conflict between Kevin and Vancouver Co-op Radio in which the radio executives have use a harsh legalistic approach to trespass Kevin off the premises while publicly stating that his radio show is not being canceled.

The situation has been summarized by Kevin Annett on the Hidden for History web site.

(Note: Kevin was stripped of his designation of Reverend in a review of his behavior towards his own congregation and those in the Church he worked with.  He refused to co-operate with his superiors and was found to not performing the duties becoming a minister of the church – He has been forbidden from using this designation as part of his name.)

So, how can Jourdain live at the Co-op radio station, the same station that Kevin Annett once worked and was banned from?

Finally, Kevin also goes by a Gaelic name and has used this name in a recent letter to William and Kate stating that (his Gaelic self) would be the Interim President of the Republic of Kanata (Mohawk name for Canada).

Caoimhin Ui Niall aka. Kevin Annett aka. Jeremiah Jourdain aka… President of Kanata (Canada)

Will the real Kevin Annett please stand up???

4 thoughts on “Will the Real Kevin Annett Please Stand UP?

  1. Good morning everybody. This is Camilla from Italy.
    The last “announcement” we received here in Italy with the signature of Jeremiah Jourdain is dated July 12, 2012. Funny enough that from July on the communications started to be posted with the signature of Kevin Annet himself.
    have anice day



    1. Thank you Camilla. The latest I’ve heard from Jeremiah was on October 29th at 4:54 am… a full 2 minutes BEFORE the exact same e-mail was received from Kevin (at 4:56 am)… Yet the ‘article’ was written by Kevin and cc’d to Kevin…. Proof yet again that it’s ALL Kevin…

      From: genocidetribunal@yahoo.ca
      Subject: 1497 and So On: A History of White People in Canada OR The Caucasian Healing Fund – please post
      Date: October 29, 2012 4:54:13 AM CDT (CA)
      To: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com

      From: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com
      Subject: 1497 and So On: A History of White People in Canada OR The Caucasian Healing Fund – please post
      Date: October 29, 2012 4:56:16 AM CDT (CA)
      To: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com
      Bcc: martinhea39@gmail.com


  2. So Annett is now Irish Kevin O’Neil hahaha, would you believe the cheek of this man, no end to the lies of this man, he now claim,s every nationality bar Chinese Japanese


  3. Reblogged this on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped and commented:
    In light of the recent announcement by Kevin Annett that he will be returning to Rome in May to cleanse the Vatican of it’s filth, I am reblogging some information I published back in July 2012 regarding Jeremiah Jourdain who occasionally pops up to write official sounding press statements about goings on at ITCCS… The truth is that Jeremiah Jourdain is really Kevin Annett which will make my next posting about a letter from Jourdain to the Italian delegation that was in Rome in 2010 all the more interesting. Spoiler alert: A woman who acted as translator for the delegation in Rome who expressed her opinions to Annett that his behavior might not be well received in Italy, was met with a nasty letter, slandering her to the many activists in the Italian ‘delegation’ effectively removing her from the picture. Stay Tuned!!


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