Why am I here?

Jesus drives the ‘Legion’ of demons out of the posessed man, while the priests and pharisees look on.

I must admit that I knew very little about the residential schools (the real pith and meat of what happened and why) other than what we are taught in our Cultural Sensitivity sections of our Nursing Program. (This is a shameful examples of how Canadian History in High School social studies glosses over the issue as if it never happened).    So, I will not claim to be an expert on this issue nor on the merit of bringing charges against people who perpetrate crimes against humanity.  I do consider myself to be a student of ethics and of societal importance and have come to know one self proclaimed savior of Aboriginals in Canada: Kevin Annett.

Kevin Annett

The purpose of this blog is not to defame the man, for I believe he is accomplishing that himself, but to instead deconstruct the lies and irresponsible behavior from a man who once represented the church he now vilifies.

I will try to be fair and impartial, but after-all this is a psychological war where the stakes are high for victims of the residential school, for missing Aboriginal women, for aboriginal rights and for the future survival of Aboriginals in Canada.

It is a war I intend to fight with dignity and honor, and with the help of God and the truth on my side, how can I possibly lose?

2 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Kevin Annett’s site has the PM apology 2008 (joke’s on you), the native americans Medical Records, witness statements by THEMSELVES writing (not “KA’s own claims”), and the official government antique letter plan to use smallpox blankets to wipe out the indians (joke upon yourself again) —

    making you prove yourself to be a mudslinger.
    WHY so concerned, author? Your concern is abnormal and indicative of a person with something to hide and be afraid of.


    1. Yes you are correct… he has all those things on his site. The PM’s apology, which Kevin claims was his doing, (yeah right!)is on his site. What is not on his site is any acknowledgement of those native scholars who worked on this issue long before Kevin took to the podium (i mean pulpit). Witness statements are part of his ‘evidence’ of Church wrongdoing and have provided a platform for many other sensational claims and outright lies spoken by the man. The United Church admits wrongdoing…what Kevin Annett wants is heads on a pig-pole in a revolution started under the banner of heartbreak of Native abuse and murder that somehow mutated into chemtrails, common-law sovereign courts and the take-down of the Vatican. I ask you, what child has been brought home to rest because of this?

      Not a single one……


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